Hey guys...just checking in again! I want to continue my heartfelt thanks to all of you praying and your wonderful comments that help make things easier for me. Thanks for not only your words of kindness for my mom...but also for caring about me. Yes...I am taking care of myself...this is the time I need to more than ever! I've been drinking water...eating well...and even relaxing. I started drinking this tea my sister told me about and it's helping me maintain my nerves to a minimum. Of course I'm still stressed out...but I don't feel it as much as before. I'm confident and have faith in God that he will help us thru this. MediCal just approved my mom but only half...which is OK with us for either a home nurse or a temporary home. Now it's up to my mom to make a bigger improvement in her walking at the hospital before they can release her anywhere. They want to make sure that she at least could stand...she hasn't been able to. That's the only worry that's weighing in on me...but then again I just think it's her body/bones getting adjusted to the plates that are holding her bones together. But so far so good.

I can't express to you how embarassing it felt posting my last entry in where I added my P.S. It was excruciating and I'm gonna just go delete it because I feel like if I was asking for handouts or something or begging for money and thats SOOOOOOO not me! The thing about me helping my parents...mainly my mom financially is because in their younger days...they didn't save any money! They never had retirement plans...NADA...and being my mom is only a resident of the US...they only gave her MediCare AGES ago thru my dad but discontinued her...I don't know the reason why...but they did. The very first bill came in yesterday and I nearly passed out. But I did have hubby give them a call and made payment arrangements that are within our reach...so God was listening to my prayers! I would have hated the thought of Oscar having to refi...it's hard as it is right now then to have to refi...I don't think so!

ON A LIGHTER NOTE!!! I will resume my normal non ranting posts!!! I just need to nip it in the butt! You've read enough whining from me and I feel horrible but it helps heal my heart to write things out and know I'm not alone when I see your encouraging comments. So tomorrow I'm gonna post a card I made that depicts the "other" side of me. It may not be too much of a shock for many of you who already know me well...lol...but to others...you may just be like..."WOW"! LOL! So until tomorrow...LOVES YA!!!!! Thank you so much for being there for me when I need it! I'm here for you too!



Jessica said...

Girl, you can rant and rave as much as you want to! I know how much it can help to get it all out :)

Can't wait to see your card!!

Bobbie said...

Gabby....Yell all you want if it helps. You are going through such a rough time right now.Hope our prayers will help
Angel Hugs...Bobbie

Melissa Craig said...

Rant and rave, whine and whimper, cry or laugh - do what you need to do keep your sanity and not bottle up what you're feeling. We're all friends here.

Big hugs!

Bombshell Stamps said...

It's times like these when we realize just how strong we really are, how fragile life is, and that you have more support than you ever knew. You and your family are in my prayers, and heart.

Thanks for keeping us all posted on the progress, and hang in there Gabby!


CRYSTAL said...

Gabby, I cant speak for eeveryone, but I didnt feel that way when you offered up some sets to set...It wasnt begging. Hang in there girl and we got your back!!!!

Robin said...

Gabby! Please! This is *your* blog and IMO you should use it to voice your thoughts and frustrations. It's a good thing to vent; we all need to do that. If someone doesn't like what you have to say, they don't need to come back. (IOW - screw 'em!)

I'm glad to hear you are taking care of yourself, Sistah Ho. ;-)