All dresses up and ready to go New Years Eve 2008!

Happy New Years Eve to all! So what is everyone doing tonight? I'm staying home with my family and making vegeterian lasagne and watching TV. We hardly ever go out anymore because it's just too hard to be taking my parents out now a days...but I think us staying home waiting for the clock to strike midnight is all we need. What's better than that? Of course in years past we would go out to parties and what not...but those are years in the past now...lol. ETA: Since I posted this on auto-pilot, the initial meal was a veggie sagne...but now we're having a country fried meal! I'm making friend chicken, homemade mash, corn on the cobb, and made from scratch biscuits!!! YUMMM...and instead of going out, we're having a potluck with the middle house and front house tenants! This should be fun...they always make their traditional meals. Good thing it's New Years EVE and I can pig out! LOL...but on Jan. 1st...I'm laying low from the foods that are NOT good for me. SOOO...here's to healthy eating in the New Year!!!

What are your New Year traditions?

Us...at midnight we eat 12 green grapes and make a wish (could be the same one) for each grape.
We get a box of poppers and let the kids go nuts (so mom could have work in the morning).
And of course...we hug each other. I cry...lol!

Any resolutions?
HA...I have plenty:
1. Lose weight (even though this is an every year thing) :P
2. Be a better person
3. Work on ME!
4. Spend more time with neglected friends
5. Be a better mom, wife, & daughter
6. NOT spend so much money on stamping stuff!!! *GASP* I know huh? But it's true...I sometimes spend too much on crafting stuff in general to keep up with trends knowing very well that I CAN work with what I have! I already have too much and sometimes things I spend money on and then don't even get used...it's horrible. More of my money SHOULD be used on my kids and my wardrobe! :S

I know there's more things I need to work on...but I'll share just that...lol. Your turn!

Prismacolor markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, BGrey, Bright White, Silver foil CS, & Rockstar DP
Ink: BBlack, GGrey, & Prismas
Stamps: Little Tee's & Studio G (January)
Embellishments: polka dot ribbon, per-adhesived flat back bling, & silver wire
Others: Cuttlebug Dots folder, Coluzzle, circle punches, & star punch



Joy said...

gabby, I love this, it's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! happy new years to you! hope you keep true to your resolutions b/c I know I NEVER DO! lol

Ann said...

Love your card! Awesome!

Ugh! Don't want to think about resolutions. I'll have some of my stamping ones posted on my blog in the next day or two...

Happy 2009!!!! :D

Donna said...

what a fun card!!

Cindy Haffner said...

So fun and cool.