Random "Randy" Stamper

Ok...so I'm a little out there with my title right? Well, I'm in a "little out there" mood and the kids are watching Austin Powers...lol. Anywho, I wanted to share this AWESOME Paper Bag Card made by a good friend of mine, Joani McDonald. I was the lucky recipient of this card from her group Cards Made By Hand in which I joined her "Paper Bag" swap. It's displayed on my desk because I like playing with the spinny thingy...lol. It's also great to display such a great card! What a great mix of sets for this one huh?

You can visit her group and maybe join if you're interested, Cards Made By Hand...she's a great leader!

Thanks Joani for such a rockin' card!!!


grandmascraps said...

Good morning Gaby. I am up a little early today and I had time to really look at your blog. You have ssome great stuff on here. I particularily like the card for Anne. I volunteer at Hospice and would love to show this to the breavement office. I think they would really like it. Thanks so much for sharing it. Having lost both my parents to cancer I really think this card speaks to how someone lives with cancer.. Great job.

grandmascraps said...
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