Hanna Stamps ROCK!!!

If I haven't said it a million times before...here's a million and 1! LOL! I just LOVE Hanna Stamps! With Hanna and the guys (Anthony & Mikey) and Riley's and Sophie's...who's NOT to love Hanna Stamps!? Anywho...before I say it again...lol...here is a card I made today for Hanna Stamps challenges! I took on 3 challenges at once and I am only 'OK' happy with it. Not 100% yet...but close. There had been some time now I had been thinking of putting Anthony & Sweet Celebrations Hanna together but didn't have the layout and colors quite there yet. I like the colors I used here...but not too sure about the layout. What do you think? Don't you just love Hanna's dress? It's pieced! And just so you know...OMG it was hard for me to use my Pretties Kit...so Hanna Stamps must be something special to me to actually use 1 pin from the Pretties Kit. *GASP*

CS/DP: BBlack, BGray, WWhite, & Making Memories Patterned BlackWhite DP
Ink: BBlack, RRed, & Prismacolor Markers
Stamps: Anthony, Sweet Celebrations Hanna, & Life Is Short... TAC
Embellishments: Wide B/W Polka Dot ribbon & Pin from Pretties Kit
Others: Scalloped punch & Circle 1 3/8 punch

I know I'm late...but here is an SCS Friday challenge!

Sorry I've been off and on...I have just been so short for time it's CRAZY!!! Anywho...the challenge over on SCS this Friday past called for making a card using ONLY brads as embellishments and to incorporate the brads INTO the stamp itself. I had just received my AWESOME Jeanne Streiff Collection stamps from RubberNecker that I had to use them. I used brads as centers for the flowers. Limited layers for this card as Friday's challenge calls for limited supplies. You can create something cute and passable with limited supplies...you just have to look for that inspiration! *wink* So what you think?

CS/DP: BBayou, BBlack, & WWhite
Ink: BBlack & SSky
Stamps: Red Flower, White Flower, & Just Leaves from the
Jeanne Streiff Collection
Embellishments: Bling Brads in clear
Others: Brayer & White gel pen


Channeling Kittie C. And Michelle Z.

So I'm finally getting out of my creative slump and have come back with a vengance! I am on a creative streak and don't want to stop! This card here is one that I made first when I started getting "that feeling" back! I think I was on the same wave length of Kittie & Zindorf only like way at the bottom with the bottom feeders...lol...cus this is what I made! I'm actually quite proud of it...lol! Plus I love these little gnomes...I can't believe I almost sold it once! *GASP*

If you know the creative styles of Kittie and Zindorf...then you get this! Kittie is the MASTER QUEEN of creating a scene...;)...lol and Zindorf (Michelle) is the MASTER QUEEN of the brayer! I am AMAZED at these ladies work! If you haven't checked them out...OH YOU MUST! BUT...make sure if you visit to wear a bib as you'll be drooling at their wonderful art work!

CS/DP: BBayou & WWhite
Ink: SSky, BBayou, CChip, BBlack, GGreen, HHunter, C2Cocoa, SU markers, Prismacolor markers, & white gel pen
Stamps: Knobbly Gnome, Watercolor Minis, & Basic Grey "Build A Garden"
Embellishments: white rick rack ribbon
Others: mega circle punch, dimesionals, brayer, & textured sponge

Rubber Hugs,


Stampin' Up! NEW In Colors!!!

If you love Blue Bayou, Soft Sky, Wild Wasabi, River Rock, Groovy Guava, & Purely Pomegranate...well...stock up now as they will too soon be retiring to make room for the NEW In Color coming up! These new colors coming up look pretty cool...here they are! The colors are looking pretty good...but I will sure miss the current In Colors! Guess what I'm doing next? ;) LOL! So...contact me to help you with your order...or contact your local SU demonstrator!

Rubber Hugs,

Time to RETIRE!!!

No...not you or me...STAMPIN' UP! sets! Yup...it's that time again! The new catalog is due to come out soon and well...there needs to be room for new sets...EEEEKKKKK!!! So if you don't have these sets retiring and want a few...stock up now before they're gone! You can find the sets retiring by page # here! Or if you prefer them by alphabetical order...you can find them here! Don't wait too long to order these! They will only be available until August 10, 2008!!! Feel free to contact me at GabrielaArriaza@msn.com to place your order or contact your local Stampin' Up! demonstrator. Happy Stampin'!

Rubber Hugs,

It's slumpsville for me...

Well readers...friends...fellow stampers! I have officially hit a BAD slump! I haven't been able to create ANYTHING this past week. Of course I have been super busy and what not...but OMG I've hit it bad. I did however manage to finish ONE project...a treat holder/candy box slider. I received one of these this past Halloween from a swap and LOVED the way the box just slid out...kinda like the popcorn sliders... I too made these for a swap. Ela...if you're reading...LOOK AWAY!!! These are for your sweet treat swap. ;)

Anywho...since my Scor-Pal had been collecting dust due to my running around and this and that...I broke it out to make these. Very easy to make now with my Scor-Pal...how could I have lived without it? To create the slider box, I used an 8 X 11 sheet of CS. I lined up the long side of the CS against the top of the SP and scored at 2 1/2", 3", 7 1/2", & 8". I then flipped the CS and lined up the shorter side to the top of the SP and scored at 1". I cut the bottom "tabs" and folded CS to create the box. After adhered the tabs to form the flat bottom. I used the box of gummies to help flatten it. I then just stamped and decorated at choice. Sorry I didn't do a photo tutorial...but like I said...I have just been so out of it.

I used the bundle from the SU hostess set Spring Solitude and the treats...well...those are a box of gummies...yummm! Thanks for looking and I hope to come out of my slump to be posting here more often now with the kids out of school. Until next time!

CS/DP: GGuava, CChip, & WWhite
Ink: GGuava & CChip
Stamps: Spring Solitude & wheel
Embellishments: Chocolate satin ribbon & baubles
Others: Giga scalloped punch, Mega circle punch, & slot punch


Nugget Tents...yummy!

Hi! I know many of you have seen these cool small treat holders for say 1 nugget...but I made mine a bit bigger to tent 2! Why have one chocolate nugget when you can have 2! LOL! Looking thru SCS galleries looking for treat holder ideas...I saw the nugget tents and thought I'd make them for a swap I'm in. I hope the recipients like!

CS/DP: C2Cocoa, CChip, & WWhite
Ink: C2Cocoa
Stamps: Here's The Scoop (MFT)
Embellishments: Satin ribbon in burgundy
Other: Swiss Dots CB, Scalloped Punch, 1 3/8 circle punch, & double slit punch


Coloring Baubles Embossing Style!

So upon visiting my bloggy friend Meg...I came across a cool tutorial she had on coloring those clear baubles from Mike's! You know...the ones in the floral section that are for vases? She used alcohol inks and dumped them into baggies with a few drops to give them color...how cute she calls them Skittles! LOL! You can check her tutorial out HERE!

Now here I thought of another way to color them! Only my way takes more time and patience depending on how many baubles you wanna "color"! Ok...so here goes:

~Mike's clear "baubles"
~Embossing Powders (you can even use scented!!!)
~Piercing tool
~Heat gun (embossing gun)
~Embossing ink (Versamark maybe?)

1. Grab a clear bauble and turn it upside down (belly to the bottom).
2. Heat ONLY the tip of any piercing tool you may have. (I used my heat gun to heat it up)
3. Insert (or stab as my DD says) the piercing tool tip right in the middle of the bauble.
4. Dab either your embossing ink pad (I used Versamark) ON TO the bauble OR paunce your bauble on to the pad until it's "saturated" the dome part (belly) of the bauble.
5. Have your embossing powder open before step 4 to be ready and then DIP your bauble still on the pirecing tool into your EP.
6. Lightly (so the bauble wont fall off the piercing tool) tap off any extra EP.
7. Hold piercing tool at an angle and then heat set the EP with your heat gun. (be careful not to burn your fingers...lol)
8. OPTIONAL: repeat steps 5 - 7 until you've acheived what you like.
9. Blow cool air or hold bauble to any air source (I used my mini fan on my desk) until it's completely dry and cool and just pop the bauble off the piercing tool.

That's it! Now you have baubles in any fabulous EP colors to match your project! I'll make a card using the baubles I "colored" soon! Have fun bauble coloring!

BTW...these baubles are $2 for a bag about 5 - 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide...THAT'S A LOT OF BAUBLES!!! Think cheap! ;) No wait...BE FRUGAL! :P


Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?

Shoot...I know I do! I'd have endless supplies of EVERYTHING! LOL! Kidding...I love my man rich or poor! Well...hello and thanks for visiting my poor blog again! LOL! I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and I like this one better...I'm actually smiling today! SEE----> :D! Ok...my hubby froze my account and so I can't buy anything any time soon...so to make it up to me...just this once, he bought me the 3 newly released sets from Hanna Stamps!!! I was stoked because I love Hanna stamps! Over on the SCS forum, Kristi of Hanna Stamps has a challenge going on to make a cards or cards using Anthony. The winner of that challenge will win a $25 certificate to Hanna Stamps on their next release party on the 20th! I hope I win because I can't shop!!! LMBO! Anywho...I never really got into watching WWTMAM except for the first one...so in memory of that one "season" watched...I made this card! Isn't Anthony handsome? Can't wait to make another card using him along side "more mature" Hanna from the set Sweet Celebrations. They'd make a cute couple! ;) LOL! I already paired up Mikey with Tool Time Hanna...so why not Anthony? Whatcha think? Background was created by stamping the $ sign that comes with this set and colored it in using SU's Many Marvelous Markers in SSun! The diamond on the ring I used BashBlue to highlight and then added Diamond Glaze. The sentiment was computer generated. Anywho...thanks for looking!

CS/DP: CChip, BGrey, WWhite, & Bazzill Bling "gold"
Ink: BBlack, Prismacolor Markers, & Many Marvelous Markers
Stamps: Anthony
Embellishments: N/A
Others: Scalloped Punch, Circle 1 3/8 Punch, & Diamond Glaze


Tag...I'm it!

Joani ~ one of my BOMB friends tagged me.

The "rules" of the game: Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

Ten years ago: I was a newly wed! YAY!

Five things in todays 'to do list':
1. Stamp (to get me out of a funk I'm in)
2. Take pictures of SU sets and other stamps I'll be selling soon
3. Finish swaps
4. Create Create Create
5. Finish some invites for my cousin

Snacks I enjoy: Jalapeno Cheetos, candies walnuts, peanut M&M's, & fresh fruit

Things I would do if I was a millionaire: Donate money to several charities, help hubby pay some bills, buy ME some clothing, & stash some of it for my kids college funds.

Places I have lived: South Central Los Angeles, Los Angeles (near Downtown L.A.), Yuma AZ, Riverside CA, Cudahy CA, & Now Bell Gardens

I will now tag:

Bella Rocks Out

Hi! Here is a card I made a few days ago for a swap I'm in on SCS. It's another Scor-Pal project I had to try out...a gate fold card with band. I LOVE this Bella because it's so me...and like my DD as well. We're contemplating getting her an electric guitar for Christmas because she really likes to play...so in a way this represents my girl. She also wants pink highlights in her hair...but that's a NO GO! I'll get her some extensions...but no hair dye! LOL! Once again I'm not to chatty...but I just thought I'd post since I haven't in a few days. Hope you like and thanks for stopping by!

CS: PPom, BBlack, & Watercolor paper
Ink: Black-Stazon & Prismacolor Markers
Stamps: RockaABella & Twisted Sentiments
Embelishments: Hot pink ribbon & bling
Others: Scor-Pal, lg. star punch, sm. star punch, & 1 3/8 circle punch


Diagonal Double Pocket Card

Hi! Here is a card I made once again breakin out the Scor-Pal! It's a double diagonal pocket card! Sound fun huh? Well...it sure was fun to make! I'm not entirely happy with it...but I do love the design! You can find the tutorial HERE! I'm not to chatty today...:( I'm missing my DD LV who's at a Dodgers game with her teacher and classmates...also I'm using her laptop and there's a pic of her as a background...lol. I'm also nursing a pulled stomach muscle that had been bothering me for a few days and I couldn't stand straight or inhale properly. Thankfully I went to the dr. to check out what was wrong and I was prescribed rest and a heat pad. Could you imagine me on the couch with a heat pad when we're having warm temps? YIKES! Anwho...hope you like this card I made. I'll have it handy for anyone having a baby...lol. What's neat about it is the tags you can pull out and journal in it.

CS/Paper: GGuava, WWhite, & Marcella By K. Bungalow DP
Ink: Black Staz-On & Prismacolor Markers
Stamps: Angel Boy (could be girl?) from RubberNecker Stamp Oasis & Small Sayings
Embellishments: Bling
Others: Lg. star punch, sm. star punch, round tab punch, oval colluzzle, corner rounder (for scallops), & Scor-Pal


Sorry I haven't posted...

...anything yet! I've been busy playing catch up with some stuff and hopefully tomorrow night I'll have something to share! K? Thanks for sticking around! :D

I am however happy to say I'm excited because my hubby bought me a scale! Now I know how much postage I need...LOL! I know...not too exciting...but to me it was since I swap so much over at SCS! :S

Stay tuned ok? And don't forget about me!