ALERT ALERT!!! Copic Blog Candy!!!

WOW...if you're a Copic lover...then you've GOT to check out this blog candy! The rules are super easy! Good luck! In case you need more reasons...let's see...there are 72 reasons!!! Now run!!!

BTW...just in case you didn't read it on the blog...the candy ends 4/10/09! Winky


Stampin' Meg said...

ohhh I gotta try out for this. I am taking a Copics Cert class next month at the Prima building here in Chino. I own ZERO copic markers!

Anonymous said...

Uhmm.your date is wrong....it should say 4/1/09 not 4/10/09..sorry stickler for finding mistakes when proof reading. LOL!!!

Gabby said...

Sorry Leigha...according to the blog with the candy...THIS IS what it says:

-This will run until 10th April. This post will stay on top until then. The final draw will be entirely random.

So that's why I have the 10th! Thanks though! ;)

Anonymous said...