My final Saturday with JUGs!

Hey you guys...first off I want to thank you all for your words and prayers during these trying moments of mine. I feel like I've put you guys already through so much of my crying that I'm actually a bit embarrassed BUT very gracious for all your kind words. What's my crying gonna get me right? Well...I read that somewhere and I thought about it. My answer to that question is...PRAYERS FROM FRIENDS. I am the type of person who's open and confess some stuff about me...but I don't do it for pity or for any gain...I do it because I don't want to feel alone. My family hasn't been there for me...I no longer have my mom to talk to...so what else do I have where I can let me feelings out but blogland with my blog friends. If someone doesn't like that or doesn't think I'm "OK" doing this...you don't have to read and you don't have to comment. See...your prayers and kind words have actually lifted my spirits. After reading comments...I feel I can go on and regain my lost Faith and see a light down the tunnel. I'm seeing more clearly and feel the warmth in my heart. I know I can get though it...with all your thoughts and prayers. THANK YOU!

Now on to this weeks challenge from the girls at JUGs. This week's Wild Card challenge is to make a pennant banner. I have never made one of these...ever...and being down...well the outcome wasn't great. I made it after I got up from a nap after having a little dream about my little girl being in a forest playing with birds. I know...it sounds beautiful! I just wish I could remember it all! It was gonna spell out LIZ but I couldn't find a Z so I just used her first 3 letters in her name. I call her Eli too sometimes. Anywho...I hope it's "OK"...my little sight for sore eyes...lol.

So this is my last week with the girls at JUGs. It was an awesome trip and I thank you guys! You're not getting rid of me just yet though...I'll be around playing with the challenges when I can. Truly though...it was an awesome month! You girls are amazing and I wont forget my time with you all...HUGS all around!

Ok girls...I am gonna end this one short. I just really don't feel blabby like other times. Gonna get up early and go try to find a job...again. Hopefully I have better luck this time around. *crossing fingers*



Angie said...

Gabby, I'm praying for you guys, HARD. I actually thought about contacting my BIL to see if maybe his church can help you guys out. He lives In Duarte, not too far from you. What do you think? It could turn out that it doesn't help at all, or maybe it will. if anything, I know they will pray. Just let me know. I don't want to overstep my bounds. I feel kinda helpless for you since I'm so far away, but at the same time I feel like you're my real friend, even if we've never really met in person. Ok, I'm rambling now. I love your pennant banner! I see love in it, even if you don't feel it's your best work. Have a truly blessed day Gabby, and I'll pray for your job searching too!

Maria Levine said...

Oh dear Gabby, so sorry to hear about what you are going through. I know it must be tough, but hang in there! Stay strong and keep healthy you will make it.

Big hugs and prayers to you!!

KarmaCraft said...

You're always in my thoughts Gabby- and you post what you want, it's your blog. Blogs have always been about what's real and I look forward to more reality from you. Hopefully your reality will look brighter in the near future.

Dana Gustafson said...

Hey Gabby girl! So glad to see you back today with your sweet pennant banner. This is absolutely who I see you as....as a girl who even in the face of major challenges doesn't give up on a single committment! You are a rock and a brave soul. I know in my heart that will help you succeed on your journey. Thanks so much for being a JUGs girl this month. We were so honored to have YOU! {{{{hugs}}}}

Stampin' Pam said...

Gabby you are an example to many people in this world - you are hanging in there - you are following through on the commitments you have made and you , although sad, are not just sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself - you are doing positive things to make a difference! That is some pretty amazing inner fortitude stuff! Prayers are with you that you will find your way and that this will only be a passing phase.
Hugs and thank you for all your amazing work for Just Us Girls.

Andrea M said...

Gabby - your project is awesome! Just gorgeous. Best of luck on the job hunt - you never know what could be around the corner :) With the kind of strength and faith you have, you're sure to persevere!

Christi said...

{{HUGS}} my friend. I am so glad to hear that your faith is being strengthened. I've had you on my heart since I heard about your situation. Your banner is awesome and really inspires me to try one for myself! :) Good luck with the job hunt! I'm praying!!

Sammi said...

Hi Gabbi!! Love the pennant banner!! It's gorgeous!!
Glad to hear that your spirits have been lifted a bit and your faith strengthened! Will continue to keep you in my prayers and Hope that there is a good job (perfect for you) out there for you to find very soon!

Melissa Craig said...

I find that when we're faced with trials that it is God testing us to see what we're made of. It's easy to lose faith, but it's easier that when you can't do it anymore, there are so many friends that He has blessed us with that will do it for you. I'm here for you. Sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers. You've had my back during my time (that hasn't ended), I've got yours.

Your banner is really sweet.

Luv ya hun!
Hugs, Mel

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Oh Gabby, my heart is breaking for you sweetie. I'm praying for you and your family. You truly are amazing, and strong and will pull through this - I know it! I love that you share yourself through your blog, it has allowed me to get to know the wonderful and loving person you are!! I love your sweet banner too!! {{hugs}}

Ola said...

Hey Gabby!!! I don't know if you remember me, but I bought some stamps from you not too long ago !!! (I absolutely love them)! I'm keeping you in my prayers & I know things will get better!

Your pennant is gorgeous!! You always do gorgeous work!!! Keep your head up girl.... all your blog friends are here for you!


Mona L. Pendleton said...

Gabby, your pennant banner is so sweet! I love all the polka dots & flower embellishments! Thank you so much for joining Just Us Girls for the month of January! I love your artistic creations! I will you & your family in my thoughts & prayers!