Time for an update...don't you think?

Well...as you readers know...my time is cut short due to now once again being the sole caretaker. With my mom now weaker...I do more than before...so I only use my time catching up on making cards for swaps and working on projects for X reason. I'm now taking advantage of when everyone is sleeping...so now posting early (and actually feeling up to it) is so much more straining since I'm sleepy...lol. I'll be doing late posts though and just "auto pilot" them. I do apologize to my readers...not only for NOT updating...but for also being so darn whiney when I do come on. I love blogging...so I'm not abandoning it...just not posting like I use to. My faithful friends and readers will remain. ;)

SO...expect a post tomorrow morning as I am right now taking advantage of some free time to post what I've made since after the whole concert hooplah!

Oh...BTW...did ya'll catch Twilight? I did...Friday night and it was amazing. I had to dristract myself from a call we got from Mexico letting us know my dad's younger brother (the only one left) passed away. So even though we were sad...it was nice to get away and get distracted. The drive down to Baja was NOT a great one...but I wont get into it...K! ;)


AngelRenee said...

Gabby so sorry to hear about your mom and of the passing of your Uncle's passing..

I saw Twilight on Sunday.. At itunes you can download the movie clips which is cool only 2 mins.. I bought my tickets on line and got to download a Bella's lullaby but it was different than the one in the movie.. Which was cool..

Glad you enjoyed the movie I thouth it was awesome as well.. Want to see it again.. but will wait until the dvd comes out..

Hang in there..


AngelRenee said...

oops forgot to say the download at itunes is free also a free download of the first book and it's audio..


Stampin' Meg said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle, Gabby.

Lorraine said...

sorry to hear about your loss, Gabby.
We saw Twilight, liked it, but loved the book.