Inspiration Struck!

So I have been checking out some Inspirational Challenges over on SCS and I thought to myself...why not look around the house to see what can inspire you. After a while of looking around in the kitchen, restroom, kids rooms, etc....I went into my room to get my headache medicine from my dresser and decided...hmmm...maybe in here! Well, when I opened up a drawer, I saw this shirt that I haven't worn in a while! Right away, it hit me and I KNEW what I would make. Sometimes people hit creative funks and what not...but when that happens, walk around your home, maybe go shopping at look at clothing, dinerware, frames....ANYTHING to see what inspires YOU!

Here is what came from this inspiration! It was also a true challenge to me because I did 3 challenges in 1!

1. I wanted to try Sketch Challenge 143 over at SCS but had no idea what to come up with. Then 2. An idea grew from my shirt. and 3. I worked from a "One Sheet Wonder"! So once I got all of that clustered in my head, I thought...hmmm...I'll try ALL 3 TOGETHER! I sat down and created my OSW by stamping Wheathered, by Stampin' Up!, in Old Olive onto Mellow Moss cardstock. Then I stamped the "flourish" from Stampin' Up's Baroque Motifs set in Always Artichoke and "shadowed" it with Mellow Moss. Next I inked, more like "daubbed" the edges with Old Olive and proceeded to cut my pieces to make 2 cards for a swap. The layering was great! I had never used so many layers on one card and I truly loved the outcome! It was time consuming, BUT so worth the time! From the scraps left over, which weren't much, I made this:

This is a 3 X 3 "Kind" card I made using some left over scraps. I used True Thyme for the base and Certain Celery for the front. I then just layered the "scrap" onto a True Thyme scrap and then layered onto card. I stamped the medallion in Mellow Moss and the small flower in Always Artichoke. Kind was stamped using Old Olive.

Then I made this card using almost the same "layout" with the 3 X 3, except I added the corners using the last small piece of "scrap". The base card is Certain Celery and the "flourish" is stamped using Certain Celery as a "watermark" and Cherished was stamped using Always Artichoke.

Could you tell I kept in theme with all "greens"? I felt so serene making these! Now off too look for more inspiration!


Loving Bellas!

Just wanted to share my first ever Bella ALONG with a "studio" tutorial I tried out that was posted by Maria. In the midst of it getting cooler here, I'm once again trying to think of warmth...after when it was warm, I was thinking of cooler...I have battles within myself. LOL! I just ADORE these Bellas...because I wish I looked like them! Not the awfully skinny arms though...lol. I used a sketch from SCS as the basis for making this card. I love the triangle piecing to make the rectangle background. I ran the full fronts first before cutting them, thru my Cuttlebug. Isn't she just a cutie? I have more Bellas I've worked with. They are below! Take a look!

Here are my other Bellas!

This TeachaBella was made for one of my DD's teachers. The ribbon loops on the side of the image held a pencil. According to my DD, she loved her card and still has it in her classroom when my DD went to visit her one day during nutrition.
This Tri-Fold Bella was made just for fun. I believe I ended up making one for a birthday of a friend and another for my SIL's birthday. She was real fun to work with since I'm a "Cosmo Girl". *wink*
And of course, this Causea/AwarenessBella was made for a 19 year old young girl suffering from bone cancer. Read more about it HERE!

I'll be making some more Bellas and will also start featuring more cards made with images from OTHER than Stampin' Up.

Stamper of the week!

This weeks featured stamper is Julie Ericksen! I received this beautiful card from her from a "Monochromatic Brown" swap I had over at my MSN cardmaking group. This card is amazing! I had always wanted to create such a beautiful scenery card like this with my Stampscapes but never acheived such beauty and sold my stamps on eBay. Julie has featured cards on the Stampscapes site, check out some of her Stampscapes work HERE! If it doesn't take you straight to her gallery, just search on the left hand column for Ericksen, Julie. Beautiful job Julie...very exquisite! Thanks for swapping with me.

Please check back next Tuesday for the next featured stamper!


Random "Randy" Stamper

Ok...so I'm a little out there with my title right? Well, I'm in a "little out there" mood and the kids are watching Austin Powers...lol. Anywho, I wanted to share this AWESOME Paper Bag Card made by a good friend of mine, Joani McDonald. I was the lucky recipient of this card from her group Cards Made By Hand in which I joined her "Paper Bag" swap. It's displayed on my desk because I like playing with the spinny thingy...lol. It's also great to display such a great card! What a great mix of sets for this one huh?

You can visit her group and maybe join if you're interested, Cards Made By Hand...she's a great leader!

Thanks Joani for such a rockin' card!!!


Card for Anne

As I had mentioned before in a previous post, about a young lady by the name of Anne who is suffering a battle with bone cancer and isn't motivated to continue her chemo theraphy. Well I finished my card I'm sending off to her. I was stuck as what to say or what to make as I didn't want to make a "sympathy" card...I want to motivate her, not make her feel as though she's gone. Anyways, I decided to use this beautiful poem I found on a card made on SCS. It says:

What Cancer Cannot Do
It cannot cripple.....LOVE
It canot shatter.....HOPE
It cannot corrode.....FAITH
It cannot destroy.....PEACE
It cannot kill.....FRIENDSHIP
It cannot suppress.....MEMORIES
It cannot silence.....COURAGE
It cannot invade the.....SOUL
It cannot steal.....ETERNAL LIFE
It cannot conquer the.....SPIRIT
It cannot make YOU give up on LIVING!

Hopefully you that follow my blog will take some time out and make a card that can possible make a difference. I know there are tons of people out there who are in need of more, and if I could help them all I would, but I guess one step at a time. Wait until I become President.....:)

Supplies used:
Bashful Blue & Summer Sun cardstock from SU
Bon Bon DP from Marcella by K.
AwarenessBella from StampaBella
Lg. Prima flower
Mega circle punch by Marvy


My Daughter is at it AGAIN!

So I was so inspired and really hyped up this morning to make cards and what not, but then things got in the way of that (running errands, paying bills, etc...) and then it was time to pick up my son from school, the pick up Elvira (my DD), and then go back to my DS's school for parent conference... Well when we got home I was tired...I didn't mention we went to wash my tank (AKA my Expedition) and well...where was I...right, I got home tired and just wanted to chill when my DD decided she would finally break out the sets she wanted to use for her card for a swap in my group. She had sketched it out and it looked kind of weird and complicated (that's just who she is!), but when I saw it all come together, I was WOWED!!! My DD sure takes my breath away at some of her work! To think she's only 11!!! I've seen a HUGE transformation from her style. Just look at what she made for this pink & black swap!!! There was A LOT of cutting...that I had to do since she sprained a finger during physical ed. She got her inspiration while watching Cinderella! Yup...the "flourishes" are suppose to be the body of the carriage, the pumpkin, well of course, the Princess seat, and the medallions, tires/wheels. What a clever DD of mine! The pumpkin is covered with pink glitter, but you can't see that because I just took this picture a few minutes ago and it's already dark out. Now if only she would learn to do her own "watermark/signature"! Well, no, then she would out do me! Yikes!

Supplies used: (all Stampin' Up! unless mentioned differently)
Basic Black & Cameo Coral cardstock
Cool Cat, Baroque Motifs, Autumn Harvest, & Curvy Verses stamps sets
Versamark Ink
Black & Pink EP from CopperKate (eBay)
Pink glitter from Stampendous
Brads (unknown)


Cards for a cause!

I'm an avid Split Coast Stamper subscriber and I came across something to sad while looking at cards made from Rox's great sketches.....there is this girl who is 19 in Canada in need of some kind words, support, and encouragement. Let me copy and paste what is said about her by a great lady who decided to start this great cause.


PLEASE READ!!!! Abmurray's neice need some support

Please take a moment and read this post about Ann's (abmurray) 19 yr old neice. She has been battling bone cancer for some time now. She has had her femur replaced with a rod and 1/3 of her quad muscle removed as well. They can't account for 5-10% of the cancer so they decided to extend the chemo, but she has apparently had enough. Her parents have talked to her and were able to convinced her to extend the first time, but she isn't budging this time. This is an extremely difficult situation for anyone let alone 19 yr old girl who hasn't had a chance to live out her life to the fullest yet. I am posting this thread in hopes of getting cards send to her to lift her spirits and hopefully convince her to continue the chemo...Please send cards that are uplifting and encouraging... I know there are quite a few requests out there for other RAK's but how long does it really take to make just 1 more and get it in the mail? Please stop and take the time to send this young lady a few words of hope and encouragement. I also know she has shown an interest in card making but hasn't really started... Please feel free to stamp a few images and send them as well... If she continues her chemo, maybe this would be something she can do to pass the time a little faster and happier.

Thank you so very much in advance...Cards can be mailed directly to Ann's niece at

Anne Murray

192 MetcalfeGarson,



You can find the story at Split Coast Stampers HERE!


I'm getting ready to spread the word to my groups. Let's shower this young lady with lots of support and encouragement. I'm gonna be active in this because it's hit close to home. My uncle Sal also has bone cancer and he is just so stubborn and doesn't want any chemo anymore and our whole family on my moms side (he's my moms baby brother) and his children are really hurting because he is constantly in pain and in a ruddy mood. He use to stand 6' and now he's almost down a foot of how bad his cancer is. We're just praying it doesn't get worst than it already is...or worst yet. So please, take a couple of minutes, or however long it takes you to make 1 (ONE) card, and send it on it's way.


Shopping spree!!

Ok...so I need to brag a little bit about my shopping spree this morning! I went to Target to make an account payment and somehow *wink* ended up in the scrapbooking section!!! How did that happen? *gasp* Since I have a DESIGNER PAPER FETISH(aside from stamps that is)...I came out of the store like a bandit (and $135 poorer LMBO) and made out with these goodies!!

The first 2 packages of paper on the top left are from Making Memories. The rest of the paper packages are from Autumn Leaves. Maria, from Card Inspired, introduced me to Autumn Leaves when she sent me a gift for being QOTM (queen of the month) in my group, of clear stamps. They are great! So I then found these great stamps on sale by Autumn Leaves and picked me up a bunch. I also got some paper flowers from Marcella by K, they were the only package left so who was I to leave it alone? LOL! Then I also got some funky Halloween fibers and chipboard buttons from Making Memories. The Cards & Wood Stamps box is for my current QOTM (queen of the month) along with doubles of the Autumn Leaves stamps I got plus an acrylic block. I hope she likey! ;)

Stamper of the week!

This weeks featured stamper is Maria of Card Inspired! I received this beautiful card from her from a "Fall" swap I had over at my MSN cardmaking group. This womans work is amazing! Check out her blog, Card Inspired, to look at some more of her yummy work! She is such an inspiration to me.

This technique is called "Polished Stone" and can be found HERE at Split Coast Stampers.

Find any broken links? Please contact me about them at GabrielaArriaza@msn.com. Thanks!

Stay tuned next Tuesday for the weeks featured stamper!


It runs in the family!

Since I am not really in a cardmaking mood...*GASP...I decided I would upload some of my DD'S (who's 11) work. I'm feeling yucky and have a headache, so I asked my DD if it would be ok if I uploaded some of her work on my blog, and of course she was more than happy for me to share her work. I had to text her at school...lol. It's her nutrition period so I doubt any teacher was bothered.

This card was for a Valentine's Day swap. This was one of her favorite sets, but now that she's 'growing up", she is more into my "flourishes" stamps. Monkey See, Monkey Do!

This is one she made for a Halloween swap last year. This is yet another set she loved but now just sits on the backburner for me to use...*sigh*.

This one was for an ATC to card swap. She created the ATC first and then was to make the card revolving around the image. I love this stamp! I won it for her on eBay...yes, she's addicted to eBay too!

Wow...what can I say about this card she made. I was blown away by it because I haven't tried this masking and daubbing technique! This was for a silhouette swap and as she sat with me to make our cards, I noticed she grabbed my dauber and wondered what in the world was she gonna do. Well when I saw her punch out a circle with my Giga punch and then used the negative, I knew she was about to do some masking. For an 11 year old...it is phenomenal.
Well...my headache is coming on stronger. I'm sorry I had a lame update...lol. I'll do better once I've gotten some sleep in and don't feel as "dopey".


Split Coast Stampers INSPIRES!

Well thanks to Rox & Beate from Split Coast Stamper I made this "busy" but great card that really challenged me. I'm not use to making these so called "busy" cards or even ROUND cards at that. It sure was an inspiration to see what others made. You can find this challenge HERE.

I knew I would love it so much....I made 2!!! My hands hurt from all the cutting and what not, but in the end, it was SO worth it.
Sketch from Beate from Spilt Coast Stampers!

I challenge YOU to try it out! Send me a scan or picture of your work, and I will feature it here on my blog. First person to submit you challenge will be the winner of this challenge, so get to working! The winner will receive a goodie sack! Now I know we all love goodies! Email me at GabrielaArriaza@msn.com with the title "Circle w/Circles Challenge".

Supplies Used: (all Stampin' Up unless stated differently)
Stamps: True Friend
Cardstock: Wild Wasabi, Groovy Guava, Bungalow DP by Marcella By K.
Ink: Wild Wasabi, Groovy Guava, & Always Artichoke
Tools & Embellishments: Round Coluzzle, Foil stickers (a gift from my girl Nic), D'Vine Swirls Cuttlebug Folder, Cuttlebug, Giga Scalloped Punch by Marvy, Mega Round Punch by Marvy, Guava brad (non SU), & Old Olive ribbon.


Wow....my Anti-Procrastination is paying off!

I can't believe my anti-procrastination "resolution" is paying off! These cards aren't due until 10/06 and I am so ready to mail them off!!! I am seriously besides myself! Hopefully I can keep it up so I wont do that last minute cards anymore. Phew....

Here is my card for the "New Technique" swap my other right hand lady, Sonya, for my MSN group is hosting. It is a "Criss Cross" card technique that can be found at Split Coast Stampers HERE.
This is how the card looks like with the insert.

And here it is with the insert taken out.

I am loving Stampin' Up's designer paper. This one is called Creepy Crawly. I also combined a couple of Stampin' Up sets. The sets used are Autumn Apparitions (Happy Halloween), Party Punch (Happy Halloween Cat), & Priceless (both large & small swirls).

Also here I finished up this card for another swap hosted by Sonya called Pink & Black.

I really loved the outcome of this one. I hadn't used my "Swirly" wheels from Stampin' Up and thought I would combine it here. I stamped the Stipple Butterfly from Stampin' Up onto acetate sheet and used black fine detail embossing powder and trimmed closely around it. I used glue dots to "glue" it down and then added another glue dot to each wing and gave it a "lift" for dimension. The wheels are called: Baroque Border (the narrow one) & So Swirly (the wider one). A note about my wheels: I UN-MOUNT MINE! *gasp* I'm not a great roller, I can't roll to save my life, so I unmounted my wheels and use an acrylic block when I stamp. I'll post a tutorial later for those interested in unmounting their wheels.

Until then....thanks for looking!


Finally caught up on swaps

So I finally caught up on my swaps and here they are.

~Mouse Swap Card~

~Brown Paper Bag Swap Card~




Now on to finish my current swaps......*sigh*

In Rememberance 9/11

God Bless America, Land That I Love,
Stand beside her, and guide her....
God Bless ALL! May today be a day of rememberance of not only those lives that were lost, but also for the lives saved.
Today I plan on spending a quiet day crafting and watching TV and in the evening, go outside and light a candle with my kids and say a prayer for those who suffered this horrible day 6 years ago.


Stampin' Up! Fall Frenzy Special

I haven't mentioned I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, huh? Well, here is my chance to introduce myself as one by presenting SU's Fall Frenzy special!

For those that don't know, Stampin' Up! has a new "Fall Frenzy" special for the month of September:
Spend $30 in regular priced merchandise and qualify to purchase one of the eight promotional stamp sets at 30 percent off!

Item Page # Description Discounted Price
105355 26 Bitty Boos Too $17.47
109284 29 Haunting Halloween $18.17
107383 30 Thoroughly Thankful $22.37
109373 108 Autumn Fest $23.07
109421 91 Elementary Essentials $27.27
110366 17 Stem Silhouettes* $30.77

*Holiday Mini Collection 2007

Also, if you would like to become a demostrator, you can also contact me or your local demonstrator for further information. Stampin' Up! is now offering the below:

Choose Your Family Promotion

Between Grandma Louise (who drips with sweetness) and your oh-so-suave brother, Vic, you know that in life you can't choose your own family. But at Stampin' Up!, we've found a way to bend the rules so you can!

Purchase the Starter Kit between August 10 and September 30, and you'll get to pick the family of your choice-color family, that is-of Classic Stampin' Pads® FREE. That's a $57.95 value! And we've designed our exclusive coordinating color families (including our In Color collection) so that every color fits in. After all, it's all in the family!

Contact your demonstrator or locate one near you to find out more!

To contact me, email me at GabrielaArriaza@msn.com