Loving Bellas!

Just wanted to share my first ever Bella ALONG with a "studio" tutorial I tried out that was posted by Maria. In the midst of it getting cooler here, I'm once again trying to think of warmth...after when it was warm, I was thinking of cooler...I have battles within myself. LOL! I just ADORE these Bellas...because I wish I looked like them! Not the awfully skinny arms though...lol. I used a sketch from SCS as the basis for making this card. I love the triangle piecing to make the rectangle background. I ran the full fronts first before cutting them, thru my Cuttlebug. Isn't she just a cutie? I have more Bellas I've worked with. They are below! Take a look!

Here are my other Bellas!

This TeachaBella was made for one of my DD's teachers. The ribbon loops on the side of the image held a pencil. According to my DD, she loved her card and still has it in her classroom when my DD went to visit her one day during nutrition.
This Tri-Fold Bella was made just for fun. I believe I ended up making one for a birthday of a friend and another for my SIL's birthday. She was real fun to work with since I'm a "Cosmo Girl". *wink*
And of course, this Causea/AwarenessBella was made for a 19 year old young girl suffering from bone cancer. Read more about it HERE!

I'll be making some more Bellas and will also start featuring more cards made with images from OTHER than Stampin' Up.

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Maria said...

Well Gabby. . .your Bellas are a bunch of sexy chicks. Love your studio by the way.

Your cards are beatiful and I really love the different layouts and color combos that you used.

You've been churning out the posts! Great job. Your blog is great!