Bugaboo wants you to GO GREEN! Challenge and a HOP!

Hey all and Happy Saturday! I'm making this a quickie post as my tonsils are still swollen and causing me all kinds of pain. Motrin only helps for so much. I've been doing all kinds of home remedies...lol. Anyone got any good home remedies?

Anywho...today I'm showing you a card...my last card...in a challenge and HOP as my guest designer spot has come to and end with Bugaboo! Catch the Bug challenge blog is challenging YOU to go green! Go here for deets! This image and other sweet & sassy stamps can be found HERE! I actually had a cute little story about Ruby here and her experimenting with coloring tequila for St. Pats...but I am so not in it right now. I'm sure you can think of the story though...you guys have fun imaginations!

1 (one) lucky commenter from MY blog will receive 1 (one) image of choice! Comments to THIS post will end on Friday night 6:00 MY time! I will pick a winner from Random.org and announce it next Saturday (3-06)

Now...if you came from Jodie's blog...then you're on the right track...if not...head on back to the beginning and then hop along! Next in line is Audrey...My hippie Ho! PEACE!

Sorry I'm cutting it short...but I can NOT take this pain anymore sitting here! Sorry! Hope you guys have an amazing weekend and enjoy the hop! To my Bugaboo girls...you're not getting rid of me that easily! Even when I'm offline come March 10th...you will still feel my presence! :P

Here is the full blog hop list!

Catch The Bug Challenge Blog
Gabby <-------YOU ARE HERE! Audrey
Rae Anne
BACK to Catch The Bug blog to comment on the second post to complete!

Here is what you can win for completing the hop:

1st. 7 images of choice

2nd. 4 images of choice

3rd. 2 images of choice

Good Luck!


OMG I'm such a turd!

In all these crazy shenanigans going on with the kids getting sick and then me...yada yada yada...I totally forgot to let you know that TODAY IS FREEBIE FRIDAY at Bugaboo Stamps! The newest addition is too cute for words! Her name is Scarlette and she's one foxy momma! Check her out! Click on the image to take you there!

I completely forgot to make a card with her...or more like I didn't really forget...I've just been on pain meds sleeping on and off that it passed right over my head. I wanna kick this illness to the curve QUICK because I have to take advantage of my time online. Come March 10th I will be offline for maybe a month or two once hubby catches up on that bill. The cable company wont give us a break and let us give payments while I still can remain online...@$$wipes!

A Farewell to Fussy & Fancy Challenges!

For Paper Makeups Makeup 4 The Weekend...scroll down to the next post...THANKS!

Hey girls at Fussy & Fancy! Thank you so much for having me for this month of February! It was a short one...but fun! :) See you guys around! :)

Here is my card for today's challenge! Today's challenge is to make a card with a movie in mind. I was stuck between Alice in Wonderland and Twilight (series)...lol...guess who won! I had to rep for my girl Alice and my fave boy...Jasper! He and Jackson have a piece of my corazon! :P

Ok...gotta keep it short because I feel awful! I'm going crazy with this freakin' pain. I just wanna sit and cry and pray to God for Him to at least take away the earaches... Someone put me out my misery...lol!

Love you guys! Thanks for putting up with me! ;)

Makeup 4 The Weekend #18

Hello all and welcome to another week of Paper Makeups Makeup 4 the Weekend! I hope you're having a Happy Friday so far! I'm making this a quickie post as my tonsils are swollen so bad and causing me all kinds of pain. Motrin only helps for so much and I don't know what to do. My head hurts...my ears are ringing! UGH! Just when I get over my fever and what not...this doesn't go away! :'( Now I'm screwed though because hubby had to cut the medical insurance! Great huh?

Anywho...today's M4TW challenge is brought to you by Lisa M. She has provided us with an inspiration piece to draw from. I took the colors...I seriously can't think straight but did NOT want to pass up on it. I don't like to let people down. Anywho...here is the inspirational picture and my card! I used Fairy Sprout for this card.

Have an amazing weekend! Come back tomorrow as I'm gonna have to auto-post for another DT I'm in that's coming to an end. Hope to see you here and I apologize for being a whining baby.


End of the month Bombshell Blog Hop!


Inky's Challenge this time is: Mama Said Knock You Out!

No physical violence here, just time to dust off your PUNCHES and use your NESTIES (QuicKutz, Sizzix, Big Shot etc.) to create your next Bombshell Masterpiece! We all have some fun punches and cutting shapes lying around, so why not use these valuable items and get our money's worth? All you have to do, is make sure something on your card has been punched or die cut....extra credit if there's a hole in your card. *giggle Don't make Mama mad....just start knockin' things out. *wink*

Here is my card using the Top Note die. I had almost forgot about the hop that when I realized it was the last Wednesday of the month...I whipped this one up real quick. Mind you it is NOT my best work...but I did knock it out quick while suffering from the nasty flu! Actually...we've all caught it here at the Arriaza household! My tonsils are swollen as well and I can't speak...so when I can't speak...I can't think straight! Still I didn't want to flake out. So here's my card featuring Muertos Doll...one of the 2 sets now offered in digital form. You can see the other set here!

Hope I didn't do as bad as I think...lol!

Now check out everyone else on the hop!
NOW it's time to BLOG HOP!!



Tuesday Morning Sketches Challenge #34!

Here for Bugaboo's New Release? Go down a post! Thanks a bunch!

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today's challenge at Tuesday Morning Sketches is actually a color challenge! I LOVE color challenges just as much as I love sketches! This week Melissa has challenges us and you as well to use Chocolate, Light Orange, & Vanilla as your colors!

I must admit I was kinda thrown off by the colors...but once I broke out some paper...I knew I could do it! THEN I was surprised by my baby girl...Miss LV with her buying me the new Cheeky Cherry stamps from The Greeting Farm! Oh you could have knocked me over with a feather! This cheeky girl sold some of her shutter shades at school and some crocheted iPod socks I crocheted for her and she used her money for that! Can you say...AWWWWW? She said I deserved them. So I made her pick which stamp to use for the challenge and she said she could totally see Cheeky Shooter!

The sponsor for this week didn't provide enough stamps for the whole design team to play so Melissa said I could play with whatever stamps/images I had. I was NOT gonna pass up the chance to ink up this new Cheeky! To see who this weeks sponsor is...go to Tuesday Morning Sketches to check it out!

Bugaboo New release!

Hey...how's it going? Hope you're having a great Tuesday so far!

Today is new release for Bugaboo Stamps! Here is a peek at one of the new images being released. She's from the Stella collection!

When I saw this image...I busted out laughing...mostly because of the matching sentiment! Isn't it true? LOL! Just recently how I was in the hospital due to my anxiety so I so know about that "ICU"! They need some designers to come up with better gowns! Sheesh! LOL! My designer paper I used just HAD to match the gowns at my local hospital...lol! Cheeky fun right? ;) Pun intended! LMBO!

So go on and head on over to Bugaboo Stamps to pick up your new release stamps! There's also new babies! So check them out! Also...Saturday Catch The Bug Challenge blog is having a new challenge...so make sure to catch that! It's gonna be a great one!


Bugaboo plays at The Pink Elephant!

Hey y'all! Just dropping in quick to post my card for Bugaboo who is sponsoring this weeks challenge at The Pink Elephant! I have to say I am having a blast playing with these Bugaboo images! Jodie's new line of BB Brats is beyond CAYUTE! Just check out this card I made featuring Isabella!

I decided I would use more cheerful colors because they seem to make me smile and feel refreshed. I'm usually a "dark" girl...but right now...I'm really diggin' the bright cheerful colors! Plus I'm also using up some of my old SU DP I have tons of scraps of...lol! I'm playing the reduce game again. I have soo many scraps I just don't know what to do...lol! Anywho...here is my GDT card used for The Pink Elephant! :D Wanna play along with them too using Bugaboo images...go check them out here! *whispers* Make sure to grab the free images while you're there!

Hope to see you come back tomorrow for both Tuesday Morning Sketches AND New Release at Bugaboo! There is one new HILARIOUS line...I seriously LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF! Wait 'til you see my peek tomorrow! ;)

Farm Fresh Friday on Sunday!

Hey all and Happy Sunday! I haven't played in ANY The Greeting Farm or Club Anya challenge in a while so I decided to actually play this Farm Fresh Friday challenge! The challenge is brought on by none other than the awesome Marie...owner of The Greeting Farm. As you all may know by now...I am a HUGE fan of the farm! I've loved these TGF images since I first laid eyes on them.

This challenge is a color challenge and I LOVE the colors thrown! The colors are Chocolate, Kraft, & Coral. Luckily I had the colors too! YAY! I've also haven't used Twinkle Tot Madeline in a while...so I thought I'd ink her up and use her! These TT's are too darn cute! I love coloring these TGF images! So here is my card to enter into the challenge!

K...it's Oscar and my 12 year weeding anniversary so I will be gone all day. We're headed to the cemetery if it doesn't rain and then we're off to my MIL's for diner. Wow...12 years! That's like 25 in Hollywood years! LOL! I do live about 20 miles or so from Hollywood...so this means a lot to me! My poor guy has put up with me for THAT long! He's my super hero!

Thanks for stopping by and i hope you have an amazing Sunday!


Joni, Katie, my Ho's, and ALL my crafting blog buddies...


I have a HUGE lump in my throat. No...I'm not sick...just completely overwhelmed at the love and support I'm getting through blog land...my FAMILY! More specifically my immediate stamping family...Joni, my Ho's, and my little sister...Katie!

I am overcome by a loss of words on how to express my gratitude to ALL of you who have been there...not only by purchasing Mood for Rock or sending me supplies as a gift...those are just extra blessings...but for being there spiritually when my spirits were down! How can I ever thank ANYONE for that! That is priceless. You guys...my crafting community friends are doing more for me than what my own flesh and blood relatives have not done since my mom's passing.

I remember very well at my moms viewing how they were blatantly lying to my face saying..."we won't leave you alone, we must be a tighter family now and love each other in Gaby's name (my mom)". Oh really...where are you now? It's been 8 months since my mom passed away...and I have not heard one peep from my family. Birthdays for their kids have come and gone...and not one invitation like there use to be before when my dear mother was alive. Thanksgiving passed...nothing...Christmas passed...nothing...New years...my birthday...NADA! I've called...but no answers and no call backs. Ok...that's how it is now... I kinda had a feeling that would happen...being the adopted daughter and what not. From what I know...they still keep in touch with my sister...my moms real daughter. That's the thanks I get for spending SO MANY YEARS putting my mom before myself. I was there for my mom every single day in every single way I can think of until her very last day. Even on her very last day my aunt and sister were asking me about the burial...if I had everything set up...if I had bought her outfit...etc...not allowing me to spend some time alone with her as she laid in the hospital bed lifeless to say my last goodbye and have my last moments with her. If that's family...then I rather NOT have them in my life.

BUT then all of YOU guys come together and do such amazing things for me??? Yes...you are all my family now. Asides from my husband, kids, and in-laws...you are all the family that I have. That's why I treasure me being online so much...because I would be lost without you guys! I know it's said that you can't truly be someones friend when you haven't even met them face to face...but BULL CRAP...I feel I know you all in my heart and that's all that matters. For obvious reasons I see that you all feel the same because who else does this for someone they don't know face to face? Amazing special people only! That's what you ALL are!

Just when I thought I was alone...MY FRIENDS...MY SISTERS...especially Joni...set up this awesome of a blog hop...in MY NAME? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? She said she had something in store...and I was afraid...very afraid...lol...but I had NO idea it would be of THIS magnitude! The names on the list...my sisters...WOW! You have NO IDEA how much this has touched my heart and lifted my spirits. I mean...why me...I'm not special...I'm just Gabby for Christs sake! A crazy almost non-functional basket case...with a HUGE heart though. ;) This huge heart of mine though is filled with love and joy as I sit here typing this. I'm still at a loss for words! Yeah...I know...I already wrote a news article and I'm still at a loss? LOL! Words however can not express my love and gratitude for you all...sincerely...

Thank you so much Joni...thank you for putting this blog hop in my name...I'm not worthy! Thank you to all my sisters along the way...and my new sisters for hopping along. I am truly grateful! To me the true rockstars are YOU GUYS!

Of course...I can NOT forget Katie! It all started with her when she felt it in her heart to have one of her illustrators come up with an image in my name...to my person! Because of Katie and the great community who have bought Moody for Rock and the coordinating sentiments/word art...we were able to add food to our refrigerator up until mid March. YOU have put food in my childrens mouths. Oscar actually cried and felt less of a man...but I told him to look at it this way...that this amazing blessing that was bestowed upon us can one day be OUR way to pay back and to NOT feel less of. I told him he's not alone...there are many families out there going through what we're going through...only we see it as this because we're the ones going through it. I'm a true believer in KARMA...I really am...so I know one day we'll pay back when the payback is due.

In the past I have been the giver...the one who tried to help out friends when they were in need...even if it was just with prayers and just being there...this is a way of my KARMA coming back to me. Just when I thought I did something bad in the past to deserve what we're going through...this blessing comes along to redeem my feeling. One day...ONE DAY...I will have it in MY means to do something for a friend... Until that day...thank you all so much! I found it extremely hard to type this and to take it all in, that I had to step away from the computer many a times to cry. You guys just don't know how humbled I am by this. God Bless you all and I love you!


M4TW17...Getting Sketchy with it!

If you're here for Freebie Friday @ Bugaboo Stamps...scroll down to my next post! Thanks!

Hey y'all! Just posting here real quick for you to go on over to the Paper Makeup Stamps blog to play with us! This week's challenge is brought to you by ME! What's my challenge...to get sketchy with it! I know some of you might look at me like I'm "MAD" with all these layers in my sketch...but it's actually pretty simple! I'm all about layers...I LOVE layers so I thought I would challenge myself as well with this sketch. I've actually used this sketch for a couple other cards I've made...like the one from yesterday...and had fun with it actually! So now I hope YOU have fun with it! For more deets and how to play along...head on over to the PMS blog!

Here is my card for the sketch! I had been wanting this fairy...Katie the makeup fairy...and finally got the chance to play with her...THANKS KATIE! She's just a doll...and is SO me when I was a teen! I was ALL about makeup and wanting to look pretty! :D Well now that makeup won't work for me anymore...unless it has magical powers! LOL! Anywho...this is my card and the sketch! Have fun with it!

Freebie Friday at Bugaboo Stamps!

Hey all...just wanted to let you know that today is Freebie Friday at Bugaboo Stamps! :D Here is my card I made to show you what can be done with one of the freebies! I made it on the fly because I had to go to the hospital again for my anxiety. But when I got home from the hospital after I had my Ativan...I colored this image up and created this card. If you go to Bugaboo Stamps and the freebies are still not up...don't fret...just go back later in the day...or the next day...they're there for a week! ;)

Go check out Bugaboo Stamps and pick up your freebies...and while you're at it...some more of these adorable images Jodie carries! They are so much fun to work with! :)

Alright...I'll leave you at that. I need some rest...doctors orders! Until then...HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


A little of my MAD creations!

In utter excitement of Alice in Wonderland coming to theaters soon...I started thinking of some "MAD" creations. LOL! As you may all know...or at least those that know me enough...know I'm a little MAD. Crazy sounds a little "political incorrect" to me...so I prefer the term MAD.

So here is my very first MAD creation I made. I used this card for my recent skin coloring tutorial for Bombshell Stamps. In case you missed the card at the bottom of the post...here she is again! She's a little MAD about someone...kinds how I'm MAD over my hubby! :D Did I use MAD enough? LMBO!

Next is a card made for a swap. This is the simple version for the swappers...the second is the hostess version. I wanted to make that one special as a thank you for hosting! :D I used Chef Ian's head (yes...I beheaded the dude) and Showtime Anya's body and hat!

Ok...now I ask if you're sitting! I hope you are because NO COPICS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THESE CARDS! :O Nope...I went back to the good old Prismas! This one goes out to my Prisma followers! I have NOT given up on you...lol! The ONLY thing colored with Copics was Ians face and hands...that's it!

Ok...that's it for now! Come back tomorrow for Paper Makeups Make Up 4 The Weekend! This time it's a sketch and it's brought to you by...ME! Hope to see you here tomorrow!

I've been meaning to...

...let you know of one of my Paper Makeup Girls that has a brand new shiny blog! Go on over to visit her and follow her and make her wish...oh wait...that's for my stalker lists! No...lol...go give her a looksy...she does great things! iDrool! Oh...and her blog name is ADORABLE! Sounds like the name of an umbrella company! Yellow Umbrella Designs...go there and leave her some love!

I was in no way bribed or bullied or anything...(thanks for the million dollar check Shaela. I promise I wont tell...)! I just wanna spread the bloggy love!

Ok...I am now for sure I'm crazy! Either that or I've been inhaling too many house cleaning products! I almost let my stalker list be know....no wait...what stalker list...pssshhhh!


Wednesday Coloring Tutorial with Bugaboo Stamps!

Hello and Happy Hump Day! Here I am today with a hair coloring tutorial for Bugaboo Digi Stamps! Here I am featuring 2 cuties from the Skelekinz collection! I love those little girls! Jodie...are there any boys in the making? *wink* LOL! Anywho...here we go!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this tutorial helps! It's not by a pro...but I try! ;)


Tuesday Morning Sketches Challenge #33!

Well HELLO and welcome to another week for Tuesday Morning Sketches! I almost didn't make it to post this as I have just been up to my ears in chores and what not's around the house. I'm sore, tired, and just wanna crash now...lol...but first I must post this! Next time I'll remember to auto-post!

Once again here is your sketch for this week! Make sure to visit Tuesday Morning Sketches to play along with us! I think I've lost my mojo...or the house cleaning has robbed it from me because I am not happy at all with what I've been creating. This is not good as I have swaps to finish and cards for DT's to post...not good...not good! With this card I feel I've reverted to my old card making...like from years ago...and I'm not a happy camper! Still...I need to find a way to break through this wall and find my mojo! SOOO...here is my card I made for this weeks sketch! It's a pretty simple sketch...but the image I was given to work with made me see blanks...lol. This weeks sponsor and provider of the images used this week are from The Stamp Boutique. The image I used for this sketch is from the Fairy Cynthia collection! This one here is called Rainy Cynthia!

Well...I am off to tackle some more of my "to do's"! List is getting somewhat shorter...but that's what I get for letting my mom hoard SO MANY THINGS!!! We have to down size our "junk" in case we have to vacate soon. Still very unsure as we go month to month... See you here tomorrow as I have a special tutorial for Bugaboo Stamps!