Happy Boo Tuesday from Frankie Boy

Hola amigas! How sad to come on and find I not only lost a follower...but also 2 subscribers! :( That made me sad...but oh well...I can't appeal to everyone! :P Maybe it's my open personality...maybe I'm too dark...maybe I'm just ugly and that picture above freaks people out...LMBO!!! Whatever it is...I would like to hear some feedback if maybe I give TMI or I'm too open? Let me know what I can do to make my followers and subscribers happy. Of course this is MY blog and can do as I please...but with a fairly large amount of followers...well...I don't want anymore leaving or else I'll be lonesome! :( Ok...'nough of that! Let me show you a card I made.

This card I made was so much fun to alter. It's Joni's gameboy from Inktegrity. I turned him into a young Frankie...lol. He was originally holding a football...but what Frankie can resist a HUGE candy corn? Yeah...thought so! :P I don't know what came over me as I just sat there looking at him thinking...'hmmm...I'm gonna make a football card for my DS'...so I said...'NO...I have an idea'! At first I had made a candy corn background but OMG I thought about the coloring and then with some CT pain...there was NO WAY I would survive that...lol. So I decided just use Halloween colors and Cuttlebug it! I didn't even use any DP! I decided to one again use an SCS sketch...the same I used for Witchy a few posts back. It's so simple and quick to use...I needed simplicity. Some of you might have seen this card on Inktegrity already...but he's too cute not to check him out again right? :P

Copics & Prismas:
CS/DP: BBlack, KKiss, EEggplant, SSun, PPie, WWhite, & GP CS
Ink: printer ink, BBlack, Copics, & Prismas
Stamps: Inktegrity Digi's, Whimsie Doodles, and Autumn Leaves Winter Holidays
Embellishments: ribbon (UKV)
Others: Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder, Goo punch, circle punches


the whimsical butterfly said...

Aww, Gabby, you're adorable, what are you talking about!?!?

Have you SEEN the Greeting Farm blog today???? You might want to check it out ;)

Your cute Frankie card is adorable and I am LOVING the "goo" border :)

Don't let lost followers or subscribers discourage you...I know it kinda stinks but seriously, your blog is AMAZING and I'm sure you will continue to gain more because once you're here...people are SURE to come back-you rock it girl!!!!

Melissa Craig said...

Your Frankie is really cute!

You know what - don't put a lot into followers or subscribers. You do fabulous work and you have a great personality. It's your blog and you can do what you want to. And I love that picture of you!

PaperCrafty said...

Well I think you are great and I love coming by and checking out what you have been up too!! You know that I am a HUGE fan of your work and I see that I am not the only one...as Jess mentioned...have you been over to TGF yet??? Congrats Girlie!! Well deserved!! :D

Carisa said...

Yeah, don't change anything - you don't know why they left. I'm sure it wasn't anything personal. Sometimes people just decide to scale back or maybe they dropped blogging for awhile to spend time with family. I know sometimes I spend WAY too much in blogland. haha I adore your style and loved your post yeseterday. When my mom got home, I gave her a big hug and told her I love her and I know she wondered where it came from but didn't ask and just hugged me back. So, thank you. *hugs*

WickedPixie said...

Hi Gabby! I also get sad and start beating myself up when I lose a follower and so I have a hard time hearing my own comments here, but seriously, it's their loss! If they don't GET the awesomeness that is Gabby, I am sorry for them!! And I think you have the BEST hair I have seen! It totally gives the impression to me of someone who is fun, hip, unique, smart and nostalgic and I love that!! Besides all of that, you have to consider maybe they just have weird stuff going on in their lives and they had less time to read blogs! :-)Traci

Claireabelle said...

Gabby I love your blog, because it's your blog! You can write whatever you wish, thats the joy of blogging! I love looking at peoples makes but I also love reading abit about their lives.

Your work is awesome so dont be disheartened


Lailani said...

Hi Gabby! I'm one of your new followers and I love, love your style!!! Your work is wonderful and your point of view of unique!!! I check your blog daily and love it!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!


Angie said...

Gabby! He's perfect just the way he is, and guess what, SO ARE YOU! Don't worry about losing followers/subscribers. I know I weed out what I follow/subscribe to because I am annoyed at all the emails I get, because some blogs (like yours) I don't need an email reminder cuz they are bookmarked on my homepage! actually, with yours I just type in "c" on my address bar and your blog pops up since I frequent it so often! So, keep being YOU! Cuz YOU ROcK!

Jennifer said...

I look forward to your posted. Don't change a thing. GREAT card as usual.

Leah the Orange said...

hiya Gab!! personally, i LOVE the frankness of your blog, and i keep coming back whenever you post something new... whether it's to check out your inspiring art or to have a giggle about something odd you're telling us, or to mourn with you.

as far as losing followers, i think TOO many people sign up to follow just to get on the candy train, and then will ditch when the blog hop or blog candy is finito.

i say PISH SHAW to them. :) they don't know what they're missin'!

Robin Perry said...

Frankie is so cute! (and I don't "do" Halloween! ;-) )

Eh, as for those followers who left ... well, you have so many followers that it was getting kinda squished in here! Now the rest of us have a little more elbow and breathing room! LOL

Alyssa said...

I love how you used the drippy goo punch in candy corn colors! So fun!! Great coloring too ;o)