Stamps for sale!

Just a quick note...I now have added pictures to the stamps I'm selling thru the banner above. Check them out and see if there is something you like! I may be adding new stuff as I may be slowly getting rid of some stuff. Thanks for looking! :)


I think it's about time!

Yes...enough is enough! I know I'm like going out of my mind caring for dad and worrying about mom...but Jesus Christ...I'm really letting myself go! I've been so wrapped up in both my mom and dad's life issues that I've really neglected what make ME happy! I mean I have better update on my mom...1 more week or 2 and she'll be home!!! She'll be in bed for a few more weeks after and I'll have to help with having her walk little by little...but she's MUCH MUCH better health! It's time for me to clear my mind right? Plus with my sister coming in to visit and just getting constant criticism about my cooking and how I've been "keeping" my home...I had to call BS and just stand up for myself! I mean I'm not getting any help from my mom's OR dad's side...so who's ANYBODY to come and criticize me when I'm doing a heck of a lot! Any who...enough of THAT whinning...I actually have cards to share! Well...a card for today!

This is a set of 6 cards for a swap hosted by my girl Michele of Enchanted Stamper to use Stamping Bella's Ketto's! These Ketto girlies are to darn cute I picked me up a handful! Here I used Maisy Ketto and NO COPICS THIS TIME! :P I've been commented on about my Prisma loyalty...oh...you can trust me that my Prismas are my baby. I had just been using Copics because LV decided that she no longer needs them as she got some new markers AND she traded me the Copics for my Prisma pencils. Hmmm...so now I own Copics...lol! I've been using them because I paid for them since daddy decided they were too much so...so I wont feel I'm out money and just shove them in a box somewhere...I'm using them in combination now with my Prismas. They get along well to my surprise! Anywho...I also teamed up my Prismas with new markers I go...Bic Mark It's! I saw them on sale at Target and I got both broad tip and fine tip...lol. She's very bright huh? Well...bright colors cheer me up and recently I've needed the bright colors! Her wings are glittery...but you can't tell from the picture. I went in with a clear Spica Atyou pen to give the wings the sparkle. Oh...and that cute ribbon...yup...it was a RAK from Michele! I couldn't bare to use it...but it was the only cute orange ribbon I had! I still have a couple yards more and I'm gonna hoard it! :P

Prismacolor Markers used:
Sienna Brown (hair)
Light Peach (skin)
Pale Peach (skin)
Apple Green & Chartreuse (clothing & flower)
Orange & Yellow Orange (clothing & flower)
Deco Yellow & Canary Yellow (crown)

CS/DP: WWasabi, OOrange, WWhite, Bright White, & Juicy Summer DP by K*I Paper
Ink: BBlack, Prismas, & Bic Mark It's
Stamps: Maisy by Stamping Bella
Embellishments: Summer Blossoms from Prima, flat back bling, & orange sparkle ribbon (RAK)
Others: Swiss Dots CB folder, Giga scalloped punch, Mega scalloped punch, scalloped edge punch, & clear Spica Atyou pen



Long road ahead!

Hi! Just here updating again. Boy are things just getting foggy for me. I feel like I'm in a bad dream I can't wake up from and now I just feel mentally exhausted.

Went to see mom again and the doctors are being very unhelpful of WHY she hasn't been able to walk. I don't know if her body is rejecting the plates from the surgery or if she's just too weak...but all they give me are runarounds about "testing her further". I'm getting so tired of the "testing her further"...just be straight up with me...will she ever walk again? God I have been crying and haven't been able to concentrate on anything. I've tried sitting down to create...but it's not clicking once again. My mojo has been drowned by the worry...and not to mention taking care of my dad. He's not that bad...he's actually been tame...but who knows until how long that'll last.

Still...before this brain exhaust...I was able to create some stuff...so I'll show you so I don't just whine. This card was a set of 6 made for a swap hosted by my girl Melissa. The swap was to create a card using mythical creatures....so being I LOVE fairies I had to use this fairy. She's a digital stamp from Victoria Case Art Designs. This was my last time making any cards using LV's Copics which she now let me have since she won a Manga/Anima art markers at school. After this set...the other cards I made were using my Prismas. I may need to buy a new set soon as some of them are already becoming dry. Hope you like! AND I'm sorry about my whining and what not. I'll try not too update too much about my mom and try to focus on what this blog is about...stamping and card making. I don't want to bum my buds out.

Copics used:
CS/DP: KKiss, PPirrouette, Raspberry (?) Bazzil Bling, Bright White, & Bella Rose DP
Ink: printer
Stamps: digital VCAD
Embellishments: flat back bling
Others: MS Butterfly punch, Marvy Daisy punch, & white gel pen



Update and a Pre-Sale!

Hi ya'll! Just checking in to have this blog running and keep ya'll updated. Ok...so I'm doing much better...thanks for your well wishes. Yeah...all I needed right now was to get sick huh? But I'm headed out of the flu. YAY! Also on other news...my mom was finally transfered from the hospital to a home/clinic where they will be working on getting her back on her feet (if possible) or working with me to see what they CAN do just in case she can't walk when she comes home in 2 to 4 weeks. It's been so stressful to think that she wont be able to walk...but I'm staying positive! We're going today to see how she's doing and for me to sign some papers.

Now on to a pre-sale! Bombshell Stamps is having a pre-sale for their new sets! I'm already in love with a couple...but can't buy at the moment! :( Bills are coming in...yikes! But I know for SURE when I can spend a bit...I'm gonna grab the sets I want! *wink* Check them out!!!

Ok ya'll...I'm headed back to bed to sleep a bit more. I still feel super sleepy but I wanted to make sure I update a bit. I plan on getting back on track very soon! My dad's daughter called and said she wants to take my dad for the weekend...my dad doesn't want because he doesn't trust her...but if he gives in...OMG that would help out a lot! LOL!

Oh...and FYI...I have been staying stamp productive...lol...I've been working on cards to show once I can be myself again. ;)



I fought a Mack truck...(and an announcement)

...and it won! OMG my body has been sore since before Mother's Day all because I have a flu...not the swine flu...just your common flu. LOL! Then last night it starts with a sore throat and this morning I can't speak...the DH is HAPPY about that! *rolls eyes* Oh well...

Now on to the announcement!!! Bombshell Stamps will be pre-selling some NEW awesome sets! Make sure to sign up to their newsletter to stay informed! I tell you...not because I'm on the design team and basically "have to" tell you...but because I really mean it! These new sets coming up are actually beyond awesome...they're amazing! I'll say that there is a Hula Girl set, Sugar Skull (Dia De Los Muertos) set, & Classic Hot Rods!!! Are you excited? I sure am!

If I'm feeling better tomorrow...I'll be back to my regular posting.


Love Dustin Pike digi's?

Then head on over to my girl Lisa's (Wildbasket) swap on SCS! Let's show the Dustin love!!!
Dustin Pike Digi Swap...due 7/03!!! Lot's of time to join and is ONLY a 3+1 swap!!!
Don't have Dustin Digi's? Where have you been??? Check him out! Blog, Etsy, & Site!!! Thanks! Back to regular schedule!

OH...I'm also hosting a swap over on SCS...if you're into anything Goth...I'd be happy to have you! :)


Not so Vanilla TGIF!

So yesterday I posted that I would show you a ME card right? Ok...lol...well...here it is! After visiting mom yesterday...I realize I get my Rocky Road from her! Even while in pain...she's still cracking her naughty jokes! So that leads to the card!

This card was made for an SCS's bud swap that calls for you to show your "Real Housewife of SCS"! The swap is based on the Bravo Show...The Real Housewives. My favorite is the Orange County wives...I think Gretchen is a hoot...I love her attitude and that was me before I had my DS and "got serious" about life and motherhood. So you can say I'm one of those wives who have the nice toys in the closet and come out to play when "in the mood"...hence the sexy french maid image on my card AND the sentiment! LOL! I may not look as good as the girl herself...or even close...lol...but I am BAD SEXY to my hunny! *wink* We've been together for 15 years (in November) and married 11 years. So...whatcha think? Never imagined me being this naughty housewife? Or you already knew it? LOL!
Thanks for looking ya'll...and I'm glad I was able to post a much better and happier post. I know you guys say I can cry...scream...etc...and you'll be there...I'd hate to tire and burn you out with it! But then again that's why I love you guys...you stick it with me even when I feel like I'm in the dump all dirty and smelly...lol. HUGS!!!

Copics used:
Pink Ciao=R20, Tan=E31, & Dark Brown=E37
CS/DP: PPirrouette, BBlack, Bright White, Bazzil Bling Raspberry (?), & Raspberry Tart DP
Ink: BBlack & Copics
Embellishments: flatback bling
Others: white gel pen



Hey guys...just checking in again! I want to continue my heartfelt thanks to all of you praying and your wonderful comments that help make things easier for me. Thanks for not only your words of kindness for my mom...but also for caring about me. Yes...I am taking care of myself...this is the time I need to more than ever! I've been drinking water...eating well...and even relaxing. I started drinking this tea my sister told me about and it's helping me maintain my nerves to a minimum. Of course I'm still stressed out...but I don't feel it as much as before. I'm confident and have faith in God that he will help us thru this. MediCal just approved my mom but only half...which is OK with us for either a home nurse or a temporary home. Now it's up to my mom to make a bigger improvement in her walking at the hospital before they can release her anywhere. They want to make sure that she at least could stand...she hasn't been able to. That's the only worry that's weighing in on me...but then again I just think it's her body/bones getting adjusted to the plates that are holding her bones together. But so far so good.

I can't express to you how embarassing it felt posting my last entry in where I added my P.S. It was excruciating and I'm gonna just go delete it because I feel like if I was asking for handouts or something or begging for money and thats SOOOOOOO not me! The thing about me helping my parents...mainly my mom financially is because in their younger days...they didn't save any money! They never had retirement plans...NADA...and being my mom is only a resident of the US...they only gave her MediCare AGES ago thru my dad but discontinued her...I don't know the reason why...but they did. The very first bill came in yesterday and I nearly passed out. But I did have hubby give them a call and made payment arrangements that are within our reach...so God was listening to my prayers! I would have hated the thought of Oscar having to refi...it's hard as it is right now then to have to refi...I don't think so!

ON A LIGHTER NOTE!!! I will resume my normal non ranting posts!!! I just need to nip it in the butt! You've read enough whining from me and I feel horrible but it helps heal my heart to write things out and know I'm not alone when I see your encouraging comments. So tomorrow I'm gonna post a card I made that depicts the "other" side of me. It may not be too much of a shock for many of you who already know me well...lol...but to others...you may just be like..."WOW"! LOL! So until tomorrow...LOVES YA!!!!! Thank you so much for being there for me when I need it! I'm here for you too!




Hey ya'll! Just wanted to check in to let you know I'm still around...just so much to do and so little time and not to mention my brain is in a fog! I can't seem to function very well since my mom's been in the hospital. I'm being served up a nice full bowl of stress. First...and I want to advise you...if you do not like my whinning or rants...stop reading because I feel a ranting and whinning coming up.

So on Friday, May 1st I got a call from my mom that she was coming home. Cool I thought...I guess she's well enough NOW to actually come home. Ha...NO! So I go to pick her up and the nurse was showing me how to change her gauze from the operation when it gets dirty and what not and told me what I had to help her with etc. etc... Ok...so I thought if the nurse is OK with her being released...I guess she IS ok to go home. So here we are...my mom could NOT even put on her clothes without clamoring in pain...nurse says..."oh...that's normal". Ok...I know pain is normal after surgery...I've had it myself. So I help get her dressed...combed her hair and put on her socks and shoes. Great! So now we're waiting almost 30 minutes for the wheelchair transportation to come and my mom is on the phone with my uncle. He told her she was crazy to be going home. He had a surgery on his back himself and told her she needs at least a couple more weeks in there to get the therapy needed. So my moms like "oh, I've been walking and I'm fine".

Now...transportation comes and he took her to my car and seeing as how I was having trouble getting my mom into the car with a bad back myself...he just left us...NO HELP AT ALL...at 9 o'clock at night and it was raining...slowly drops...but still!!!!! AMAZING! So here I am crying in pain and asking God for his power to send me the strength I needed to get her in...cause trust me...this lady is tiny...BUT SHE'S HEAVY!!! So finally I was able to get her in and as I sat at the sterring wheel I got a nervous attack. I was shaking and crying because I knew she wasn't ready. Something told me she lied to get out and since it's in "her rights" she could ask for a leave. Anywho...after relaxing myself and taking in a few deep breaths I drove us home. Getting her in was hard...but getting her out was actually easier. I put a step stool down for her (I have an Expedition) and she got down with no problem...walked to the first step at out door with her walker with no problem...got up the first small step and then came the second small step...she couldn't do it anymore. She could NOT take the next step into the house because she was in pain.

So here I am once again nervous as hell that I couldn't get her up. And mind you...no one else here at our home could help me...my dad is 87 and could have easily fell on her instead of helping...and then there's my kids! Oscar was at work...so I had to call him and tell him to come home because it was an emergency! So here is my mom still not being able to get into the house...not even with MY help carrying her and so she decided she would just crawl instead. SO she crawled in as slowly as she could and then stopped cause she couldn't go anymore. What seemed like an eternity later...Oscar arrived and we BOTH tried pulling her up at least to a sitting posotion to the couch but she was just too heavy and we were afraid of hurting her more AND not just that...but hurting her cut!!! I sad to Oscar...if we can at least get her into bed...I can work from there...but we couldn't! She tried many times to get up again but said she couldn't...that's when she told me she lied to the doctor that she was ready to come home and that she had a nurse at home to care for her! WHAT??? Was she INSANE??? She said she lied because she was worried about my dad and she missed my kids! I about almost collapsed from the nerves when she told me that!

So Oscar decided...'you know what...she has to go back'. Since we couldn't pick her up...we had to call for an ambulance. They saw how she was and one of the EMT's told her to NEVER pull a stunt like that...that what good was she gonna do by coming home and getting into the risk of getting WORST instead of better for her husband. So finally she said crying to them that she was sorry and to please take her back. SOOOO...she's there again and this time I was very strict with her doctor who released her. I even told him that he could be sued for not checking her thru to make sure she WAS ok...but my mom is of right mind and she had her intentions soooo *rolls eyes*...still! So after I calmed down and was able to speak to him in a calm state...I asked him if there was any way he can help me either find a nurse to come to the house to help giver her the physical therapy she needs here OR to put her in a temporary nursing home. So he said those were good choices knowing I can't give her what she needs right now...not only because I also have a bad back...but because I wouldn't be able to focus on just her because of my dad, kids, and home responsabilities. So hopefully today we find out what's gonna happen and we'll go from there! I'm actually hopeing for a nurse to come here because I have NO IDEA how we'll be able to afford a home right now...a nurse to come and get paid...that's cheaper. So...now you see why I haven't been on here much! I have made cards when I have the time to just sit and de-stress myself...but I just haven't had the energy to come on here and actually post them.

So...if you read all of that...WOW! I thank you for putting up with it! Seriously! I wish I had something happy to show you...but soon...I promise! Thank you so much for listening and I'm still praying and I know that this is being put in my path to see how strong I really am...yes Dear Lord...I know it's you putting this in my path...and I thank you for it! It's making me a much more responsible woman and teaching me to have lots more patience. Yes I'm stressed...but I'm still here! Thank you Lord!

P.S. I have some used stamp sets for sale right now. They are in great condition and I could really use the help selling them right about now. The link is just below the header. I'll probably be adding more stuff...but for now...that's all I have. If you want a picture of the actual set...wood and rubber...please let me know. Believe me...it's actually EMBARASSING to me to have to add this P.S....but I have to humble myself to actually post it because I'll need every cent right now to pay for my mom's care. Her MediCal alone wont cover it all. PLEASE...do NOT feel any pressure to buy if you don't need to or really want to. I know how the economy is right now...I just wanted to post it JUST IN CASE you know. Thanks and HUGS!


Remember from Saturday...

...about the owl card in the mini mag holder? Well...now that I am letting my brain breathe...I'm posting it plus the others! Sorry about the late post...my brain is just waking up! LOL! Ok...so a while back on Joani's Yuku group there was a swap where everyone who signed up would send in something different to the hostess enough for those who joined to create kits and you would make as many cards as possible using ONLY what was in the kit. Well...let me tell you...it sure was a challenge as some of the stuff was stuff I don't normally use...but MAN was it fun to come out of my element and still try to create something AND LIKING IT! LOL! Here is what came in the kit: (I borrowed Kristen's pic...she was the hostess)

So here are the cards I made in the ORDER they were made. I didn't use everything pictured...but I did use what was in the package! Some stuff I just flipped to make it work! I have to say though that the owl one...it's just my all time fave! I don't know why...but I just love it! Oh...and I'll tell you beforehand...the leaf was actually a DP...I just flipped it and airbrushed it so I can make it work...lol. I don't know if that's cheating...but we'll see! Oh...did I mention Kristen has a box of goodies for the winning card! Everyone did a great job and I think some are still working on them etc...so I can't wait to see who wins. Everyone is a winner though because we SO rocked the challenge! If you wanna join Joani's Yuku group...check it out! There's also a tag over on the sidebar! *wink* Let Joani know I sent ya! Ok...with further A DO (however you say that!)




All images were colored with both Prismas and Copics!