Monday Mania and CHA Relay!

Hey guys and Happy Monday? I don't know...I asked because I'm SO NOT a Monday person. I dislike Mondays with a passion...lol! Give me Saturday and I'm one happy girl! :P Anywho...I do like the fact that Club Anya has Manic Monday...why...because it's a challenge day silly! What better way to start off the week than a Club Anya challenge! I haven't really been able to participate in all of them since Club Anya & Friends kicked off...but I do hope this whips me into shape to play when possible. I've missed some really good ones too!

Well...today is MY turn to challenge YOU! WHAT? I was contacted by Jessica if I wanted to do a Monday...so DUH...of course I do! I'm a HUGE BIG fan of ALL things The Greeting Farm...but Anya is what first reeled me in to this company! :D So Club Anya & Friends for me is the place to be!

For my challenge...you're to make a card or project with the color challenge/inspiration I've provided AND to use pearls! Pretty simple right? Plus the color combo is delicious...and not to mention the inspiration picture USED to bring out the color combo! So here is my sample to give some inspiration! Can't wait to see what's created! Go to Club Anya for more info!

Now as all fans of The Greeting Farm know...TGF is having a challenge contest! {Go HERE to see the details of it} First challenge is to use a VERY NEW digi (ONLY available to those who participate) image called Mer Ian! OMG when I saw him I got all excited and got to work IMMEDIATELY on him! Mermaid Anya has a boyfriend now...lol...and right before Valentines too! Don't want her to be in the sea all lonely now do we? :P

Ok I think I've done enough BLAH BLAH for today. Feeling a bit shaky so I'm gonna go chill for a bit. I'll be back tomorrow with Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge! :D

P.S. I want to thank everyone who has left comments and sent me emails for the get well wishes. I'm happy that you, that also have or had anxiety and panic attacks, CAN relate and understand. I don't feel alone! MOSTLY, I don't feel insane that it's just me...lol. ;) It's hard living with my hubby and kids NOT understanding what it's like. They have NO idea how scary and horrible they can be. The worst thing about my hubby is his common phrase..."RELAX"! Yeah...if I could relax wouldn't I be able to NOT have them?! UGH! That's NOT what I want to hear when I'm shaking and hyperventilating and cramping up...SO NOT fun! SOOOOO...a big shaky hug to you all!


Sammi said...

Hello lovely Gabby!!
This is such a GREAT challenge.... I love that pic.. looks so scrumptious!! And your card is soft and lovely... so very pretty!!
Love the Mer Ian card too... it is great Mermaid Anya has a man now!
(hugs) Thinking of you...hope things get better soon... I too have suffered anxiety and being told to "just relax" is not helpful!

Tasha said...

Gabby both of these rock. Love the monday mania card - its so delicate and pretty, cant wait to join in
love tasha xx

Lorie said...

Awesome challenge, Gabby! I'm glad you're feeling better! Visits to your blog always make me feel better!!

PaperCrafty said...

Fabulous cards, Gabby!! I am so glad that you are feeling a bit better!! (((hugs)))

Madeleine Bouquet said...

Wonderful cards, Gabby!:) I'm so sorry you've been having to deal with panic attacks, I have them regularly, and they are no fun. And I know what you mean about people not understanding, it can be so frustrating. You're definitely not alone, though, and if you ever need to talk I'm here.

Big hugs,

WickedPixie said...

Gabby, your color combo is delish and so is your card using it! This will be a crazy week for me, but I really hope I can sit down to use those colors! :-)Traci

JenRaff said...

I love this color-combo you chose and your card, too! I kind of have something in mind that I am going to try if I can keep up with this relay!
Hang in there! I think your awesome!

Jenny said...

Gabby, I love your color combo. Great choice of colors and I can't wait to try out your challenge. Your cards are always so gorgeous.