Holy crap...I'll be offline!


We have a tornado WARNING...HERE IN LA!!! WTF? So I'll be offline as we're suppose to stay away from all windows. Pray it skips LA or goes away in full! I'm scared...gonna go pick up the kids from school!

Whew thank God it only side swiped up! We only got the outskirts of it with just some heavy down pour. That was weird though...You don't see tornadoes in Southern California do you? I mean in all 32 years I've been here...I've never heard of one. Anywho...that was storm 2 of 3 to come. Tomorrow is expected to be a bigger storm that today...and it really rained a lot! Now we're just hearing faint thunder and distant flashes of lightning. Let's see how interesting it gets tonight. :S Here are some pics to share.

We were watching the news and other places got it bad with hail and overturned cars with the "typical" side curtain rain.

Anywho...I have some stuff for sale if you wanna check it out! I have a link below my header! Thanks in advance! Now I'm headed to the living room floor with the kids to "relax"...or so HOPE so! It's easier to say it than do it...lol!


Rhonda Miller said...

I pray it misses you. Be safe.

AnItA mArIe said...

stay safe gabby...

Mary Giles (OhioMary) said...

Glad to hear your safe! Maybe the Vamps were out having some serious baseball fun eh? LOL.

Katie Cotton said...

this is just nuts1 NUTS i tell you! Kinda glad for the first time that i'm NOT there right now!