WOO HOO...It's October!!!!!!

Alright...it's the first day of October!!!! I am SOOO happy! I'm sure you know why! You don't? Well...I am a Halloween girl! I love all things spooky and Halloweenie!!! This is MY Christmas/Valentine's Day/Birthday!!! Yes...{heart} it that much! :D

This card I made here is for Melissa's Tuesday Morning Sketches Challenge! Oh...and how fun is it that it's the #13 challenge??? LOL! Faith...well for me? I think so! :P I haven't made a "longer" card in a while so this sketch was perfect for that!

So to kick off the first day of October...here is a Halloweenie card! I omitted the sentiment and just decided to use the swirls...but all in all...you can tell it's the sketch...lol. Ohhhhh and I broke out this abandoned TAC Halloween set I bought from Joani last year I believe and hadn't inked! I don't even remember the name...lol. Yeah I'm awful I know!

Ok...I think I'll cut this one short! I'm on a serious candy rush! :S I don't know if you can tell the candy on the picture...well...I ate a whole bunch of those PLUS some M&M's! You can blame Joni for that! She'll know what I mean soon! ;) LMBO! Ok...now I'm gone! Have a great day!

CS/DP: BBlack, AApeal, PPie, SU Halloween DP, & bright White
Ink: BBlack & Copics
Stamps: TAC Halloween "Swirls"?
Embellishments: flat back bling
Others: Scribble Swrils Sizzix die, CB Spots & Dots and Tiny Bubbles embossing folders, orange Mark It, Copic air can, Giga scalloped and Mega circle punches, & white gel pen


Going a little dark here! Bombshell Stamps Blog Hop!

Hello and welcome once again to another week in the Bombshell Stamps blog hop! I wont blah blah too much as I'm having one of those days...so I'll post a poem I found and I hope it fits the card! Feeling a bit "dark" today! ;)

The theme of this weeks blog hop was Pencil Me In! We are suppose to use pencils to color!!! *GASP* I am so bad with pencils but it was a nice change! I used my Reeves watercolor pencils to color this image. I also decided to do something challenging...make a CAS card! Yes...this IS CAS to me...lol! I wanted to pile more on but stopped myself before it got crazy!

Anywho...make sure to check out Bombshell Stamps! I can't stress enough how awesome the stamps are! Give them a try!

~In A Future Time~
But humanity never gets beyond the caterpillar stage--
it rots in the chrysalis, it never will have wings.
—D. H. Lawrence

Spanning the distance between the amoeba
and the stars--
how far we've come
on our dazzling chariots of thought--

Though at times some blood is spilled
to correct some intolerable Wrong,
our souls will become more pure,
as we aim toward a higher Good.

Yes, how far we've traveled
from our animal hearts
our earth-bound leash,
from the whispering grass
the dreaming coelacanth--
advancing toward another world
less known--
the worm softly singing in our ear.

Lifted up
out of the warm, dark ooze
into the clear, strong light--
time faithfully sliding forward
the universe pulsing in our radio telescopes--

Proud, emancipated, we worship tomorrow.

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I {Heart} Punches @ Club Anya

Hello and I missed ya the past couple days! It was just not my days! The night before I was having a really hard time...my legs and arms were cramping and I had a HUGE headache I just couldn't bring myself to do ANYTHING! I woke up today a little better and decided to join in the Mystery Monday challenge at Club Anya! Today's mystery challenger was none other than my girl Angie of My Boat! Dude...I have to say I LOVE her challenge! We're to use punches (or dies) in our creation. The challenge was titled I {Heart} Punches! I don't {heart} punches...like the ones when my brother would punch me "just for fun"... *rolls eyes*...but I LOVE anything die cut or punched!

Here is the card that I created. I think I went punch crazy...lol...I think lately I've been going a bit crazy on 'X' embellishments. This card is gonna go to a secret sister on SCS...I wont go too much into it so I wont give it away...but I hope she likes it! I had been dying to ink this Miss Anya for a while now and found the perfect reason to. :D Finally this winter girl came to life! LV picked what color combo to use and I think she made the perfect choice!

Ok...so the punches/dies in this card are: snowflakes, swirls, border, & circles.

Whatcha think?

CS/DP: Bazill Bling (blue?), CChip, Bright White, vellum, & Winter DP (Oriental Trading)
Ink: Momento Black & Copics
Stamps: Miss Anya
Embellishments: buttons
Others: fun flock, Icicle Stickles, swirl dies, snowflake punch, eyelet border punch, Giga & Mega punches


MY version of the "shiny hair" tutorial

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I'm so glad the weekend is already upon us! Now I could sleep in late...I have NOTHING I have to do to get up early...well except maybe stamp! YAY! LOL! Anywho...I've been asked by a few friends to do a tutorial on how I color my shiny hair. Well...I was hopeing to do a video tutorial but I don't know why my webcam isn't functioning right. I played with different settings and NADA! Still...I made a picture tutorial I first shared with my girl Angie of My Boat. I made it especially for her! But since I'm being asked...I thought I'd share here since I've gotten emails and comments asking me for... So here it goes!

These are the colors I use for the "black hair". N8, N6, N3, N1, & sometimes 0!
...at this point...you can leave it just like this or continue to blend. Leaving it like this will have a "shinnier/brighter" look.
...same goes for this step...you can leave it as is or continue with the 0 blender pen. Leaving it like this gives it a more "muted" shine.

Pay no attention to the blonde...she was just a practice experiment. Once I have the blonde down...I'll post! ;) Next I'm trying a red-head and then on to the colorful hair. I'm excited for the colorful hair! :D

And that's it...that's how I color my shiny hair! All this is thanks to WickerPixie AKA Traci (the magnificent!) Thanks Traci for your amazing inspiration in my journey to coloring shiny hair! :D


Oooohhhh and Aaaahhhh...Bombshell Stamps Ad on SCS!

So I was trolling on the BSS forum at Bombshell Stamps and came across a topic that said something about a BSS ad on SCS...so being nosey I checked it out and saw that Shannon finally got a well deserved (and well worked on) spot on SCS!!! Think Bombshell Stamps will get some attention now?!

Bombshell Stamps need to be out there in the limelight just like other cutsie stamps. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE cutsie stamps...but come on...Bombshell Stamps are AMAZING! Have you seen their Sugar Skull collection on pre-sale? If you read my blog I'm sure you have! *wink*

Anywho...I went on SCS to do some detective work and refreshed a page a few times and check out what I saw!

YUP...there it was! :D Of course that made me excited because not only am I a DT for BSS...but their line is kick @$$!!! If you haven't given Bombshell Stamps a try...what are you waiting for? Go get a few sets NOW!

For a limited time...pre-order 3 Sugar Skull sets and get a FREE Shrine Template that'll be emailed to you when your stamps ship! If you're into this kind of art...trust me...you'll love the shrine template! Hey...get it just in time for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)!!!

ALSO...you still have time to enter the blog banner contest! Read more about it HERE!

Click on the banner to go to Bombshell Stamps now!

Butterfly Queen card WINNER!

I finally closed comments for the winners of the card featured on the Bombshell Stamps blog hop! There were only 3 callers so I wrote names on pieces of papers and let Lizzie pick the winner! Here it goes!
The winner is RAE ANNE!
Rae Anne said...
Oh, oh, oh!!! I wanna win!!! Gabby, I just love your style! MWAH!
Congrats Rae Rae! I have your addy already so I'll send this off!
Thanks you guys and hope to see you next week!


Another challenge with Inktegrity!

Well...I decided to work on a card for the Pink Elephant challenge! This is the sketch for the challenge and I had to use Joni's Backgrounds I & High There digi's! I miscalculated the print size and made the image (plane) a little bit larger than I wanted...but in the end it came out OK! LOL! Still I'm happy with it and I hope I interpreted the sketch well enough! If you wanna buy Joni's digi's...check out her shop: Inktegrity!

Ok...I don't have too much blah blah today...lots to do so little time! I'll be later on to announce the winner of my Bombshell card. Not too many people wanted this time...oh well...I thank those that made my day and DID say they wanted! :D

P.S. Like the new background? I made it! I bought a digi scrap kit JUST to change my background. I feel it was a bit too dark. What do you think?
Copics used: E's-29,18,15,& 13 N's-6, 3, &1 G's-99, 94, & 82 & BG's-05 & 01
CS/DP: CChip, C2Cocoa, UNKV DP, & Bright White
Ink: printer & Copics
Stamps: Inktegrity digi's by Joni
Embellishments: Static chipboard buttons & floss


Bombshell Blog Hop! Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Hello all and welcome to another Wednesday in the Bombshell Blog Hop! Today us Bombshells are showcasing cards and projects having to do with ALL THAT SHINES AND SPARKLES! Oooooohhhhh! I am so afraid of glitter...it gets all over! So I pushed my fear away and used some! *GASP* Wondering...did you hear screams yesterday? Yeah sorry...that was me! LOL! I love blingy things...but glitter...OMG! LOL!

I hope I got enough shine in...I don't want to disappoint the glitterati's! LOL! I hadn't used Butterfly Queen in a good minute so I decided to break her out and set her free! I also used Melissa's sketch for the Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge. It was hard working with an image larger than what the sketch shows...but I think I made it work! Hope it's ok Mel!
Once again...one lucky commenter will win this card! Just leave a comment letting me know if you would like to win it or not and I will enter you in the drawing! I will announce the winner on Thursday! :)

Check out what's in store if you hop along with us!

Septembers Monthly Grab Bag Prize!!!
Here's how it works:

Start at any of the Design Team Member Blogs and take a peek at their Hump Day project. Leave them a comment and tell them what you think about it! Then follow the links to the other DT member blogs and leave them comments. The more comments you make, the more entries you will have to win a great prize from Bombshell Stamps at the end of the month!

This week all of our projects are Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend theme! So stop by, add your comment, and then hop on over to the other Bombshell Hotties blogs, and don't forget to join us again next week!!! Let's see where the glitter trail leads you!

See you next Wednesday!

CS/DP: BBlack, Lime Peel textured CS, Bright White, vellum, & MAMBI DP Black & White Butterfly
Ink: Momento Tuxedo Black & Copics
Stamps: Butterfly Queen
Embellishments: sequin trim, flatback bling, & glitter (loose & Stickles)
Others: eyelet border punch & butterfly punch


Joni's Rule of 3 Challenge at Club Anya!

Club Anya started something new where fans of Club Anya can be chosen to challenge US on Monday's! This kick off was Joni and her challenge was to use black, white, & pink as a color combo AND to use 3 embellishments! I love adding embellishments so I think I had a bit of an over-kill here! I did use 3 physical embellishments...the dies/punches DO NOT count for me. So here is my card for Mystery Monday!

Sorry I don't have too much blah blah...I'm crunching on time to make my card for Wednesday's Bombshell Stamps blog hop! Hope to see you here and hop along with us! Ok...so see you laters! HUGS!!!

CS/DP: BBlack, PIPink, Bright White, & UKV DP
Ink: Momento Tuxedo Black & Copics
Stamps: Miss Anya Dressy
Embellishments: trim, crochet flowers, flat back bling, punches & dies
Others: white gel pen


Early Monday post!

Hey there! I wanted to post this early instead of auto-piloting to make up for not only NOT posting on Friday but also because I'll be BUSY tomorrow! I'm gonna be working on some stuff that's close to being due and I don't like rushing when making my cards anymore. I use to just rush through them and not like the outcome. It's happened recently...but most def. for sure not on this card!

This card took me 1 hour to complete! Why? I honestly don't know. I guess because I kept rearranging the elements and adding and subtracting other elements...lol. In the end though I loved the outcome! I even finally got to use one of the crochet flowers I bought from Joani! Her mom, Rose, makes them! I also got to use some lace trim I won in a lot on eBay. Also...I got to break out my SU Hodgepodge Hardware I hadn't used in AGES!!! LOL! I'm so glad I finally got this Anya...Birthday Anya! I didn't buy her...she was in my wishlist...but I did win it from Club Anya's "I Wanna Be Like..." contest. :D

Anywho...I'll cut this short by saying that this card was made for 2 challenges. Challenge 1: Anyone For Anya? Funky Flowers challenge! Challenge is to use flowers in your creation...I LOVE FLOWERS!!! O_O Challenge 2: The Greeting Farm-Farm Fresh Friday's "Emboss It"! Birthday Anya's diadem holding up that cake is embossed using gun metal EP. It's nice and subtle since I already have so much going on here...lol. Hope you like and thanks for stopping by! Have a great week and I'll see you soon!
CS/DP: C2Cocoa, PPirrouette, Bright White, Bella Rose DP
Ink: Momento Tuxedo Black & Copics
Stamps: Birthday Anya & Susie Surprise
Embellishments: Hodgepodge Hardware, Prima flowers, nailheads, brads, satin pink ribbon, sheer dotted cocoa ribbon, lace trim, & crochet flower
Others: scalloped edge punch, Mega & Giga punches, oval punch, leaf punch, &gun powder EP, & white gel pen


Blog Hop Hangover & a WINNER!

I lost a tooth and got married...what happend? LMAO! No...I was just watching the Hangover and that movie is a hoot!

Anywho...I don't have anything to post today as I was busy finishing up some cards and chilling with my fat boy Bubba who turned 1 in human years (15 in cat years). So needless to say my cards I did make are stuck in my camera and I'll be uploading until tonight when I get back from visiting my uncle who I haven't seen since my mom's funeral...yeah that long! I just hope it's not an awkard visit or a sad one at that.

I know I said I would have a winner for you tomorrow but I did the random thing and got one! The winner for the person who commented yesterday during the hop is:


Carisa said...
Ok, picking my jaw up off the floor!!! LOL This is my all time fav bombshell - top of the wish list for me when I get a chance to order and you turned her into a way fabulous christmas card - I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to send this to my BFF. OH man. I also commented on all the blogs this morning. *finger crossed*

September 16, 2009 8:57 AM

Talk about keeping your fingers crossed! LOL! Congrats Carisa! Email me with your snail mail addy so I can send this bombshell off!

See ya'll next Wednesday for another Bombshell Hop!


Happy Hump Day Bombshell Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Bombshell Hump Day Hop! The Bombshell Design Team Members are bringing you a fabulous hop each and every Wednesday! View rockin' projects at each stop along the way and leave comments to win a fab prize.

Septembers Monthly Grab Bag Prize!!!
Here's how it works:
Start at any of the Design Team Member Blogs and take a peek at their Hump Day project. Leave them a comment and tell them what you think about it! Then follow the links to the other DT member blogs and leave them comments. The more comments you make, the more entries you will have to win a great prize from Bombshell Stamps at the end of the month!
This week all of our projects are a fabulous free-4-all -you never what's gonna be around the next blog corner! So stop by, add your comment, and then hop on over to the other Bombshell DT Member blogs, and don't forget to join us again next week!!!

Without further adieu here is my card for the hop!

(click on image for a larger view)

I got into the Christmas mood because after cleaning out I found this sheet of jeweled HO HO HO stickies I got from my fellow Ho's! Isn't this the perfect image to go with it? I worked the whole concept around the HO HO HO!!! LOL! Hey...I know we have a little HO HO HO inside us...LMBO!!! Anywho...hope you enjoyed this brief stop along the hop. I don't have too much to say except...VISIT BOMBSHELL STAMPS! Their stamps are awesome and Shannon is a doll!

Next head on over to:
Remember...I'll have 1 lucky winner on my blog to win this card! All you have to do is post your comment, go to all the other bombshells blogs, comment there, and then come here to let me know you've commented on all and then Random.org will handle the rest! Come back on Friday morning for the winner!

CS/DP: OOlive, RHRed, White GP CS, & Dashing DP
Ink: Momento Tuxedo Black & Copics
Stamps: Girls Ruin & Holiday Accessory
Embellishments: "gold" Christmas ribbon, MAMBI HO HO HO words, & red ribbon from kit I recieved in a swap
Others: scalloped egde and circle punch, circle punch, oval punch, leaf punch, & white Liquid Applique