CHA Relay Day 3!

If you're here for the Bombshell HOP...scroll down for the next post...thanks!

Well hello you guys! Second post for today and that's about it...for today! LOL! Yesterday I posted 3 or 4 so I wont flood you with more. Just wanted to show you my card made for the continued CHA Relay. I've made it this far but I'm afraid I may be ending my run soon. My printer is running out of ink and I'm about to cry! :( That's why I'm selling some of my stuff in hopes I can make enough to at least buy some black ink. Speaking of...if you wanna check out my stuff for sale...go HERE!

Now onto my card! I made this baby with a head cold! I'm not 100% happy with it...but I do like it. FIRST...I was in a rush to print him that I miscalculated the size and made him a bit too big for what I had in mind. THEN I resized him...and mind you to the size I needed him...and it printed out faded. :( UGH gimme a break! So in the end...after about 4 hours...I came up with this! Next time I'll try taking some DayQuil BEFORE I attempt to work on anything with a cold. Dang California rain! BUT enough of my whining...I hope it's OK! After all...I love this little guy already and I'm happy I've gotten THIS far in the relay. Now I'm crossing my fingers to have enough ink to print out the next image as soon as I get it. *crossing fingers*

Alright...back to crocheting some stuff to sale. I'm making a bunny that's seriously kicking my butt because my fingers tend to cramp up when I'm working with tight stitches like the ones needed for Amigurumi. *OUCH* Hasta manana!


Sammi said...

oooh.. I love it!!! He looks great and love the strip on the right side! FUN!! Well done making such a lovely card under such frustrating circumstances :D

Kas said...

He's cute!

PaperCrafty said...

Awww....this is adorable Mel!!

CraftyC said...

Your card is gorgeous and such a sweet image

Jen Shults said...

OH my goodness... your coloring on this is beyond amazing! LOVE this!!!