Oh goodness...another award?

This one is given to me by the sweetest-tessss of sweethearts...Angie! So I'm over the top huh? LMBO! No...I think I fell over the rim eons ago...lol. Thanks Angie! {{HUGS}}

Ok...so I am to answer these following question in one word! One word? Oh boy...that'll be hard...but here goes!

1. Where is your cell phone? LV
2. Your hair? messy
3. Your mother? heaven
4. Your father? California
5. Your favorite food? ITALIAN!
6. Your dream last night? scary
7. Your favorite
drink? Coke
8. Your dream/goal? happiness
9. What room are you in? craft
10. Your hobby? stamping
11. Your fear? loneliness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive
13. Where were you last night? crafting
14. Something you aren't? rested
15. Muffins? coffee
16. Wish list item? Copics
17. Where did you grow up? Los Angeles
18. Last thing you did? eat
19. What are you wearing? jeans
20. Your TV? LOUD
21. Your pets? cat
22. Friends? YES!
23. Your life? crazy
24. Your mood? sleepy
25.Missing someone? MOM
26. vehicle? SUV

27. Something you're not wearing? glasses
28. Your favorite store? online
29. Your favorite color? purple
30. When was the last time you laughed? yesterday
31. Last time you cried? yesterday
32. Your best friend? dunno
33. One place that I go to over and over? potty XD
34. Facebook
? hardly
35. Favorite place to eat? home

Now I'd like to pass this on to:

The girls at JUGS!

Club Anya

Chrissy Le

Sugar Nellie


Whimsie Doodles

Happy Halloween Part Deux

Since LV was still sleeping and Ozzy was watching TV and all chores were basically DONE...I sat down with Lizzie to make this card for Club Anya's Mystery Monday Spooktacular challenge! The challenge was to make a spooktacular card using Anya or Ian...and I used both! I was gonna ink up my spooktacular set...but Lizzie came up with the idea of the angel and devil since that's her costume...half angel/half devil. All I did was color the images and make the airbrushed scene. She wanted THAT paper, THAT embellishments, and THAT layout. So this card is a collaboration...lol. I don't know if it would qualify for The Greeting Farm's "This Tot's Got____" challenge/contest. The ______ being "bling"! She wanted bling on Miss Anya's wings, halo, shoes, and some "jewelry" bling using hologram type stickers. She also wanted some bling on My Guy Ian's horns.

Here is Lizzie yesterday at school during the parade. Let me tell you that this costume is VERY her! She's not 50/50 though...this little girl is 60/40...you guess which one she's more! LOL!!! You can't tell in this picture...but she has some bling of her own! I did half her hair in curls with white glitter and the other half was teased with red glitter! Today I'm gonna put makeup on her though...my SIL ALWAYS trips out at the kids costumes and always chooses to use the ideas next Halloween...lol.

Ok so now I'm off! Ozzy wants me to watch Stay Alive with him...see ya!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our haunted house to yours! I'll be back in action very soon...just too much going on right now (not bad). Can't wait for the 5th when I'll be back to "normal". So yeah...have a very happy and safe Halloween and don't eat too much candy!


No stamping, coloring, or paper craft...just playing with LV...

I finished up a little project I was working on for LV! It's a mini top hat for her costume!!! I saw a video on YouTube on how to make these and now with my first...I am hooked! These are just so darn cute to work with and all you need is felt, foam cup, glue gun, and embellishments of choice...and a little imagination! LV is gonna be a Goth Lolita for Halloween. She wasn't gonna dress up...but how could a 13 year old girl NOT dress up??? She's crazy! So after some begging...she gave in! She thought it was gonna be girly and kidish and I'm so glad she finally saw that it's more glam than what she expected.

Anywho...I am gonna go to bed because I have to wake up early to do LV's hair and makeup and Lizzie's hair. OMG...we moms who do projects for our kids rock! LOL! Here are a few pics of the mini top hat and LV in her costume.

Awards...for ME?

Thank you ladies for the great awards! They truly make me smile because I know I've touched and inspired someone out there with this nut-so blog of mine...lol!

Thank you Madeline!

Now I would like to award the following ladies with the One Lovely Blog Award to:

Melissa...she rocks at Tuesday Morning Sketches!

Jennifer...my fellow VAMP chic! Even her little girl is crafty!!! :O

Nicole...my fellow LOVE THAT RED HAIR Bombshell!!!

Jodi...I just love her blog! Her work is exquisite!

and last but most definitely NOT least...

Traci! OMG Traci is another reason I strive to get better at coloring! Her work is FABBO to the MAX!


Now to share my 5 things:
1. I feel blessed by everyone who has visited my blog and has commented.

2. I LOVE working with my Copics! They've given me a new look on coloring and I love how they get along with my first love...the Prismacolor markers!

3. I couldn't help but make my music player active again. I have much love for music that I HAVE to share it with my blog readers!

4. I sometimes blog in my jammies and slippers with a coffee mug in hand! :D

5. I miss my momma so much I cry a little everyday since her passing. :( It helps heal though...so it's not a bad thing!

Now I would like to award the following ladies with the Making Smiles On Faces Award to:

Joni...I think of her as my blog BFF!

Cindy...her work just amazes me!

Vicki...how could I NOT award her?

Melyssa...have you SEEN this girls digi's? That alone makes me smile!

and last but not least...


Maria is the reason I got into blogging back when I had my MSN group. She is also the reason I strive to color better and better each day. I've been admiring her coloring and her work in general since I first found her on eBay almost 3 years ago I believe...to invite her to my group! Thanks Maria for bringing such joy to my life of blogging and coloring!

Thank you so much!

Scroll down for today's card!

Lily in the Copic Colour Challenge #37

Happy Thursday guys! Today is my ME day again and this time I DO plan on using it for me. I've done 98% of my needed to do chores and I'm ready for company. Turns out now though that my sis wont be here until Sunday night! UGH! Still I did what I had to do in case we get unexpected visitors.

Ok...so I found this blog with Copic colour challenges through Vicky Garett...a cool a$$ chica who's work I adore...especially when she works with the odd kids from Stampotique. This weeks color challenge was to use R20, YG06, & E33. I don't have YG06 so I substituted it with G94. I'm not sure of YG06 TRUE color...so I just guessed to what I thought was the closest. So here is my card for the challenge! I used Lily in Wintercoat digi image from Pink Cat Studio. You can find the E33 in the coat, scarf, hat, & boots...G94 in the coat, scarf, and hat...and the R20 in the birds and Lily's cheeks.

Thanks for looking! Now I'm off to find more challenges I can WORK! :P

CS/DP: C2Cocoa, PIPink, VVanilla, GP CS, & Basic Grey Infuse DP
Ink: printer, C2Cocoa, & Copics
Stamps: Lily Wintercoat PCS
Embellishments: button brads, buttons, floss, & cream lace trim
Others: white gel pen, Label 4 Nestie & sewing machine


Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop #8!

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday in the Bombshell Stamps blog hop!

Here's how it works:
Start at any of the Design Team Member Blogs and take a peek at their Hump Day project. Leave them a comment and tell them what you think about it! Then follow the links to the other DT member blogs and leave them comments. The more comments you make, the more entries you will have to win a great prize from Bombshell Stamps at the end of the month!

You could win:

This week's Challenge!
Yep, good ol' Martha Stewart, you can always count on some fun crafting ideas. This week's challenge is to use her Coffin Template to create your own Coffin and do it up Bombshell Style!
So play along by popping along to Martha's site and picking up the templates!

Here is the coffin I made featuring Lucky Bride given to me as a RAK from the awesome Sarah K. You can imagine my surprise when I received a package from her AND the head Bombshell...Shannon! I'll show later what I made with what Shannon RAK'd me with! Both of these gals are amazing for thinking of me! Thank you both! Ok...so yeah here is my coffin! I almost didn't go through with it...a little surreal you know...but I did it! The second layer on top of the coffin is a Cuttlebugged piece. I ran it through the Cuttlebug machine with the folder that looks like wood and then just went over it with Basic Black ink to give it a "worn" look. Hinges were made with the tab punch and then attached with gold brads. If only I can get the creaking sound when an old coffin opens...then it would be perfect! LOL!

I decided to do the "senora muerta" on the outside because it goes with my background. According to family history...I have Spanish blood in me. So this Lucky Bride looks very Spanish so I used her in hope I look THAT good when I'm a vampire and resting in my coffin...lol...after Jasper leaves Alice and turns me into his eternal love. Ok...I do have a wishful heart! :P Shut up! HAHAHAHAHA! Ok now off you go! Make sure to drop some love on the other blogs in the hop! I'm sure they'd appreciate your love!

Bombshell Stamps Hopping Hotties!


(our guest hopper)




Miss Magoo

Sarah K

Glittery Katie




*Twilight Tuesday Inspirational Challenge Blog Hop*

Hey there and welcome to your next stop on the hop! If you've come from Rebecca's blog...then you're on the right track...if not...jump back to the beginning of the trail at Twilight Tuesday blog for a chance to win some goodies. Just make sure to leave a comment on each blog to be entered.

Did you know Twilight Tuesday is having their first birthday? Well...now you do! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWILIGHT TUESDAY!!! So in celebration they're having a blog hop and have invited their fans and friends to join in. It was an honor to be part of this as some of you may already know that I am a Twi-Freak! :D Me loves me some vamps...especially Jasper!

We're to pick a favorite theme of 51 themes! I chose to make a Jasper inspired card. While everyone goes GA-GA for Edward...not me! Well...I use to! I use to think I wanted someone like Edward but then realized I NEEDED someone like Jasper. In my everyday stressful life...I need a Jasper to 'relax' me. *feels zen* He can mess with my emotions ANY TIME! As long as he uses them to HIS advantage! *wink*

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Twilight is the vampire baseball scene! Gosh Jasper looks HOT when he's twirling that bat! *sigh* Plus my favorite Muse song plays during the scene! ;) So yeah...I made a card using the baseball scene. I used baseball Ian from The Greeting Farm and made my Jasper *sparkle*! *sigh...again* As you can see if you scroll down a bit and look to your right...I have my boy Jackson just above Edward!

So ok...off I go to hop and see what everyone else has come up with! Make sure you wear your shades because I know you'll be dazzled along the way! So now head on over to Sarabeth's blog to continue on the hop! Before you go though...enjoy this clip from my favorite Twilight scene! Oh...and don't forget to buy your New Moon tickets NOW! I already did! :D

OT NOTE: Be sure to join me tomorrow on another hop...the Bombshell Stamps hop! :D Let me just say it goes hand in hand with Twilight. How...remember in the movie where Edward takes Bella to his home and there was a mention of coffins? Well...that's a little tease! ;)

Ok now hop along and make sure to leave some love along the way! Thanks for stopping by!

THANK YOU to the TTIC sponsors!
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Stamp Insanity Stamps http://stampinsanity.com
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And in case you have missed someone here is the list of other participants.
1. Twilight Tuesday (http://www.twilighttuesday.com/)
8. Heather Lee-Reppen http://inkonmyear.blogspot.com/
22. Gabby you are HERE!
28. Twilight Tuesday http://twilighttuesday.com/



Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the Twilight Tuesday 1st Birthday Blog Hop! Let's wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY as we hop! Then return on Wednesday for the Bombshell Stamps hop! They go hand in hand like vampires in coffins! ;)


Ozzy Inkz Roboti-X Sneak Peek

Hey! Just wanted to show you a little something coming up for Ozzy Inkz! It's a set of 8 robots hand drawn by none other than my little guy...Ozzy! I have to admit my jaw was on the floor after I saw these! All that imagination in one 10 year old's head! WOW! LOL!

We didn't end up going to my in-laws because Oscar had to work overtime (thank God) so I broke out some CS and decided I'd play with Ozzy's robots. Sentiment is also printed...fun sentiment huh? LOL!

C5, C3, N6, N3, & N1

CS/DP: BBlack, BGray, Black & White DP, & GP CS
Ink: Copics
Stamps: Ozzy Inkz Roboti-X
Embellishments: brads


Happy Sunday!

Just another quickie post as we're headed out to my in-laws. I just wanted to make sure I posted this. It's a card made for the 3D JUGS challenge. Challenge is to make a 3D flower using ANY technique you know of to make 3D flowers. I used the spray and crumple CS technique. I don't know if there is something out there like it...but I worked it in...lol. I used a spray bottle to dampen the CS pieces AFTER I cut them and then crumpled and flattened out to let them dry. I used Spellbinders Peony to make my flower. I decided to go a bit CAS on this one. Hope you like!

Head on over to JUGS to check out another great way to make these flowers by checking out an awesome video tutorial by Mona Pendleton using the tissue paper technique. Thanks for the challenge girls!


I am "punch drunk" on "dazzling" Miss Anya flying over the moon on Halloween night!

Well isn't THAT a mouthful! LMBO! I sat down after some house chores and decided I was gonna work on 2 challenges...for The Greeting Farm's Farm Fresh Friday to use punches...I love punches :D...and Club Anya's Mystery Monday to make a card that DAZZLES! Oh you know I can do both! That's like telling me..."here's a box of Ferrero Rocher and a bottle of red wine...see if you can enjoy"... ;)

Ok...I wont babble to much...my hand is in pain and I'm gonna take some meds and head out to bed early. It's a nasty throbbing pain from the palm and extends to my fingers all the way to my elbow. It's not my carpal...that a whole different pain...so I'm thinking maybe my hands are just over worked. I still hand wash dishes and I can't use cold water...so I have to use hot or at least medium warm...so I'm thinking the cool air is giving me this arthritis like pain. YOUCH! I'll add any extra deets later on when I'm up and ready to get online again.

The sketch I used is from Card Positioning System and it's sketch #35.

CS/DP: BBlack, PPie, PPlum, MMustard, Recollections Halloween DP, & GP CS
Ink: Momento Black, BBlack, RRust, MMustard, CChip, & Copics
Stamps: Miss Anya TGF, Broom Missy B. Designs, & sentiment digi from Whimsie Doodles
Embellishments: dotted satin ribbon, flat back jewels, & Stickles
Others: scalloped & circle punches, scalloped edge punch, & Coluzzle


YES...I am a Friday kinda girl! I always look forward to Friday's because that means I can sleep later than usual...2 in the A.M. and wake up until 10 or so on Saturday! LOL! I know...WOW huh? Anywho...I got to cleaning my little craft room and so I didn't stamp. I did however print out some digi's and have them ready to play with tonight! I need to stay happy by coloring because the coming week will be filled with house work. My sister is coming from Arizona for Dia De Los Muertos to visit mom's grave and well...I need to wash blankets, fix rooms and make space because I think my niece and her son is coming with.

Anywho...I'll show you something quick! I joined Joni's "Theme Secret Sister" swap and we get a sister to shop for. My sisters theme was Winter/Snowflakes...so this is what I got her! I hope she likes! BTW...check out my recent frugalities...I made a "snowflake" from the leaf/branch punch, the corner punching is actually made with the eyelet border punch...and last but now least...I made my own Dew Drops. I used the clear baubles I got at Mike's and used alcohol ink to dye them. I'm selling those just in case you're interested. You get 350 in total...300 in 6 different colors and 50 clear for $3.50 plus shipping. I package them in zip-lock baggies all in a mix.

Ok...I'll let you go now. Stuff to do...images to color...lol. BTW...if you wanna make this box which BTW is freakin' awesome! You can find the tutorial HERE! I really like these like A LOT! I even made one for Halloween...remember some posts back? See ya'll tomorrow!


There She Goes on Tuesday Morning!

HUH? LOL...yes I woke up happy as ever that it's Thursday and I get to have a ME day where I can stamp all day if I like. BUT knowing me...I'll end up cleaning something! LOL! Maybe I should re-do my tiny craft room!? We'll see what ends up happening! Maybe I'll work on some cards for a little something I plan on announcing on Friday the 30th! I'm pretty stoked for this!

Anywho...I managed to combine challenges again. I like it when a challenge blog is OK with one combining challenges...I think it makes a card funner to work on. I don't like feeling "commited" to just one thing...lol...except marriage of course! Ok...so I combined challenge #1 which is for Melissa's Tuesday Morning Sketches. Mel came up with this fun sketch to play with and guess who's sponsoring this week? The awesome sweetheart that is Jessica of There She Goes. I am so glad I got to guest trendset for her a while back. :) SO...Miss Jessica has a challenge of her own set by the awesome Maki! The challenge is to dry emboss! I LOVE playing with my Cuttlebug whether it be using with my embossing folders or with my nesties. I just love my green bug! OH...and this is my very first time working on the INSIDE of a card! :O I always leave them blank but now that I made this one with the inside done...I may be doing it more often. I like how it looks on the inside...lol.

CS/DP: C2Cocoa, CChip, OOlive, Georgia Pacific white, & UKV DP
Ink: CChip, Momento black, & Copics
Stamps: You're So Punny from There She Goes
Embellishments: raffia
Others: CB folder

BTW...if you haven't seen my side bar over there <-----------...then you haven't seen that I started a blog for Ozzy Inkz. I'll be posting his digi's there and will also post projects made with them. Believe me...this boy is working up a storm working on the Christmas ones. He even made some robots! :O Believe me...your jaw will drop to the floor when you see these robots! OMG! Also LV got jealous and did some cuties of her own...they just need some cleaning up.


Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop! #7

Hello and welcome to another week in the Bombshell Stamps Blog Hop! This weeks theme is "paper piecing"! Challenge was given to us by our hop captain Miss Angela AKA Inky Button! I love paper piecing but I'm not great at it. Love how you can "dress up" an image. Here's are more deets! BTW...I think I've already screwed this up! I'm not absolutely sure...but I think all month of October we're suppose to use black, orange, green, and (optional) purple...OOPS!

This challenge is perfect for those leftover scraps of DP that you just can't throw away. Now you can put them to good use! Instead of hoarding these precious pieces, stamp your favorite image directly onto the paper and cut it out. Voila! You have the perfect patterned paper to compliment your favorite Bombshell stamp.
Remember leave a comment on each of the DT's blogs for a chance to win some FABULOUS Bombshell Goodies:

Here is my card for the theme! I'm sorry girls if I screwed it up! I'll make sure to use the colors next round! *red in face*

I love Angel! She is perfect for piecing! Today I wanted to turn her into "La Arana Viuda"...the "Black Widow"! Don't get caught up in her web or else... Doesn't she look as if she's in prison for murdering her DH and looking through the windows to maybe en*trance one of the prison guards? LOL! I know...*shakes head*

I also used this hop to participate in The Pink Elephant challenge which was a sketch challenge!

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to stop by the other Bombshell Hump Hotties and leave them some love!


Miss Magoo


Jacquie (Ms.October!)


Glittery Katie