Sorry I went missing!

Hey peeps! Sorry I went missing for a bit! I have been laying low to rest as sleeplessness has been causing my anxiety attacks. I have had yet 2 more since Monday and I'm scheduled to go see my doctor on the 28th. She wants to run some tests to see what the underlying problem REALLY is. She said she doesn't like how I cramp up all over. So I'm nervous just at THAT to see what's going on and what my diagnonsense is...no...that is NOT a type-O...lol. Ok...I'm gonna do a little crocheting and then some stamping to play catch up. I'm bummed I'm not going to CHA and I only live MINUTES away! Oh well...I think it's good I stay behind because of my anxiety. I seem to have a mild case of social anxiety as well. Geez I'm screwed up bad huh? Alright...I'll be talkin' to ya later!



CraftyMomOf2 said...

Hey Gabby =)

I came to your blog as I'm parusing the gorgeous bombshell DT gals!! But I read this post and felt compelled to jot you a note...I suffer with MASSIVE anxiety as well. I know what it's like to be totally incapacitated due to it. It sucks...quite frankly. You're not screwed up hun...a lot of it's chemical, unfortunately. It didn't start for me, well or at least I didn't recognize it until after I had my babies. Anyway...I don't mean to babble but just wanted to let you know that you can email me with any questions if you feel comfortable. Hope you're doing ok!



CraftyMomOf2 said...

ps...LOVE YOUR WORK!!! gorgeous!!!

Angie said...

Hey my friend! NO, you are not messed up. You are normal, just more sensitive to the world and your feelings! At least you're not a zombie who just walks through the day with no cares at all. I think we all deal with anxieties, I know I do! Certain things push us through though, HEY, thats why we have our hobbies, right? Hope the doc can help you out! lots of hugs, Angie

Alyssa S said...

Hope it is just nonsense, Gabby! Our bodies let us know in mysterious ways when things are wrong though. Glad to hear you have a doc that wants to get to the bottom of things and not just mask your symptoms though. :o)

Jenn Borjeson said...

Sending you a hug. I used to get panic attacks, and I know they are NOT fun. Hope you are feeling better soon! :)