A little tutorial! Card holder!

Hey all! I was bored one night and decided to make a card holder based on the tutorial by Becky from Inking Idaho. I found another template I was able to work off of with easier (for this dummy) measurements...lol. So here is my card holder and then a picture of my tutorial. Just click on it for a larger saveable version. So just a quicky post today as I'm off at my MIL's! I wanted to make sure I posted SOMETHING as I might miss the beginning of next week so I can catch up on some crocheting stuff I have on orders. I'll post on Tuesday of course for Tuesday Morning Sketches...but maybe just that until Friday. We'll see. I hate the procrastinator in me! Anywho...hope you can use this tutorial! If there's any questions...please feel free to contact me! ;)


Jodi C. said...

WOW!!! This looks AMAZING!!! Very useful and beautiful!!!! Can't wait to try one, THANKS!!!

Katie Cotton said...

how fun! Love it!