Melanie Muenchinger turns TWO!!! The blog hop!

Hello and welcome to Melanie's 2nd birthday as illustrator for Gina K.! I was lucky enough to have been a guest designer for Melanie's Tee Talk set. It combines PERFECTLY with Little Tees & Just So Sporty...2 sets I proudly own and even go with Wee Tees spotlighted by my good friend Laura Jean (you'll find her on the hop!). Thanks Melanie for stalking me...lol...on Splitcoast Stampers when I had my TWO swaps with your awesome sets! Thanks most of all for having included me to guest design for your set! Congrats on your two years! Here's to MANY more!

I made a quickie card for the hop because I'm fighting a cold...so my all was not into it! But here is a slide show of some of the work I've done with Mels sets!

Can you believe it...

Melanie Muenchinger is celebrating two years of blogging and illustrating for Gina K Designs, and today she has invited 25 designers and YOU to join the party! First hop through the following designers' blogs using every set she has created since January 2008, from the first to the 25th! Then go to Melanie's' blog to leave a comment for a chance to win a number of different prizes! So let's get hopping!

Here we go!

Just So Hippy-Charmaine

Just So Hoppy-Donna

What’s in Your Tin 1 & 2-Donna

Hip Hop Accessories-Bee

Jumping for Joy-Barb

Cuddles and Hugs-Jessie

Little Tees-Cat

Just So Sporty-Pam

A Year of Flowers-Theresa

Say it with Flowers-Selma

Selma X2

Have a Cookie-Carolina

Tee Talk-Gabby

Hand in Hand-

The Best Things in Life-Shannon, Sankari

A Charmed Life-Cathy

Wee Tees-Libby, Laura Jean

Arranged with Love-Selma

Sporty Accessories-Tina

Inspiration Mosaic-Jennie

School Sports Spirit-Melissa

A Year of Leaves-Geri

Hip to Be Square-Karen

Festive Frame-Linda

Square Pegs- Lee

Finally, Nina and Jessica from the GinaK Senior Design Team have joined in, too! You can also get in on the hop yourself and increase your chances of winning a prize by creating your own project with any one of Melanie's sets and linking it in the Mr. Linky in her post, see full details here. Hope you can join the fun! Enjoy your first hop of the year!

Happy New Year everyone!

My TGF stay is coming to and end at midnight...

...kinda like when Cinderella's coach turns into a pumpkin! :( I have to say it was an amazing month being at the farm and I'll never forget it! Thanks to both Marie and Jess for this awesome opportunity and hope to see you guys again in the future! *wink* Ha...you thought you were getting rid of me that easily huh? :P

For my last day as a guest designer for Marina's images...I would like to say good-bye to my guest term with New Year Toby!

Happy New Year everyone! May this year bring you nothing but the best!


End of the month Bombshell Blog Hop!

Hey guys! I almost didn't make it to this blog hop because I'm fighting a cold since Christmas but figured since it's been a while...there was no way I would miss it! So here I am! :D I was gonna make a card...but then I thought I would make something bigger and I went with this box/tote. I love these things because they're great for gifts. Imagine some sweeeeeeet lotions and what nots from Victoria Secret in there! I love their Pear Glaze' lotion....yummmmmm! This is the second item I've made since December started...so I got much catching up to do for my DT. Sorry Shannon! Life just got insane and hopefully it'll be under control come 2010! I need some serious levity!

I also wanna show the other Bombshell project I made. It was a card I made for a challenge and I was kinda bummed it didn't get much looks. Bombshell Stamps are an awesome line of stamps and there should be way more Bombshells out there! I KNOW some of you my followers have this secret bombshell in ya! Fess up hotties! *wink*

Ok...now head on over to my fellow Bombshell Stamps Hotties and drop them some love. I KNOW they appreciate it! Plus they do make some kick butt projects with these stamps that leave my crap in shame!


BTW...Son of a Stitch is still looking for more readers! Email me if you're interested! It's all my crocheting stuff and it goes fully live on January 1st! I already have one post up...it's my introduction to how I got started with crocheting!


Hi guys!

Yes I'm still here only still busy! I didn't know I would be this busy...but OH WELL! I'd rather be busy than just sitting around not doing anything and thinking bad thoughts...lol! I haven't even created a card...can you believe that? I need to get on the ball and get some stuff done. Hopefully tonight I can spend some ME time.

In the mean time...look at what I made just for the heck of it! I don't know what's hit me...but lately I've been in a cooking/baking/confectionist mood. I guess it's all thanks to a site a friend of mine posted on her blog. This site is YUMMY and I know I'll get fatter from all this stuff...so if you don't intend on becoming of a rounder shape...DO NOT VISIT IT! LOL! The site is called bakerella.com. I warn you...do NOT click if you are on a diet of some sort...lol! For New Years Eve I plan on making some cake bites for my SIL...if we DO end up going.

Oscar pissed me off from Christmas by getting stoopid drunk and well...drunk people are just not my cup of tea. I saw too much alcohol abuse growing up I just can't have that. So I'm still iffy about going.

Anywho...I also wanted to extend and invitation to my new blog going LIVE on New Years Eve. It's called Son of a Stitch and it's gonna feature my new love for crocheting! So if you wanna sign up to read it...shoot me an email at GabrielaArriaza at msn dot com.!

Ok...that's it for now! I'll be seeing you real soon when I can actually stamp...lol!


Farm Fresh Friday...on Thursday!

Hey all and Happy Christmas Eve! Just dropping in again really super quick to post my card for FFF on Thursday. Since tomorrow is Friday...I doubt too many will be around to play and what not...so this FFF has been pushed back. I hope you've been playing with Jessica's 12 days of sketches...awesome sketches so far! I wish I had more time to play...but I FINALLY had some breather time and now I'm just gonna rest my right hand after sooooo much crocheting in such short time. That's what I get from procrastinating! To those who've emailed me about custom crochet...I will get back to you VERY soon! Ok...so here is my card! I used Marlene Monkey by Marina Neira and made her up for Christmas. Once again I free-handed a little Christmas hat! :)

Now I want to take this time to wish you all a great Christmas and may it be a happy one surrounded by your loved ones. Stay safe and a huge hug from me to you! Merry Christmas!


A Quickie to keep you wanting more! :P

Just a quick post to show you what I've been working on...or what's kept me busy per-say! First I want to apologize if I haven't been to your blogs. I have just been going 100 MPH that I barely have any time to breath...I'm still finishing off some homemade Christmas gifts. Can we say cramped crocheting hands? I am so looking forward to another carpal tunnel flare...yeah right! But hey...if it's helping us save money...why not. Anywho...the first is an oven...the template is from Lauren Meader's Timeless Templates called Bun in the Oven. Thanks to this little project...I decided to make a new blog that I may be either launching in January OR I may wait for my birth month of February...it's still just a thought process though! I've really taken a HUGE love of crocheting that I would love to show you my creations on a non stamper blog... Let's keep each hobby apart right? Plus I have plenty coming up in the coming months that I don't want my crocheting fall in the shadows....but we'll see... Ok now I went off track...here is my bun in the oven! It's rolled up socks to look like cupcakes! {click on pictures for larger image}

Now check out my newest creation...I call her Carol Cupcake and she's a pincushion! Isn't she sweet? LOL! I'm selling her for $7 if you're interested (I've already made 6...ouch!). Shipping depends on destination. Anywho...just drop me a line if you're interested! I can also take a custom order! I can make them in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla frosting with the choice of strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla "cake mix"! They measure 3 1/2" across and 3" tall. BTW...she(they) can also be a decor or a childs toy...I already made one for Lizzie too and an "amigurumi-ish" character for Ozzy who he named Leafynut The Acorn. Don't ask...cause I have NO idea why! LOL! Thanks for looking! Thanks most of all for your patience. I will be back when I can steal another hour or so and as soon as the holidays are over...I will be making my blog rounds! ;) Love ya!


A Couple Challenges... Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to leave a Sunday post as I will be gone on Monday and Tuesday and wont be posting until Wednesday again...maybe...I'm still unsure of that...but just want to give a heads up in case you're wondering where I went...lol. Here I leave you with a card I made for 2 challenges...Copic Colour Challenge and Mojo Monday sketch!

For Copic Colour Challenge...we're to use the following colors:

For Mojo Monday use this sketch:

This awesome stamp is from Paper Makeup Stamps and is called Moody for Music. Katie sent it to me as a welcome package amongst other awesome stamps you'll be seeing soon and she said this one reminded her of LV...that is SOOO true! Not only is LV moody...lol...but she LOVES music! She's even my little band geek! :D

Alright...I am off...need to go to sleep as in the morning I will be off to drop off a poinsettia plant for my momma at the cemetery and sit there for a while and then we're on our way to my MIL's.

TTFN and thanks for stopping by AND for the congrats on me becoming a PMS chick! :D I have another announcement besides the one coming up in January...but I'm still not sure when I can let it be known since my guest DT will be in February. So keep checking on that! OH OH OH OH...BUT...I would like to announce that I WILL be full term DT for Tuesday Morning Sketches! :D I am so excited to be part of Melissa's team! One of her members is stepping down so I will be taking her spot...and let me tell you...I will be stepping into some nice warm talented shoes and hope I can fill them...I'll be filling Joni's spot! :O Ok...now I'm really TTFN! Have a great Sunday!

SAY WHAT? I'm on the DESIGN TEAM for...

OMG Thanks Katie not just for allowing me this opportunity...BUT to FINALLY allowing me to burst! LOL! It was a LOOOOOONG wait...since November mind you! LOL! Thanks to my very first DT job at Bombshell Stamps...I got the honor of meeting Katie who was a Bombshell of the Month of February. I fell in love with her fairies since day one. Now you know why those fairies have had some sass with me...because since I fell in love with them...and bought them...I haven't inked them all and haven't used them in a while. BAD GABBY! Now this new DT assignment is the great excuse I need to break out those cute fairies...and not to mention my other PMS stamps I have. Like the ADORABLE monsters and aliens...lol. :D

I will be joining her already AMAZING Design Team made up of:

Katie Cotton (company owner)
Christi Thorsen
Lisa Kind

Tangii Crain
Tina Hale
Dawn Barrett
Lisa McKinney
Randee Elsing

BUT not only that...I will be joined by these also VERY AMAZING talent hand picked by Katie:

Amber Kroenig
Danni Bindel
Christi Snow
Maria Gurnsey
Melyssa Connolly

EDIT TO POST: I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO mistaken...I was confusing this DT with another gig coming up. I am FULL TIME DT for PAPER MAKEUP STAMPS!!! Thanks Dawn Mercedes for pointing that out AND for the sweet welcome!

Now if you didn't know...Paper Makeup Stamps is having a sale to hmmmm...maybe indulge yourself? SO, here's is our sale for you today!!! There is a category in the sidebar that says Countdown to Christmas Sale! In this category you'll see Spend $15, get 1 free, Spend $20 get one free, Spend $25 get 1 free, and Spend $30 get one free. While you're shopping, just check the amount you've spent and add one of the listed freebies into your cart. Now the cart will let you add more than 1, thing to your cart. The site is just set to have these items as free. However, you can only get 1 item for the amount in your cart. So go on and tell hubby that if he doesn't know what to buy you...to just give you some moolah to spend over at Paper Makeup Stamps! *wink*

Once again THANKS Katie! I am super stoked to a great term! CHEERS!

Here is some of my PMS stamps work! I lost a LOT of pictures when my old computer died...but I found a few on my Photobucket! :)

check out Dreck behind the moon! HAHAHAHA

Lauren In Love...the one who dragged me into PMS!

Caliope with Heart...I love this character...look at that sweet face!

Penelope...isn't she gorgeous!?


She's sooo cool...she's HOT!

For Farm Fresh Friday...check out the post below! Thanks!

Another quick post for today! I want to make sure I share what I've made in my spare time so I can keep you interested...lol! I don't think I can handle a blog divorce from you all! LOL! So to keep it interesting...I have made a card featuring a SEXY Bombshell from Bombshell Stamps! *wink* This girl is too cool for her own good. Oscar called her "Ice Queen"...but that's my title when he's a jerk with me! *wink*

She was made for 2 challenges...1 is for The Pink Elephant to create a project featuring Christmas or Winter...so I went with Winter...I'm SOOOO done with Christmas cards! The other challenge was for December's sketch challenge by Kathi for Bombshell Stamps. The only thing I omitted was the sentiment and instead added the flourish. So there you go...my double post for today! If you decide to play along with Bombshell Stamps sketch challenge...make sure to stop by our PCP group and share! I know the chicas there love to see every sexy Bombshell creation! Did I mention this hottie is from Bombshell Stamps? She's called Butterfly Queen and is from the Tattoo & Pin Up collection! Check 'em out...they're at Bombshell Stamps!

TGIF...or in TGF land...

TGIFFF! Here I am again in another installment of Farm Fresh Friday! Today we have a sketch by the very awesomely talented Cindy! Once again...I will not keep you long. I'm actually typing this in to auto-pilot it because as you read this on Friday...I will be out...

Before I go...I have a question. Do you think my craft is good enough to sell...and if you didn't craft...would you buy it? I'm asking because I want to load up my Etsy store with the stuff I've made but don't want to add it if they wont sell...KWIM? I know...I'm probably as clear as mud...but you get the jist right?

Ok...I am off! Hope to see you play along with the farm! Upload your creations to the Galleria>Contests/Challenges>Farm Fresh Fridays>12 Days Sketch 1

Have a great day and come back on Saturday as I have an exciting (to me) announcement! :D I felt I was about to burst...well...I'm still waiting on one OK from another exciting piece of news! ;)


LV is a Junior DT for...

...Tuesday Morning Sketches!!! How exciting is that? She is Melissa's very first junior DT...well...besides her adorable DD Hollyanne! She is joining Hollyanne in something new Melissa has decided to try out. She'll just be doing this challenge DT'ing once a month...but she's exited!

Her first challenge was to make a card with a recipe instead of a sketch and the recipe was "Glitter, Tag, & a Secret Surprise"! She whipped this one up Sunday night when we got home from my MIL's. She already had the image colored...so this worked out great! Image is from Inktegrity by the amazing Joni! :D Check her out and check out Tuesday Morning Sketches for your challenge fix!

Ok...I'm off...1 million things to do and only 2 hands...AY CARAMBA! Thanks for stopping by and most of all...thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts. They seem to be working! HUGE HUGS! So far much better... :)


Club Anya All Customers BLOG HOP!

Hey and welcome to my little stop on this HUGE Club Anya blog hop! I wont keep you much...so I'll be brief and to the point! First off...go to Club Anya for the complete list of the hoppers. The list was too long to do the "and your next stop is"...

I do have to say that this was not my intended project for this hop...but somehow things have gotten a bit crazy and complicated here at the home front. No worries...health-wise and all...we are doing well.

Here is my project for the hop...a ribbon spool ornament! I had seen these cuties been made and had to make one myself! Great way to recycle huh? Thanks to who ever came up with this creative idea!!!

Ok...I'll leave you on your way... make sure to go chat it up with the other clubbers at the PCP Club Anya group! BTW...there will be prizes...so make sure to check out all the deets! *wink*


Happy Sunday reminder!

Hello all and happy Sunday! Just wanted to remind you to hop along with us fans of Club Anya for the ALL CUSTOMERS HOP! You wont wanna miss the sneek peaks by the DT and the stuff the wonderful Anya/Ian fans will have for you! The hop starts at 7 PM CST... Can't wait to see you there! I'm taking my project with me to my MIL's house to finish it off. I've been in such a down mood I hadn't worked on it! YIKES! Today I have some pep...so I'll take advantage of it. ;)

Here are the times I converted using an online time converter.

8 PM Eastern
7 PM Central
6 PM Mountain
5 PM Pacific
5 PM Alaska

For others...check this site out to see what time it'll be for you!


A K.I.S.S. from me on Farm Fresh Friday!

Hey all and welcome to another week at the Farm with a FRESH challenge! Today's challenge was to make a card and 'keep it simply shaped'...hence the K.I.S.S. No nesties or shapes were to be used to cut...just what you can make with your regular straight line trimmer! I had no problem with this one as I swing both ways...lol...shaped or straight! :P

I wont keep you long...so here's my card for the challenge! Hope to see you play! Remember to upload your challenge cards to the Galleria>Contests/Challenges>Farm Fresh Fridays>K.I.S.S.

Out of commission for a while...

Alrighty peeps! I will be out of commission for a bit and will ONLY be posting the true necessary. Things at home are just well...kinda down so I need to try some new ideas to help out the situation. I wont get much into it but will say it's actually made hubby break down and cry. I will post tomorrow for FFF but will probably be gone for maybe a week? Maybe less...I do need some distraction from this slump or else I'll break down crying as well and we can't have that. Sorry guys!



It's been crazy...but...

I still want to make sure I post if not daily...every other day. So here is a couple projects I worked on a couple weeks ago for a swap of a friend on SCS. The swap calls for using the Top Note die and so I signed up for 1 card spot and one ABAC spot. I really like how they both came out. :) IDK!


Hope you like and sorry for the lack of blah blah which I'm known and loved for...LMBO! :P Oh...and with these projects...there were no use for Copics or Prismas!!! *GASP* Don't worry...I'm ok!

BTW...check this out...I have yet more to unload! I added prices if interested in buying and a wishlist below for what I would like for trade. Stuff in my wishlist does NOT have to be new...but it must be of the same trade value more or less. Thanks!

Shipping for purchase depends on weight and zip...so let's CONVO on that!

MFT 'Call Me' $5 NIP
Two Scoops Rice Designs 'Sweet Set A' $10 NEW NEVER USED on cling
Rubbernecker DOGS 'Bulldog & The Perfect Cat is'...sentiment $5 BOTH
Stamp Oasis Little Lovin' 'It's A Secret' bears $3
Hanna Stamps 'Baseball Mini' (Hanna stamp used of 5) $6
" " 'Wedding Day' (Hanna stamp used of $8
" " 'Lazy Day' (Hanna stamp used of 5)
" " 'For The Soul' NIP $10 *PENDING*
Flourishes 'Thank You' set $12 (lrg. flower used of 6)
There She Goes 'She's A Lady' $12 (2 stamps used, one cut in 3 of 14)
" " " 'You're So Punny' $15 (4 stamps used of 17)
" " " 'Happy Day' $13 (3 stamps used of 17)*TRADED & MAILED*
Rusty Pickle 'Princess Pirate' $8 (from 2007-7 stamps used )
TAC '?Halloween Swirls/Flourishes?' (don't know exact name set of 6) $5 *PENDING*

TRADE WISHLIST: (trade pays own postage-*= most interested in)
Kraftin' Kimmie:

Sugar Nellie/Funky Kits:
Manga Fairy*
Manga Girl #2
Annie With Star
Girl With Scarf
Poinsettia Girl*
Pick Me*
Simon & Lola
Fingers Crossed
Rope Swing

Whiff of Joy:
Uru & Bird*
Uru & Candy Cane

email me at GabrielaArriaza at msn dot com