Hi guys!

Yes I'm still here only still busy! I didn't know I would be this busy...but OH WELL! I'd rather be busy than just sitting around not doing anything and thinking bad thoughts...lol! I haven't even created a card...can you believe that? I need to get on the ball and get some stuff done. Hopefully tonight I can spend some ME time.

In the mean time...look at what I made just for the heck of it! I don't know what's hit me...but lately I've been in a cooking/baking/confectionist mood. I guess it's all thanks to a site a friend of mine posted on her blog. This site is YUMMY and I know I'll get fatter from all this stuff...so if you don't intend on becoming of a rounder shape...DO NOT VISIT IT! LOL! The site is called bakerella.com. I warn you...do NOT click if you are on a diet of some sort...lol! For New Years Eve I plan on making some cake bites for my SIL...if we DO end up going.

Oscar pissed me off from Christmas by getting stoopid drunk and well...drunk people are just not my cup of tea. I saw too much alcohol abuse growing up I just can't have that. So I'm still iffy about going.

Anywho...I also wanted to extend and invitation to my new blog going LIVE on New Years Eve. It's called Son of a Stitch and it's gonna feature my new love for crocheting! So if you wanna sign up to read it...shoot me an email at GabrielaArriaza at msn dot com.!

Ok...that's it for now! I'll be seeing you real soon when I can actually stamp...lol!


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

YUMMO - those berries look tasty!! Lookin' forward to seeing the new blog - love the sassy name for it!! Too fun!

Michele L. said...

LOL. those berries look yummy!

i told u not to go to that site. it's the best and such easy directions too.

u have to try the choclate chip cookie in a brownie. OMG to die for and make sure u make her ganache!!!! u r going to cry!

Lorie said...

Hi Gabby!
I so enjoy your blog, and thanks for the link to Bakerella! I spent waaaay too much time there drooling and enjoying that site! Your strawberries look DELISH!! I would love to follow your new crochet blog. I'll email you.
Thanks so much!


Genetta said...

I absolutely love Bakerella myself. Such wonderful goodies. Can't wait for your new blog! Take care and hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Christi said...

OMG those looks SO good!!!