My final Saturday with JUGs!

Hey you guys...first off I want to thank you all for your words and prayers during these trying moments of mine. I feel like I've put you guys already through so much of my crying that I'm actually a bit embarrassed BUT very gracious for all your kind words. What's my crying gonna get me right? Well...I read that somewhere and I thought about it. My answer to that question is...PRAYERS FROM FRIENDS. I am the type of person who's open and confess some stuff about me...but I don't do it for pity or for any gain...I do it because I don't want to feel alone. My family hasn't been there for me...I no longer have my mom to talk to...so what else do I have where I can let me feelings out but blogland with my blog friends. If someone doesn't like that or doesn't think I'm "OK" doing this...you don't have to read and you don't have to comment. See...your prayers and kind words have actually lifted my spirits. After reading comments...I feel I can go on and regain my lost Faith and see a light down the tunnel. I'm seeing more clearly and feel the warmth in my heart. I know I can get though it...with all your thoughts and prayers. THANK YOU!

Now on to this weeks challenge from the girls at JUGs. This week's Wild Card challenge is to make a pennant banner. I have never made one of these...ever...and being down...well the outcome wasn't great. I made it after I got up from a nap after having a little dream about my little girl being in a forest playing with birds. I know...it sounds beautiful! I just wish I could remember it all! It was gonna spell out LIZ but I couldn't find a Z so I just used her first 3 letters in her name. I call her Eli too sometimes. Anywho...I hope it's "OK"...my little sight for sore eyes...lol.

So this is my last week with the girls at JUGs. It was an awesome trip and I thank you guys! You're not getting rid of me just yet though...I'll be around playing with the challenges when I can. Truly though...it was an awesome month! You girls are amazing and I wont forget my time with you all...HUGS all around!

Ok girls...I am gonna end this one short. I just really don't feel blabby like other times. Gonna get up early and go try to find a job...again. Hopefully I have better luck this time around. *crossing fingers*



My blogging days may soon come to a stop very soon

It is with heavy heart to let you guys know that things as well as they were looking for us...just took a turn for the not so good. I'm not exactly sure when all this abrupt stop will happen...but I do know it's very soon....as in maybe mid February soon if not earlier. Our finances were just hit hard and I wont go into detail...but we are no longer gonna be able to afford internet service or anything like this for a while. $#!t...we can barely afford groceries sometimes! I'm honestly not sure what's even gonna happen after mid February. I see us losing our house though that's for sure...and with rents so high here...we may end up looking at a shelter for a while. You can't even imagine how hard it is for me to say this...but if I keep it in...I'll go insane. I can't even think straight right now...so if all this isn't making sense...then I do apologize. I've tried my best to help hubby with looking for a job...but I come up dry. I've tried selling my stuff...but nothing is selling anymore...with just a few things though that have sold. I'm sorry you guys...I'm just lost right now and don't know what to do or who to turn to. After my mom's passing...even my family left my side. I'll be honest in saying that I've lost my faith. I don't know what or to who to pray to anymore...I've just about prayed for everything and to everyone and everywhere. In the time I've written this much...I've already gone to vomit and cry. I need to compose myself though...much more now for my kids. I sure hope that this recent blow is just a bad nightmare and I'll be waking up at any moment now... Why do bad things happen to good people? I know a couple bad people...and trust me they're bad...and they don't have not one problem...why? I've been generous to friends in the past when they were in need...I'm always being friendly to people and give friends my heart. So if this is my "karma" coming back to me...I wonder where I went wrong. I don't remember doing anything bad to anyone. Hell...I'm just rambling on about something I'm sure you don't want to hear. I know I'm not the only one with problems...others have it worst...I just wanted to let you know what was going on in case you weren't to see from me anymore...or at least for a long time. I hope this deal can get better and I can take this post back...but in the meantime...I'll be on edge trying to sort things out.

Thanks for listening...and I'm sorry I have to lay it on you...yet once again. I don't blame you if you're tired of me...

Things that have recently sold will be headed out the door tomorrow with just one exception...I'll get that one out very soon. So if you don't hear from me soon...just know I either no longer have internet or...I don't know...but I'll find a way to get in contact with you.

Now I'm gonna go lay down and cry...

EDIT TO POST: To my design teams...I will be making my projects needed to fulfill my DT duties and I will email them to you... I'll contact you though if I do need time off or to resign if need be. Crafting is my only stress releasing outlet and if I DON'T stamp...then I don't know what will become of me.

CHA Relay Day 3!

If you're here for the Bombshell HOP...scroll down for the next post...thanks!

Well hello you guys! Second post for today and that's about it...for today! LOL! Yesterday I posted 3 or 4 so I wont flood you with more. Just wanted to show you my card made for the continued CHA Relay. I've made it this far but I'm afraid I may be ending my run soon. My printer is running out of ink and I'm about to cry! :( That's why I'm selling some of my stuff in hopes I can make enough to at least buy some black ink. Speaking of...if you wanna check out my stuff for sale...go HERE!

Now onto my card! I made this baby with a head cold! I'm not 100% happy with it...but I do like it. FIRST...I was in a rush to print him that I miscalculated the size and made him a bit too big for what I had in mind. THEN I resized him...and mind you to the size I needed him...and it printed out faded. :( UGH gimme a break! So in the end...after about 4 hours...I came up with this! Next time I'll try taking some DayQuil BEFORE I attempt to work on anything with a cold. Dang California rain! BUT enough of my whining...I hope it's OK! After all...I love this little guy already and I'm happy I've gotten THIS far in the relay. Now I'm crossing my fingers to have enough ink to print out the next image as soon as I get it. *crossing fingers*

Alright...back to crocheting some stuff to sale. I'm making a bunny that's seriously kicking my butt because my fingers tend to cramp up when I'm working with tight stitches like the ones needed for Amigurumi. *OUCH* Hasta manana!


Bombshell Stamps Hump Day HOP!

It's that time again for the Bombshells to GET HOPPING again!!!

Hello ladies and welcome to another Bombshell Stamps HOP! Today we are to alter anything we have in the home and of course use any Bombshell Stamps to alter. PLEASE feel free to play along if you own some Bombshells. If you don't...you can always go shopping HERE! ;)

I was lacking SERIOUS creativity so I ended up altering a frame I had bought a LONG time ago that was looking a reason to be used. Well...I grabbed it and decided...this needs to be altered. I printed out a picture of my momma...rest her soul...and make it HER! Everything on this frame is stuff my mom really loved. Roses...the color red...birds (of all kinds)...and most of all...she liked to "dress up" hence the ribbon with red Stickles.

Then some time ago Shannon sent me this AMAZING foam skull...well2 of them...and I decided to alter this one for Dia De Los Muertos. I had it on my moms tomb for a day and brought it home. All the cemetery would do is either take it for them (the cleaners) or throw it away and I just couldn't let than happen. So I brought it home and it's on my moms altar. :) Here are my kids on Dia De Los Muertos! Thanks Shannon!

LOOK at the goodies you could win!!!

So remember to be in the draw for a chance to win these goodies leave comments on the Bombshell girls blogs (the more comments the more entries you get!)

OR you could play along with our January Sketch Competition. See Details HERE!

ALSO...don't forget I have a Bombshell Blog Candy going on! Go HERE for the deets! I draw a name on my birthday...so post your comment before Feb. 1st at midnight...that's the cut off! Then come back on Feb. 2nd for the winner!

Now go HOP!!!!!













Miss Magoo

Added some shtuff to my sale

Hi! I've just added some stuff to my stuff for sale! Check it out to see if anything interests you...I'd really appreciate it.

click the banner above to take you there!

I'll probably end up adding more as I need to make some much needed money.

CHA Relay Day 2!

If you're here for Tuesday Morning Sketches...
please scroll down to the next post!

Woo hoo...I made it to day TWO of The Greeting Farms CHA Relay! If you missed the first one...I'm so sorry...so far it's been loads of fun! When I saw the new digi after Mer Ian...Charlotte...OMG I just about jumped out my seat at how FREAKIN' CUTE she looked! So when I got her in my inbox...I was ecstatic! I printed her out and colored her and then came back later to put together the card once the kids were home from school and settled in. What fun is this little diva! She reminds me of my adorable and SO SASSY 2 year old niece. She has that "talk to the hand" attitude when she's not having it with you...lol.

Aren't those paper flowers DELISH? I had seen them around being used but always wondered how they were made. Then the AWESOME Mercy made a tutorial on how to make them and so I HAD to make some right away. Thanks Mercy!

Also another THANK YOU to Suzanne Dean and her video tutorial on coloring ethnic skin. My last attempt at African American skin SUCKED. Now Charlotte actually looks like my niece...a Mexican/African American mix. :) Hey...I can also use this card for Copic Creations challenge blog! :D

Ok...I'll let you go now!

Tuesday Morning Sketches Challenge!

Hey there and welcome to another round of Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge! Today Melissa has a great sketch for you that we hope you enjoy! I know I did! It was a bit challenging being the image I was given to work with. Don't get me wrong...I loved the image...but OMG it really challenged me to see how I would make it work...lol! This image was provided by this weeks sponsor who is Lindsay of Lindsay's Stamp Stuff.

When it finally hit me what I wanted to make of it...that little light bulb lit up and WHAM...there it was and I loved the outcome! Talk about being hit over the head with a hot light bulb on a major mojo malfunction...LMBO!

Ok...so run over to Tuesday Morning Sketches to play along! Also make sure to visit the rest of the DT to see what they've been up to!

Can't wait to see what YOU make!

LATE Makeup For The Weekend #13...LATE

Hello! Just wanted to make sure I posted the card I made for Paper Makeups Makeup For The Weekend challenge. Ever since my whole anxiety drama I have been SO far behind on stuff. Now that I'm feeling much better I'm trying my best to catch up. So here is my card for the challenge which was a sketch!

I used Caliope with a Heart for this card. I hadn't used this cutie since last year for some Valentine treat bags and I missed him. I had so much fun inking him up and having to look at that ADORABLE face!!! My mojo was failing bad when I made this card so I'm not 100% happy with it...but I do like it!

So not too much blah blah...there are other posts to come after...lol...thanks for stopping by!


Monday Mania and CHA Relay!

Hey guys and Happy Monday? I don't know...I asked because I'm SO NOT a Monday person. I dislike Mondays with a passion...lol! Give me Saturday and I'm one happy girl! :P Anywho...I do like the fact that Club Anya has Manic Monday...why...because it's a challenge day silly! What better way to start off the week than a Club Anya challenge! I haven't really been able to participate in all of them since Club Anya & Friends kicked off...but I do hope this whips me into shape to play when possible. I've missed some really good ones too!

Well...today is MY turn to challenge YOU! WHAT? I was contacted by Jessica if I wanted to do a Monday...so DUH...of course I do! I'm a HUGE BIG fan of ALL things The Greeting Farm...but Anya is what first reeled me in to this company! :D So Club Anya & Friends for me is the place to be!

For my challenge...you're to make a card or project with the color challenge/inspiration I've provided AND to use pearls! Pretty simple right? Plus the color combo is delicious...and not to mention the inspiration picture USED to bring out the color combo! So here is my sample to give some inspiration! Can't wait to see what's created! Go to Club Anya for more info!

Now as all fans of The Greeting Farm know...TGF is having a challenge contest! {Go HERE to see the details of it} First challenge is to use a VERY NEW digi (ONLY available to those who participate) image called Mer Ian! OMG when I saw him I got all excited and got to work IMMEDIATELY on him! Mermaid Anya has a boyfriend now...lol...and right before Valentines too! Don't want her to be in the sea all lonely now do we? :P

Ok I think I've done enough BLAH BLAH for today. Feeling a bit shaky so I'm gonna go chill for a bit. I'll be back tomorrow with Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge! :D

P.S. I want to thank everyone who has left comments and sent me emails for the get well wishes. I'm happy that you, that also have or had anxiety and panic attacks, CAN relate and understand. I don't feel alone! MOSTLY, I don't feel insane that it's just me...lol. ;) It's hard living with my hubby and kids NOT understanding what it's like. They have NO idea how scary and horrible they can be. The worst thing about my hubby is his common phrase..."RELAX"! Yeah...if I could relax wouldn't I be able to NOT have them?! UGH! That's NOT what I want to hear when I'm shaking and hyperventilating and cramping up...SO NOT fun! SOOOOO...a big shaky hug to you all!


My Time Made Easy At JUGs with a Sneak Peek or two!

Wow...I feel all giddy as I post this! As you may have read in a past post about my AWE with Lauren's stuff...mostly her AH-MAZING templates and FABULICIOUS talent... Well I'm giddy because I get to work with some of her new stuff being released on Monday, February 1st! Just a day before my birthday! So Happy Birthday To Me! LOL!

Ok you guys...this template if tons of fun because the dress up posibilities are endless! Since it's close to Valentines Day...I made mine a love box! :D OMG and not to mention the cute Critters With Heart stamps ALSO releasing on the 1st at the My Time Made Easy shop... Miss Lauren is a proud momma to!

So this weeks challenge is sponsored by none other than Lauren and has some SWEET BLOG CANDY! She has a $25 gift certificate to the MTME store to one of our participants! Awesome right? You may want to use it to get some of her stamps, templates, or maybe some digital paper put together by both Lauren AND our JUGs girl Kristin!

We (the DT) are each suppose to create a project using the template Happy Mail (releasing 2/01) AND use the stamp set Critters with Heart (also releases 2/01). Here is what I came up with! I tried using Kristin's DP but OMG my ink is so low...I'm resorting to rubber right now...lol. So no digi stuff for me for a bit. I used the CUTE raccoon who just happens to be a heart thief! Notice the jailhouse stripes? LOL! He's got all the stolen hearts captured in the Happy Mail box! I stamped him 3 times to get the desired dimension and surrounded him with flowers (I think he's trying to hide?)! This little box is fully functionable and SO easy to assemble!

Well...that's it for me! Hope to see you play along (details below) and make sure to check out what the AMAZING design team has in store for you! I can't express how thankful I am for being part of their AMAZING team. January is almost over...BUT I will most definitely not forget my time with JUGs! After this Saturday I only have one more Saturday left :(. Thanks again ladies! You're all gems!

Now...in order for you to participate...Lauren has a FREEBIE template you can download called Cutesy Cover to use for your creation OR you can also play along with a template of your own...just make it 3D. Hope you play along with us this week! If you do, leave a link to your creation at the JUGs challenge blog under Mr. Linky! Make sure you type in JUGS17 when uploading to an online gallery like Spiltcoast Stampers and link up to the JUGs blog. Bloggers...head on over to the JUGs challenge blog and link up your project (not just your blog...but your blog post for this challenge...makes it easier for us to find your creation) to Mr. Linky. Remember...to be entered to be Chic Of The Week...you must link your card by Thursday, January 28th by or before 9:00 PM EST!

Sorry I went missing!

Hey peeps! Sorry I went missing for a bit! I have been laying low to rest as sleeplessness has been causing my anxiety attacks. I have had yet 2 more since Monday and I'm scheduled to go see my doctor on the 28th. She wants to run some tests to see what the underlying problem REALLY is. She said she doesn't like how I cramp up all over. So I'm nervous just at THAT to see what's going on and what my diagnonsense is...no...that is NOT a type-O...lol. Ok...I'm gonna do a little crocheting and then some stamping to play catch up. I'm bummed I'm not going to CHA and I only live MINUTES away! Oh well...I think it's good I stay behind because of my anxiety. I seem to have a mild case of social anxiety as well. Geez I'm screwed up bad huh? Alright...I'll be talkin' to ya later!



Bombshell Wednesday Show Off AND BLOG CANDY!!!

***Blog Candy now closed***

Hey you! I'm late huh? Well it's been raining and it's cold so I didn't want to get out of bed...lol! Still...I tossed the nice warm fluffy blankets off and brushed my teeth and made me some coffee and having a biscotti with it and here I am still in jammies posting this! :D I forgot to post this last night to auto post...I was having another anxiety episode...so I took my Ativan and went to sleep. Still...better late than never right? Plus I have to post my blog candy too...lol!

In honor of my 33rd birthday coming up on Groundhog Day...Feb. 2nd for those who don't know about Groundhog Day...I wanted to give you...my winner...MY birthday gift! :) I forgot to take a picture of what's in the offering...so I'll let you know and I'll take a pic later when *hopefully* the sun comes out? If not...I'll still shine my OTT on it! Oh wait...nevermind! I took a pic and it came out decent enough...lol!

First my Bombshell card for today! It's actually for 3 challenges!
Challenge #1 Copic Creations : Ethnic Skin
Challenge #2 Cute Card Thursday : Pink & Grey
and last challenge...which I'm late on...
Challenge #3 Sweet Sketch Wednesday

Now for the blog candy I have this:

1 full unmounted sheet stamp set of Mermaid Treasure AWESOMELY donated by Shannon of Bombshell Stamps! TY Shannon boss!
1 6 x 6 sampler of SU's Rockabilly DP!
1 bag of clear baubles (like dew drops)
ribbon spool

and other stuff from my stash!

I know it's not much...but it's a gift from me to the winner just for being awesome and stopping by!

Now...what do you have to do to qualify to win?

1. If you're not already a follower..follow me...BUT only if you really want to...not just for the candy! If you like my blog...you'll follow reguardless! I'm sorry if I just confused you...lol! I tend to do that a lot!

2. Take the picture and post it on your blog sidebar or make a small announcement of my candy anywhere on your blog.


3. Leave me a comment AND let me know WHICH BOMBSHELL would you be from the line of Bombshell Stamps sets if you could pick one!

International friends are WELCOME to play! :)

That's it! I'll pick a winner winner chicken dinner on my birthday...February 2nd!

Have an awesome Hump Day!

Now I'm going back to my warm bed...lol!


Holy crap...I'll be offline!


We have a tornado WARNING...HERE IN LA!!! WTF? So I'll be offline as we're suppose to stay away from all windows. Pray it skips LA or goes away in full! I'm scared...gonna go pick up the kids from school!

Whew thank God it only side swiped up! We only got the outskirts of it with just some heavy down pour. That was weird though...You don't see tornadoes in Southern California do you? I mean in all 32 years I've been here...I've never heard of one. Anywho...that was storm 2 of 3 to come. Tomorrow is expected to be a bigger storm that today...and it really rained a lot! Now we're just hearing faint thunder and distant flashes of lightning. Let's see how interesting it gets tonight. :S Here are some pics to share.

We were watching the news and other places got it bad with hail and overturned cars with the "typical" side curtain rain.

Anywho...I have some stuff for sale if you wanna check it out! I have a link below my header! Thanks in advance! Now I'm headed to the living room floor with the kids to "relax"...or so HOPE so! It's easier to say it than do it...lol!

Tuesday Morning Sketches Challenge #29

Hello and welcome to another week in Tuesday Morning Sketches! YAY! I love Tuesdays...lol! Today Melissa has a very sweet and simple sketch! It's perfect for those CAS cards! I'm getting kinda reeled in, in making these! LOL! Still...I love my layers and added shtuff! LOL! So here we go again...it's back to a sketch this week! Let's see what you make of it! Remember to play along by leaving your actual blog post link under Mr. Linky at the Tuesday Morning Sketches blog! Can't wait to see what you come up with! BTW...this weeks sponsor is Pez-A-Doodle!

Here is my card! I decided to use buttons from my ever large stash of buttons that NEED to be used...lol. Sentiment is from the Heartfelt Sentiments set from Sweet 'n Sassy.

No too much chatter today...yesterday afternoon I ended up going to the ER with a serious case of anxiety attack (in which I thought I was having a heart attack). It was so bad that I was cramping and was in danger of getting a facial paralysis. I was given an Ativan shot to calm me and relax my nerves so I was told to just relax and home and try not to do anything stressful. But of course I can't...now I'm stressing because I feel I'm gonna have to sell some more of my stamps I just can't part with but may have to, to pay back $100 for the ER co-pay. And then the family wonder why I effin' stress so much! Well...now if my family reads this...they'll see why! Ok...I'm felling stressed out so I'll end it here and go try to chilax for my own health! Thanks for listening and sorry for bursting out like that! I'm just having a moment! Thanks a million for putting up with my bipolar self... Hope the happy Gabby comes back again and REALLY SOON! I hate the B I am right now.


A special digi for Baylee...a new angel in heaven...

Hey guys...I'm just basically doing a copy and paste from a very special post by Katie of Paper Makeup Stamps on a charity digi now available for sale. Read on to get the full story. Thank you so much in advance from this Paper Makeup girl! Click on the image to take you directly to the digi. But first read on...

It's not a new thing to mention that Charity is an important aspect of life to me. Honestly, I think that if you receive good fortune in life, it is out of respect to God who gave you that fortune to help others who might need help. There are so many ways to provide an act of charity to help someone. Often times, financial assistance can help someone get thru a hard time because it's one part they wont need to worry about as much.

This is where Paper Makeup Stamps has often stepped in doing charity stamps. When you purchase a charity stamp or image, all proceeds from the sale all go directly to the designated charity.

Recently, Paper Makeup Stamps was contacted by 2 friends (Carole Chesser and Ashley Newell) about a sweet girl named Baylee Tadlock. At the age of 9 months, Baylee was diagnosed with Leigh's Syndrome. Leigh's Syndrome is a metabolic-mitochondrial disease. The family was told to expect Baylee's life to be only of about 2 years. That she would never walk, talk, sit up or even crawl. But Baylee was a fighter and a lover of life! She loved to ride horses! She loved disney and princess Ariel. Baylee recently went to be with our Lord on January 9th at the age of 13. You can read all about Baylee, her too short life, and her family's amazing faith at www.adreamforbaylee.com

One of our illustrators, Diem Pascarella drew this wonderful image. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the Tadlock family. They have set up a scholarship fund in baylee's name with http://projectride.org. Project Ride is a program giving therapeutic recreational horseback riding instruction to children and adults with special needs. PMS is designating the funds for the tadlock to use as they need.

We thank you for your support in helping us to help remember sweet Baylee Rose

A little tutorial! Card holder!

Hey all! I was bored one night and decided to make a card holder based on the tutorial by Becky from Inking Idaho. I found another template I was able to work off of with easier (for this dummy) measurements...lol. So here is my card holder and then a picture of my tutorial. Just click on it for a larger saveable version. So just a quicky post today as I'm off at my MIL's! I wanted to make sure I posted SOMETHING as I might miss the beginning of next week so I can catch up on some crocheting stuff I have on orders. I'll post on Tuesday of course for Tuesday Morning Sketches...but maybe just that until Friday. We'll see. I hate the procrastinator in me! Anywho...hope you can use this tutorial! If there's any questions...please feel free to contact me! ;)


JUGs Challenge #16- Color Combo

Hello and Happy Saturday! As this post goes LIVE...I am in BED sleeping and will NOT be up until maybe midday! LOL! I'm trying to heal my mind and body with some sound sleep...so when you come by....be vewy vewy quiet! LOL!

Today's challenge is hosted by Kristin! Her color challenge is this: Bravo Burgundy, Blush Blossom, Basic Gray, and Very Vanilla! Yummy colors eh? I actually had a hard time trying to create something WOW...but in the end...I really liked this creation of mine. Mostly because this was the first time I inked up this Gorjuss Girl other than to give images away...lol. I loved playing with her. I just ADORE these Gorjuss Girls! I was sad when I had to sell 3 of them for some quick cash...but I'll hopefully get them back when I can financially.

Anywho...hope you play along with us this week! If you do, leave a link to your creation at the JUGs challenge blog under Mr. Linky! If you play along with us...make sure you type in JUGS16 when uploading to an online gallery like Spiltcoast Stampers and link up to the JUGs blog. Bloggers...when you're done photographing your masterpiece using the above sketch...head on over to the JUGs challenge blog and link up your card (not just your blog...but your blog post for this challenge...makes it easier for us to find your creation) to Mr. Linky. Remember...to be entered to be Chic Of The Week...you must link your card by Thursday, January 21st by or before 9:00 PM EST!