Another day of Paper Makeup Stamps SNEAK PEEKS!

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...sorry! I woke up with a second hand hangover. I wont go into detail how I feel...but I'll make sure to get on my hubby for over doing it on the cervesa! GRRRRR!

Anywho...today I'm am sneaking you a peek of this sexy corset that is VA VA VA VOOM! It is also being released on the 7th from Paper Makeup Stamps. It's actually a set of corsets with matching sentiments. I may be wrong...but I believe this set is called Oo La La...I haven't pulled up my notes...I was just thinking of posting and then heading to the couch with some Motrin. I just had to add a little ribbon to it...I wanted to make it look like a nighty I have! *whistles* LOL! ;)

Ok guys...make sure to visit Paper Makeup Stamps to also visit the rest of the team and check out their delicious work! Then come to the release party on Wednesday, April 7th at 8:00 pm CST in the PMS Forum!! So this ends it for now. Go on now and check out the rest of the peeks!

P.S. To my readers in Southern California and Baja Mexico (even Southern Arizona)...I hope everything is OK with you and your loved ones. I'm really getting freaked out now with all these significant earthquakes happening...and in less than a year! Is that a teaser for California and "The Big One"? It's really making me sick and keeping me on edge. What's funny is that yesterday's 7.2 earthquake that epicentered in Mexical...I did not feel it! We were in Riverside hiding eggs around that time...about 45 minutes or so from San Diego and NOTHING. But then I watch videos on YouTube and it was felt up all the way to Inglewood...that's further up that Riverside...??? My sister however felt it really close. She lives in Yuma, AZ and is on the border with San Luis. She said she was working when it happened...but the only thing that went through her mind was "oh man...now what's gonna happen to my tips?" LMBO! She's a waitress at Hometown Buffet...lol... and after the earthquake that's all she thought about! What she said reminded me so much of my mom...that's something she would say...lol!

Ok...now I'm headed to the couch to watch some news. It's nasty and it's raining here so it's perfect blanket on the couch weather. I like the rain...but I would prefer my sun and warm weather back right about now. I don't want it to rain too much this week as it'll keep the kids inside the house...lol. Alright...have an AMAZING and SAFE day!


Jennifer said...

Hey Gabby, I was in Riverside at my in-laws and I didn't feel it either. Crazy huh? They could be neighbors. LOL!

Tina said...

This is a super cute card, love that touch of ribbon!

Michelle VP said...

Love the layered lacy borders and colors. :)