Had technical difficulties...

...and boy did I have serious withdrawls! Hi all...I missed you! I was MIA for 2 weeks because my hard drive gave up on me. I lost a HUGE chunk of my memories...well...visual memories and I did cry for atleast 2 days. It didn't really hit me harder until last night when I came online and realized I had lost over 2,000 family pictures and pictures of crafts I've made since I very FIRST started crafting. Lesson learned to back up my stuff. Plus videos...OMG...I wont go on or else I'll break down again. DH is gonna have another guy take a stab at the old hard drive to see if maybe he can do what the others couldn't do...this guys is a "Geek Squad" guy...so I hope he can recover...but I'm not having high hopes. Oh well...to start over huh?

Ok...I have a question. I'm running on a Pentium 3 processor (a loaner from my brother) and is slow and hard for me to load pictures...so I'm wondering...is my background still here on my blog? I see the banner...but not the background. I hope it's still there or else I'll faint...lol. I worked so hard on it.

Anywho...I'm glad to be back online though...I miss my friends in my computer! ((hugs puter)). I'll have some stuff up soon that I worked on while I was gone.


Anonymous said...

oh no!!! I use an external hard drive to back stuff up to... which reminds me... time for a back up!

BTW, YES your background is still there! :)

Nicola said...

Oh Missus,

You poor thing. I am crazy paranoid that is going to happen to me one day too. I'm so sorry you lost all your memories. I can't help you with family pics but I know I have some of your cards that you have sent me. You want me to email them to you?


Stampin' Meg said...

awww Gabby- that totally stinks about your hard drive. I am happy to see you back, though!