All dresses up and ready to go New Years Eve 2008!

Happy New Years Eve to all! So what is everyone doing tonight? I'm staying home with my family and making vegeterian lasagne and watching TV. We hardly ever go out anymore because it's just too hard to be taking my parents out now a days...but I think us staying home waiting for the clock to strike midnight is all we need. What's better than that? Of course in years past we would go out to parties and what not...but those are years in the past now...lol. ETA: Since I posted this on auto-pilot, the initial meal was a veggie sagne...but now we're having a country fried meal! I'm making friend chicken, homemade mash, corn on the cobb, and made from scratch biscuits!!! YUMMM...and instead of going out, we're having a potluck with the middle house and front house tenants! This should be fun...they always make their traditional meals. Good thing it's New Years EVE and I can pig out! LOL...but on Jan. 1st...I'm laying low from the foods that are NOT good for me. SOOO...here's to healthy eating in the New Year!!!

What are your New Year traditions?

Us...at midnight we eat 12 green grapes and make a wish (could be the same one) for each grape.
We get a box of poppers and let the kids go nuts (so mom could have work in the morning).
And of course...we hug each other. I cry...lol!

Any resolutions?
HA...I have plenty:
1. Lose weight (even though this is an every year thing) :P
2. Be a better person
3. Work on ME!
4. Spend more time with neglected friends
5. Be a better mom, wife, & daughter
6. NOT spend so much money on stamping stuff!!! *GASP* I know huh? But it's true...I sometimes spend too much on crafting stuff in general to keep up with trends knowing very well that I CAN work with what I have! I already have too much and sometimes things I spend money on and then don't even get used...it's horrible. More of my money SHOULD be used on my kids and my wardrobe! :S

I know there's more things I need to work on...but I'll share just that...lol. Your turn!

Prismacolor markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, BGrey, Bright White, Silver foil CS, & Rockstar DP
Ink: BBlack, GGrey, & Prismas
Stamps: Little Tee's & Studio G (January)
Embellishments: polka dot ribbon, per-adhesived flat back bling, & silver wire
Others: Cuttlebug Dots folder, Coluzzle, circle punches, & star punch



Merry Christmas...

...from our family to yours!

The Arriazas
A few have emailed to ask me what posole (or pozole) is and how it's made etc...since I've only described it as a stew like confection...now I have a visual! LOL! Hope it makes your mouth water! :P What's in it? Well...it has hominy, chicken, and you have the option of adding ingrdients such as cabbage, raddish, onions, & dried cheese (kind of like parmesan). There are many other ingredients you can add...but that's all optional. Many like to make it with beef or pork in "red" stock/broth and some without the hominy...but we go the healthier route especially with my mom being diabetic. You can read more about posole by clicking HERE!

Then of course the kids wanted to leave a special treat for Santa...so we made him my YUMMY peanuts and chocolate chip cookies! I call them "fat nuts" because I've NEVER liked "thin" cookies! I love them when they come out of the oven nice and warm and so fluffy and chocolatey gooey in the center...MMMM.
Well...now I'm off to have me some hot cocoa...it's chilly since it rained all night. Finish enjoying your Christmas! :)


Happy Christmas Eve!!! (and Baroque Motifs part 1)

Are you ready to tear into some gifts? I am! I hope there's no coal in my stocking though! YIKES! That would suck big time...LOL!

Anywho...here is a card (of a series) for a swap. I haven't used my SU sets in a LONG time like I use to...so it was time to dust off some and use it for this swap. The swap called to create your own background without using ANY of the new stuff like embossing (ex: Cuttlebug) OR ANY designer/patterned paper. I thought this swap was GENIUS so I joined for a spot. I may take another now that I'm done with these! LOL! Being that I'm such a DP hoarder...I need to start making my own "DP"! ;) Besides...the good thing about this is that you can customize your BG as you wish! Neat huh? Anywho...what do you think? BTW...giving credit where credit is due...this card was a CASE of THIS CARD! I just LOVED the elegance of it and it screamed to me...USE ME!!! Plus I love Baroque Motifs and I had neglected it long enough!

CS/DP: KKiss, BGrey, & Bright White
Ink: KKiss, GGrey, & BBlack
Stamps: Baroque Motifs, En Francais, & Elegant Cheer
Embellishments: satin flowers, flat back pearls (from Pretties kit), & pre-adhesived bling
Others: dauber

May you have a GREAT Christmas and hope you get some good new goodies toplay with! I'll be extra nice in hopes my Santa gives me some goodies to play with...or $$$ to buy some goodies! ;) I already know he got me a couple of those new Nesties...so I'm SUPER stoked about that! :D


My brain is working overtime...

...so I made this card featured today! With everything cleaned and half way cooked for tomorrow...I have nothing else to do! The gifts are wrapped, the kids are cleaned and fed...so as I sat here bored out of my mind...I put my hands to good use! I had these designs in my head for Melanie's tee's last night as I went to bed. This is when I get good ideas...although sometimes when I wake up...I've forgotten! Not the case this morning! I drew out what went thru my mind and BOO-YAH...these creations came to life...and EXACTLY as I had seen them in my head. That's a new one! Usually what's in my head never comes out like what goes on paper...not this time!!! YAY...my inner Santa is giving me an early gift to unwrap! The other card I made I'm gonna out-pilot for New Years Eve...I'm SOOOO excited for you to see that one...so please come back then! For now...here's the card I made to share today! I'm sure many can relate to the sentiments...lol!

So you can't decide whether to be naughty or nice...well...neither can I! LOL! Hence this card! Santa will have to deal with whatever Gabby he gets tomorrow night when he come to drop off the goodies! ;) LOL! Hey...didn't I tell you these tees are so much fun to play with??? You gotta get them if you don't have them...you will NOT regret it! I promise! And I'm not saying it because I was a guest designer for Melanie...I'm saying it cause I mean it!

Here I stamped the first tee on to Ridin' Hood Red, then the next on Kiwi Kiss, and the last on Bright White then colored in with Prismacolor "Buff" for the flesh. Notice the cleavage? ;) The naughty tee had it's sleeves cut off to make it sexy looking and gave it a neckline...down to there...yeah! Then I hand drew the Santa belt and went in with the Liquid Applique' to create the puff. The nice tee I colored in the sleeves with Prismas and stamped the trees from Studio G (December). Added some Stickles and WA-LA insta Christmas tee!!!

I bet you're wondering where this "energy" came from...well...it came from going to Maria's blog! She's always making these gorgeous creations and they're always so bold and "full"! Maria was my upline when I was a demo...she also became my friend when I found her on eBay and invited her to my MSN card group. Her work is EXQUISITE! It's thanks to her that I grew in my stamping abilities. I hadn't visited her blog in AGES...but thanks to the newly discovered widget...the following one...I decided to jump on over!

Anywho...I hope you've enjoyed this blah blah for the evening...lol.

Prismacolor markers used:

CS/DP: KKiss, RHRed, Bright White, & Christmas DP SU 2007
Ink: BBlack, KKiss, RHRed, & Prismas
Stamps: Little Tees, Tee Talk, Twisted Sentiments, Studio G (December), & ...and then I said!
Embellishments: sheer white ribbon, gold cord SU, & Liquid Applique'
Others: Scalloped Edge punch, circle punch, scalloped round punch, white gel pen, daubers, & Crop-A-Dile


Following!!! WHERE HAVE I BEEN???

OMG you guys...I can't believe I was missing out on that little helper!!! I just added the follower thingy yesterday and I've been following some of the blogs I visit and BOY...WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS I? I have been going to blogs MUCH EASIER to drop some love! Ok...how come no one told this late bloomer??? *shakes finger* LOL! SO...expect to see my beautiful face *cough/laugh* leaving you some love! Thank GOD for this helper! Geesh! Ok...back to my regularly sceduled program! ;) Hope to see your faces following me! :)

She's a cold hearted heartbreaker!!!

And she's lovin' it! Ok...so I said I would be back until before the New Year...but I have a few cards I'd like to share with you.

Here is a card I made with some stamps I haven't used in a while...my kick butt Bombshell Stamps!!! Here I used Bombshell Angel along with Tattoo Background & Mans Ruin. I made this card once again thinking of my friend "O". She is such a heartbreaker and doesn't care! She has a baby daddy and new guy!!! WHAT??? Between her break-up with the baby daddy...she's had other guys I met that she's crushed! OUCH "O"!!! When will she stop...no one knows! She even had tattoos of sparrows on her chest...2 to be exact. She says one is for her baby daddy and the other for her "current" boyfriend! OK "O"!!! Who will be the next guy to land in her web? I feel sorry for him...lol...or do I really? ;) They fall for it...so NO...I really DON'T feel that sorry!

Prismacolor markers used:
CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack, GGrey, RHRed, & Prismas
Stamps: Bombshell Stamps
Embellishments: ribbon & foil stickers
Others: N/A


Happy Holidays

With Christmas just knocking on our doors...I want to wish you all a GREAT Christmas. I wont be on here until maybe New Years Eve to wish you all a Happy New Year so in the meanwhile...may you have a safe and sound Christmas surrounded by your loved ones and may you receive everthing you wished for. Hugs and kisses from The Arriaza Family!


Don't hate Rosalie because she's beautiful!

The more I watch Twilight (5th time online)...the more I think this girl is just beautiful! Her hair, her wardrobe, her attitude of a strong and independant woman. She truly is beautiful! I'm an Alice fan...don't get me wrong...Alice is my girl...but after reading Rosalie's story of before she was a vampire...it's no reason why she was so loved by everyone and so tragic about her human end. So don't hate...lol...she's just misunderstood. I thought I hated her...well...not hate...more like really disliked...because of her attitude towards Bella...but after reading Breaking Dawn...I understood her more. I actually began to like her. I'm not saying more so I wont spoil it for those who still haven't read Breaking Dawn. ;) What do you think?

Prismacolor markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, Bright White, & Black, Cream, & Red collection Autumn Leaves DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Rubber Romance Elle & B.C. Dzyns Hey Chica
Embellishments: flat back pearls & velvet ribbon
Others: Diamond Glaze



I missed you!

This is a card I made while I was offline and having withdrawls from my online friends. I tried using bright colors which is not really my thing...but I made it for you...my friends I missed. :) See what time offline can do to you? LOL!

I dug thru kits I had received so I don't have a complete list of the supplies provided, I do know this is a set from MFT...but what I did use of mine was:
PPirrouette CS, PPink CS, Scalloped Punch, Crop-A-Dile, & Prismacolor Markers.
Kit provided by OhioMary from SCS.
Here are the markers I used:



Cupcakes! A guilty treat? Hmmm...

Do you ever feel guilty after such a yummy snack like a cupcake? I do...lol. This one is for you if you like me feel the guilt. I'm in the process of losing weight...so far after my "diet" I've lost 20 lbs. It's a good thing because after Thansgiving I thought I had added 20 lbs. So to encourage all my "chubby" friends trying to loose weight here is a card for you! Isn't this Sophie just cute? Plus...that cupcake looks very appealing...so who could blame her for jumping on the scale after eating such a yummy treat? LOL! Here's to your goal! Mine is far from my reach still...so here's to my goal too!

Prismacolor markers used:

CS/DP: C2Cocoa, VVanilla, Bright White, & unknown vendor embossed hearts & burgundy DP
Ink: BBlack & C2Cocoa
Stamps: Sophie & Things Hanna Would Say
Embellishments: Diamond Glaze
Others: dauber



Well...I did something right!!! LOL!!!

Yeah...I bet you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about...well...I was "monkey-ing" (as my dad puts it) with the computer. Yesterday when I posted...I couldn't even see my background OR see my pictures or upload pictures to show. Well...I was monkey-ing with it this morning and TA-DA! I could upload pictures!!! *knock on wood for it to continue* SO...I'm happy at least about that. LOL!

Ok...here is another project I made using the tutorial for the Bella Rose Tote (which BTW I am SOO sorry for those who couldn't see it). Melanie mentioned it on her blog when she posted my project as guest designer that the link was only viewable by thoe who subscribe to SCS. I made it similar to the last one I made because they're "Twilight-is" colors and my DS's teacher is a Twilighter. Oh...she LOVED IT!!! After I was done with it...I wanted to keep it...lol. It comes with a notepad...made the rings with the BIA that I've been neglecting...a Post It notes holder, R.S.V.P. pen, and a bookmark. These totes are too much fun to make. Whatcha think?
CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, Bright White, & Black & White series DP from Making Memories
Ink: BBlack
Stamps: Little Tee's, Tee Talk, & Studio G Alpha
Embellishments: FLOWERS!!!...bling, baubbles, ribbon, fibers, & Build-A-Brad
Others: Clip, coaster, Post It notes, chipboard, notepad, & bamboo skewers



So I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by one of my HO's...Miss Hollywood Ho...you go girl...to list 4 answers to questions about me. Here we go! Hope I'm interesting...lol.

4 things I like/love about my husband/boyfriend:
1. He is VERY patient & understanding.
2. He is a funny guy!
3. He spoils/babies me when I need it and when possible.
4. He loves me just the way I am.

4 jobs I've had:
1. cashier at a boutique (back in High School and for 2 months...lol)
2. MOM
3. WIFE...yes...that IS a job!
4. maid

4 Movies I have watched more than once:
1. Twilight (4 times already...I know...nuts huh?)
2. Disturbia (Shia is a cutie in this one)
3. Transformers (Shia again...I know I know...I'm sick...lol)
4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

4 TV Shows I watch:
1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2. Rock of Love Charm School
3. The Soup
4. the local news

4 People who email me regularly:
1. Joani
2. my Ho's
3. blogs I subscribe to
4. my cousin Angie

4 favorite foods:
1. onion rings
2. pizza
3. Italian food in general
4. scrambled eggs with ketchup

4 places I want to visit:
1. London
2. Hawaii
3. A exotic island (Fiji maybe)
4. Italy

4 things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1. Losing weight
2. my kids turning 1 year older
3. Hopefully being picked up on a DT
4. Growing & working on myself <---what she said!!!

4 people I tag (not in any particular order):
1. Joani
2. Joy
3. Nic
4. Julie

Have fun gals!!

POST EDIT: UGH...I hope you guys come on here to know you've been tagged. I'm trying to leave you a comment...but can't see the word verifications!!!!! It's madness!!!! :'(

Had technical difficulties...

...and boy did I have serious withdrawls! Hi all...I missed you! I was MIA for 2 weeks because my hard drive gave up on me. I lost a HUGE chunk of my memories...well...visual memories and I did cry for atleast 2 days. It didn't really hit me harder until last night when I came online and realized I had lost over 2,000 family pictures and pictures of crafts I've made since I very FIRST started crafting. Lesson learned to back up my stuff. Plus videos...OMG...I wont go on or else I'll break down again. DH is gonna have another guy take a stab at the old hard drive to see if maybe he can do what the others couldn't do...this guys is a "Geek Squad" guy...so I hope he can recover...but I'm not having high hopes. Oh well...to start over huh?

Ok...I have a question. I'm running on a Pentium 3 processor (a loaner from my brother) and is slow and hard for me to load pictures...so I'm wondering...is my background still here on my blog? I see the banner...but not the background. I hope it's still there or else I'll faint...lol. I worked so hard on it.

Anywho...I'm glad to be back online though...I miss my friends in my computer! ((hugs puter)). I'll have some stuff up soon that I worked on while I was gone.