OMG I'm such a turd!

In all these crazy shenanigans going on with the kids getting sick and then me...yada yada yada...I totally forgot to let you know that TODAY IS FREEBIE FRIDAY at Bugaboo Stamps! The newest addition is too cute for words! Her name is Scarlette and she's one foxy momma! Check her out! Click on the image to take you there!

I completely forgot to make a card with her...or more like I didn't really forget...I've just been on pain meds sleeping on and off that it passed right over my head. I wanna kick this illness to the curve QUICK because I have to take advantage of my time online. Come March 10th I will be offline for maybe a month or two once hubby catches up on that bill. The cable company wont give us a break and let us give payments while I still can remain online...@$$wipes!


Debra said...

LoL not a turd! *Hugs* love bugaboo have a great week

Crazy Creations said...

Oh Gabby if you ever need anything email me I will be here for you and also I love your card! You will be back online before you know it !Hugs Sarah

Shirley-anne said...

YOU ARE SO TALENTED! What an amazing gallery of card creations .