Don't hate Rosalie because she's beautiful!

The more I watch Twilight (5th time online)...the more I think this girl is just beautiful! Her hair, her wardrobe, her attitude of a strong and independant woman. She truly is beautiful! I'm an Alice fan...don't get me wrong...Alice is my girl...but after reading Rosalie's story of before she was a vampire...it's no reason why she was so loved by everyone and so tragic about her human end. So don't hate...lol...she's just misunderstood. I thought I hated her...well...not hate...more like really disliked...because of her attitude towards Bella...but after reading Breaking Dawn...I understood her more. I actually began to like her. I'm not saying more so I wont spoil it for those who still haven't read Breaking Dawn. ;) What do you think?

Prismacolor markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, Bright White, & Black, Cream, & Red collection Autumn Leaves DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Rubber Romance Elle & B.C. Dzyns Hey Chica
Embellishments: flat back pearls & velvet ribbon
Others: Diamond Glaze



Stampin' Meg said...

Ohhh I didn't know I could pay to stream Twilight at home! I have been pretty much house bound with the new puppy. I know what I am going to do this afternoon!

Michele said...

Hey gabby!
Love the card.

I already know what i'm going to do for the twilight card and it's going to be absolutely fabulous....
I just need to order the perfect stamp to go with it.
You're going to flip when u see it!
Secret agent ho

Melissa Craig said...

Love this card! Fitting for Rosalie and anyone else with flowing hair and the need for speed.

I am just starting Breaking Dawn, just finished Eclipse. I am so loving this series and it's all your fault, dahling!

Joy said...

gabby, I love this card, and I too loved Rosalie after that last one!