Going a little dark here! Bombshell Stamps Blog Hop!

Hello and welcome once again to another week in the Bombshell Stamps blog hop! I wont blah blah too much as I'm having one of those days...so I'll post a poem I found and I hope it fits the card! Feeling a bit "dark" today! ;)

The theme of this weeks blog hop was Pencil Me In! We are suppose to use pencils to color!!! *GASP* I am so bad with pencils but it was a nice change! I used my Reeves watercolor pencils to color this image. I also decided to do something challenging...make a CAS card! Yes...this IS CAS to me...lol! I wanted to pile more on but stopped myself before it got crazy!

Anywho...make sure to check out Bombshell Stamps! I can't stress enough how awesome the stamps are! Give them a try!

~In A Future Time~
But humanity never gets beyond the caterpillar stage--
it rots in the chrysalis, it never will have wings.
—D. H. Lawrence

Spanning the distance between the amoeba
and the stars--
how far we've come
on our dazzling chariots of thought--

Though at times some blood is spilled
to correct some intolerable Wrong,
our souls will become more pure,
as we aim toward a higher Good.

Yes, how far we've traveled
from our animal hearts
our earth-bound leash,
from the whispering grass
the dreaming coelacanth--
advancing toward another world
less known--
the worm softly singing in our ear.

Lifted up
out of the warm, dark ooze
into the clear, strong light--
time faithfully sliding forward
the universe pulsing in our radio telescopes--

Proud, emancipated, we worship tomorrow.

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Angela Knopf said...

I'm not sure why you don't use your pencils more often! Holy Smokes! Such a beautiful job you did with your roses. You definitely ROCKED the challenge.

*giggle at the CAS comment.

Sonya said...

I love the card Gabby..so beautiful! I really liked the poem aswell!

Kelli said...

That is great! Really wicked job!

Mary G. said...

Gabby, this is beautiful! You really should use those pencils more often!!! Fabulous job!

Jacqueline said...

This is beautiful!!! The rose is just gorgeous! Your card is just super Fab! Great work!!

Terra said...

Wow, just WOW! Love the card, love the poem, you made my day Gabby!!!!

Kas said...

Very beautiful card!!

Juliet A said...

I love your use of punches with this card - lovely!

PaperCrafty said...

I love the card Gabby!! You are fabulous with pencils too!!

StampinCathy said...

This is just beautiful!! I love the colors, layout and your coloring. Thanks for this inspiration.

Crazy Creations said...

I love you card its great .Sarah

Carisa said...

This is a beautiful card!! You are super talented.

GlitteryKatie said...


Melissa Craig said...

This card is gorgeous! The colors are fabulous and I really love that layout.

I like the new pic of LV, too.

Darsana said...

This is the perfect CAS card. I love the color and the layout and honestly the designer is the only one who can really call something CAS.
Thank you for sharing and I hope your day gets better and your mood lifts!

Christy said...

Very nice. I love the poem.

DonnaMundinger said...

Beautiful card! Great layout. xxD

Angie said...

Love the colors, this is beautiful!!!

Lynette Batton said...

Gorgeous card and love your music.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Fabulous card! I enjoy your blog and the tunes!

n8tvtexan said...

Very beautiful card! I love the color combos. You really should keep those pencils out and use them more often.

Bombshell Stamps said...

Very classy card Gabby, I love what you did with it! The colored pencils rock too!

Ellis said...

Great card, the rose looks beautiful! =)

Hugs, Elenor

Shaz said...

Great card! Very classy and great colors...
I am still grooving to your tunes.

KimJ said...

OMG It is gorgeous!!! I love it!


KarmaCraft said...

*sniffle* I wish I knew what CAS meant. Loving your work. The poems are fab and the caterpillar thing... sometimes I feel the same way. I have pills but some things do cut through LOL...


~*Joni said...

I love this Gabby! Look at that wonderful layout, and your coloring looks like you used markers instead of pencils, they are intense!! Love the black flourishes, they are very seductive. ;)