Makeup 4 The Weekend #26

Hello all and HAPPY FRIDAY! TGIF right? I know I'm thankful it's Friday! I've been having a semi-rough week feeling yucky and what not.

Anywho...today if Friday which means it's time for another Paper Makeup Stamps Makeup for the Weekend challenge! This weeks challenge is brought to you by Christi S. The challenge is this inspiration piece. It's beautiful right? Well I made this card inspired. :D It's been a while since I did some piecing...so this was pretty cool to break out again! Oh...and isn't that sentiment true? LMBO!!!

EDIT TO POST: I am so sorry I forgot to add the link of the stamp set I used for this card. As soon as I can handle getting up out of bed without feeling nausea I'll post it. I will let you know it's called Tinas Kitchen and it's available at Paper Makeup Stamps! Links to come soon!

K...I wont keep you long. I'm feeling like a freakin' narcoleptic recently and so I'm headed to sleep before I do something stupid in the house...lol. I almost dropped my camera into the washer...don't ask! Also...I almost wore different shoes to drop off Lizzie to school! LOL! I know...

Hope to see you play along! I don't know when I'll be posting again up until Tuesday...so if I don't post until then...have an AMAZING weekend!


Tuesday Morning Sketches #43

Hey peeps and Happy Tuesday! I think I like the second day of the week better than Monday...lol! Mostly because I get to let you know about Tuesday Morning Sketches latest sketch challenge! :P I know I usually whine *with some cheese on the side* about how some of the sketches Melissa throws at us scare the HECK out of me...lol...but this week is different...this is my kid of sketch I can work with and not feel like a fish out of water! LMBO! Seriously! I mean I can take on ANY sketch if I see a sample...but with this...being on the team...OMG it's like walking blind into a room. Yeah...I'm that bad at that kind of creativity! LO's KILL me...but DANG I love them! ANYWHO...I managed to kill this one...or so I hope! I know I'll be knoched over with a feather at what the rest of the team does! *hides* LOL!

It was fun to work with this image by this weeks sponsor who happens to be new to the game. Her name is Lia from Lia Stampz and her selection of little characters she has are super adorable. I knew I wanted to play with Twink as soon as I saw him. Seeing the sketch and the image POP in my head...it all clicked! It was one of those "the heaves opened up" kinda moment. Ok...there I go with the cheese...lol. Anywho...this was my first time trying out the clouds using the scalloped punch and my Copic airbrush can. :D I need to try that more often. Anywho...check out Tuesday Morning Sketches to see what the team has been up to and make sure to leave them some love! Hope to see you play along!


Hola everyone!

I'm so happy I want to scream...but I'll still knock on wood though because I'm still not on the safe side. The dude that fixed my computer installed a new hard drive but updated me to Windows Vista. So what's the downside to that right? Well...my computer doesn't have enough RAM to run Vista...so needless to say my computer is sllloooooowwwwww. We already coughed up $160...OUCH...and we're not about to blow more money on RAM...we can't do that just now. GREAT!. Still with me you never know what's gonna happen next huh? LOL! Anywho...I have my computer back...AND THE DUDE WAS ABLE TO SAVE MY FILES!!!! YAY! That made me the happiest...to know he saved my pics. I've now backed all my pictures up on discs...as well as my digi everything. So I'll be back soon...Tuesday to be exact with a new post with a card for Tuesday Morning Sketches...so I hope to see you here! Thank you to those who came and visited and commented my blog while I was gone. :)

BTW...here is a picture of my empty nest...lol! It was nicely replaced while PC was gone though...lol.

So...have you gone to my "dark side" Deadly Creations? ...check it out!


This is insanity...

I'm seriously on the verge of tears right now! My computer spazzed out on me and I can't even get it to start up in Safe Mode. I don't know what to do now because now I can't even make blogposts from my iTouch because I can't even load photos. Once my battery dies that's it for me! Why does this happen? I had new files and everything...all of my digis are the ones that worry me most! All that money down the drain! Like I need more stress right now. UGH!!! So we'll see what happens now because we can't afford a new computer at the moment. I wanna cus so bad right now...more worst because I haven't smoked in a bit over 2 months now! Please be patient with me while I'm back up and running!

Just a quick note...NEW BLOG STATUS

Tuesday Morning Sketches is below...go check it out and play along! :D

Hey girls...just wanted to let you know that LV and I have started a new blog. It's of the "darker" creations we make. It'll range from stamping to crocheting to jewelry. Check it out...but I warn...it's only for those who get the "dark" humor. I didn't want to post those creations here because I don't know who'll take offense. I'm one of those "non-traditional catholics"...lmbo. I don't always stick to the rules...:P See ya there!

Tuesday Morning Sketches #42

HOLA PEEEEEE-POOOOOOOO! I'm sorry...I'm still on a bit of a candy and coffee rush! I've been on some serious sugar since Thursday and coffee since Saturday. So not good for me but sooooo needed! I know I'll feel the pain of that!

Anywho...time for another Tuesday Morning Sketches! This week is sponsored by Melissa's sis...Theresa! She came up with her own sketch and let me tell you...it gave me the 1 2 knockout punch! It seriously stumped the heck out of me! Still I tried my best and I hope I rep'd the sketch OK! :P

This card is also for Copic Creations to make black hair!!! Oooohhhhh...you know I love that!!! I LOVE black hair on my creations. That's where I started to learn the whole "shiny hair" thing. :D

So...how 'bout you play along and show us what YOU can do with the sketch! Make sure to link up on the Tuesday Morning Sketches blog! See ya there!


I hear it's wonderful...in California...

The Jonas Brothers couldn't have put it better than with this little snippet from their song "Hello Beautiful". OMG it was such a MAGNIFICENT day to have played at Disneyland. The sky was blue...the weather was fresh...we couldn't have asked for more! To say we had a blast at Disneyland would be more of an understatement. I was taken back to my last time I was there 23 years ago. Everything remained the same as I remember...except for the addition of California Adventure park and a few tweaks here and there in rides. It felt like a dream being there again...I felt like a kid once again! I left all my troubles and cares at the gate and all my anxiety and fears somehow disappeared because I didn't give a hoot at who I thought was "looking at me". Those with anxiety understand what I'm saying. Once I was in there it was truly magical. I know it's cheesy to say a place can be magical...but if you've been to Disneyland or Disney World...it IS magical! If you haven't been to a Disney park...you must even if just once in your lifetime.

All the walking and all the pain in the world I'm feeling right now in my feet and legs is worth it...lol. Can you imagine me...big fatty walking all over Disneyland...and not in order of themes either...we went were Lizzie wanted to go because she was the birthday girl...and so that meant hopping from one land to the other...even if it was across the park from where we were. Good Lord if someone would have told me how tired I would be the day after...LOL! Still...like I said...worth it. Just by looking at my kids faces and the smiles on them and the wide eyes...worth 20 more walks at Disneyland. It's no wonder there are people addicted to Disneyland/World. I understand it now as we all wanna go again soon...lol. Here's a couple pics from out day. :D You can click on them for a larger view.

The End!

Have a GREAT weekend! I'm having guests over so I'll be scarce. See y'all next week!

Makeup 4 The Weekend #24 & an award

Before I go into my post...I want to post a shout out to my little Lizzie who is turning 6 today! Awwww...my baby is no longer in the 1-5 child category...she's a kid now...LOL! My baby girl! She's having her party at grandma's house on Sunday. So not looking forward to the hyper kids with the cake and candy! LOL...yikes!!!


Hey all and here we go again with another Makeup 4 The Weekend! This weeks challenge is brought to us by Tina! Tina has challenged us...and YOU to make a card or project using ONLY 5 embellies! I didn't go too far out like I normally do with embellishments...so I kept this one short with only 5 blings! This image alone is too cute to add to much to it. You see how she's dressed? Well...that's close to exactly what I wore to Disneyland...pictures to share soon! I just had to make her match with me...lol. Not only do I love this fairy's outfit...but I love her hair as my hair was like that once upon a time...and I LOVE butterflies!!! I think that's why I picked this fairy to play with! ;) BTW...her name is Danni...appropriately named after design team member Danni! Lucky girl! :P You can find her HERE! Make sure to check out the Paper Makeup blog to see who else is playing along. Hope to see you play too! ;) ALSO...I submitted this card to Splitcoast Stampers sketch challenge SC276.

Now on to my award! I have to say I was floored by who awarded me this! I found this lady when I was in the Bombshell Stamps design team. Let me tell you...I LOVE her work...especially her Stampotique work! So when she dropped by my blog to let me know there was something on her blog for me...I was excited! She awarded me this Sunshine Award. :D I'm suppose to pass it on to 12 bloggers...so as soon as I'm settled down from my Disney trip and my weekend guests leave...I will pass it on! ;) So who is this lady I speak of...well...it's Cheryl of The Ink Trap! Head on over there and check out her delicious work! Drop her some love while you're at it!


What a punk and we're off to Disneyland!

Hey all...before we head off to Disneyland thanks to BIL George who works there and gave us passed...I wanted to make sure I left you with a card. I want this to be a record week where I post from Monday to Friday! ;) Who knows when I'll do that again! LOL!

Anywho...this card I made for Club Anya's Getting Punky with it... challenge. Of course I am almost always late...but still...I had morphed my images together to make this punk so I had to color him up and slap him on a card...lol. Can you believe I used 3 digi's to make him? I used Flirty Edward, Joseph, & Dressy Jeremy. I used Edwards head and shaved off part of his hair to give him that mohawk...lol...then I used Josephs top part of his body and Jeremy's pants and eyes to complete my punk. I found some stickers I bought EONS ago and thought they were too cute not to used...they're "safety pin" stickers...lol...cool huh? Also went a bit nuts with the sewing machine as you can tell...lol. It needed to be used again...don't want it to collect dust! After I was done with it...LV told me he kinda looked like the drummer from Green Day...except he doesn't have green and black hair...so with that vision...I drew up a pair of drumsticks! :D He's dope! I have one more Green Day member to make...I already made the drummer on this card...and then the lead singer with this card...now one more to go to complete the band...lol! I've made some pretty awesome musicians huh? From the Jonas Brothers to Axl Rose...lol. Let's see who I make next! ;)

K...by the time you read this I'll be having a blast at Disneyland! I haven't been there in AGES so I'm pretty stoked! :D See you guys tomorrow for Paper Makeup's Makeup for the Weekend! ;)