For your wonderful prayers! My mom is on the mend and was taken out of ICU yesterday and just this morning I spoke to her and she's now in her own private room. She'll be there maybe one more week to keep up the physical therapy...but I am so happy she's doing so much better. She can now walk with the help of a walker. Once the physical therapist can judge that she can walk on her own without the walker...she'll be coming home. For her being diabetic...her wound has healed so well that even the surgeon and her doctor are amazed! Hey...that's the power of prayer. I swear...I am HUMBLED by your wonderful responses of well thoughts and prayers and you do NOT understand how greatful I am of that and feel I'm in such debt to you all. We couldn't go see my mom today because all 3 of my kiddies as well as myself have developed a cold. With that swine flu going arond though of course I'm super paranoid...so I'm thinking of going to get us all tested. I know I'm being too paranoid about it...but hey...you have to be safe than be sorry right? SOOOO...now I'm off to lay down and rest it up and take advantage that it's DH's day off. I need badly to catch up on my sleep or end up checking myself for narcolepsy...lol...seriously!

Now here is another showsy. I just want to make sure that my posts aren't just ramblings and whinnings and "attention getters" as I was called...*rolls eyes* You know who you are and I do have to say "shame on you"! Anywho...I have been creating but I think I've been so bummed I hadn't taken notes of what I've used. So as soon as I can figure it out...I'll edit post! Thanks for putting up with me and HUGE HUGS to you!!! I'll be putting up a tutorial soon on how I made this Peek-A-Boo slider card that I made for the Bombshell Peek-A-Boo Contest. But if you don't want to wait for me to put it up...you can find it here! If you're not a Paper Craft Planet member...you may not be able to see it...so why not sign up! It's FREE! LOL! And while you're at it...sign up for Bombshell Stamps! Those are some nifty stamps!


Mom update and a card...

...hey ya'll...just wanted to post an update on my mom. We went to see her today and according to her nurse...she's still the same only now she's off IV feeding and she's been feeding her applesauce with pain meds since they don't want to keep her all hocked up on morphine and asleep. They want her awake and moving some. This time I was actually a bit stronger because she recognized me being there as oppose to last time she had no idea. I saw her eat thru her mouth and that alone lifted a heavy weight off my heart. She even made me chuckle. So I was speaking to her and I say "Mom...do you know who I am?" and she shook her head 'yes'. So then I ask her..."so you can hear me?" and then she nodded 'no'...so me being the brat I am I said..."so you only want to hear what YOU want huh?" and she kind of smiled and shook her head 'yes'! This woman...even when she's in pain and can't speak because she's still too weak she STILL has that humor inside her. Her nurse said that hopefully tomorrow they'll have their first try at physical therapy and have her try to at least stand. I'm praying for a good outcome on that. I took a few pictures of her I wanted to share. The first one is of her when we first got there, the second is her with my dad and the last one is before we left. You can kind of tell in the second one she was in pain in how she's pursing her lips. Needless to say my dad was a mess. I had (and still have) to explain why she's in the hospital. He's been a handful to care for at home...all I hear from my brother and sister is...just be patient! Yeah...easier said than done and I know MANY of you out there know how hard that is. I thank God everyday for all your prayers though as I'm seeing the results from it. I'm taking care of myself...it hard to do but I'm trying...so thank you all for your comments of concern...LOVE YA BUNCHES!

Ok...so I promised last post I would show you the cute owl card right...well I just wanted to update first as he's not alone...he has 3 brother/sister cards that go along with the explanation of THAT card. So for now...here is a card I made for an Easter swap over on Joani's Yuku group. (link over there--->).

Hope you had a great Sunday and here we go to a start of a new week!

CS/DP: SSun, WWhite, OOlive, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack (for sent.) and Copics
Stamps: Digi Daffodil by Sketching Stamper Digi Stamps
Embellishments: brads
Others: Swiss Dots CB folder & Coluzzle



It's that time again...Saturday Challenge!

So my girl Melissa is hosting this round and even with what's going on here...I didn't want to miss out! So here is my creation for the challenge!

First let me tell you the challenge. Make a card OR an ABAC using the image provided called Shop Girl! She was a free digi stamp from Modern Sugar Boulevard. Once you've made your creation...head on over to SCS and tag it with the keyword BLOGC8! If you don't have an SCS gallery...post it on your blog and leave Melissa a comment letting her know.

I decided to make a mini magazine holder that can easily hold 1/4 sheets of DP or CS to have at hand or it also holds up to 6 A2 sized cards depending on the bulk. I used DP I hadn't used in a while now and even though I'm not all that happy with the outcome...I'm just distracted to make something WOW...so here it is! Hope you like! Oh...see the little owl peeking out? I'll be posting him next post I have a chance to make...he was from a challenge from Joani's Yuku group and MAN he's my favorite! It was a challenging swap/challenge for a contest. If you would like to make one of these mini magazine holders...check out my girl Joani's tutorial and just her blog in general...she makes awesome stuff! Also...give her group a looksie if you like to swap and make great friends! The group link is over there-----> on my sidebar. This is how I actually look once I've done some shopping at Target or Michaels! :)

Now head on over to see what Mel and Joni have concoted...I'm sure it's gonna be awesome!


CS/DP: PPie, Bright White, & Bungalow DP by Marcella K.

Ink: Copics

Stamps: Digi stamp Shop Girl

Embellishments: dimensional flowers in Bungalow by Marcella K. & net fiber(?)

Others: eyelet edge punch



P.S. Thank you all so much for the thoughts and prayers. The big guy must be listening because mom is a bit better. Still in the hospital but in great hands. I'll post another update as soon as I know more on her condition. You guys have no idea how much your comments of thought and prayers really mean to me. Love you all for that!


Another nothing to show...just sad sad Gabby here...

So I'm just checking and and asking for a little favor from my blog world friends and anyone who wants to also help out! Can you please spare a tiny little spot in your daily prayers for my mom? Her name is just like mine...Gaby Loza... I have to tell you. We went to see her today and she's in the ICU and I did not see her too well. Just the sight of her made me cry and I had to leave and just have Oscar...my DH...go in for me. It wasn't my mom...the peppy lady I once posted on here looking all sassy! This time she was just...not good. I have so much faith she'll come around and be the same Gaby she was...but right now it broke my heart to see her how she was. So if possible, please, even just a tiny little prayer for her. Thanks so much!

I did however got to craft a bit to distract myself and actually managed to make 3 cards and color 6 images...but I feel burnt out now. I'm headed to bed but wanted to post so you'll know why I'm MIA. I will be around for Saturday's Challenge hosted by Mel. I have been meaning to use what she posted so I guess I'll do some more crafting to help dull my pain. See...I even got a little smile in! :)



Happy Earth Day!

So today is Earth Day...what are you doing to help our beautiful planet? The kids and I are gonna go elecrticity out once it gets darker and when they get home from school...we're going to the park who's hosting a plant a tree day and we're gonna go plant one. I'm gonna take my dad along so he can get some fresh air. My mom is in the hospital once again and this time they actually X-rayed her (they should have done that LAST time) and turnes out she has a couple hairline fractures. Right now she's going in for surgery. So I need to take the kids and my dad out to distract ourselves and just pray to God and Mother Nature to be on our side just for today if anything! So if I wont be posting cards until maybe Friday just so we can take time to reflect. So...have yourself a happy Earth Day and love our planet. Give it a BIG HUG!!!


Tired Manic Monday

Maybe not too manic...but I had that song in my head! LOL! I am tired though...lately I've been super tired...almost falling asleep while shopping...falling asleep when coloring/stamping...falling asleep while showering...BUT...not being able to fall asleep at night! HUH? I guess now with mom depending on me more now...I guess I'm just overwhelmed and just need some rest. Then yesterday we had my DD's 5th birthday party and well...it added a bit more to my already tired body. BUT I have to "man it up"...lol! I'm no man to man it up...duh...but you get the idea! However...with the kids going back to school today...I'll have time to nap without hearing a MOM...Chava took my ___ or MOOOOOOM...Elvira doesn't want to get up. I wont miss it! LOL! It's funny because when I knew they were gonna get vacations...I thought...cool...I don't have to wake up early...but having them here ALL DARN DAY...OMG!!! I rather wake up early and take them to school than hear the fighting and whinning thruout the day...lol.

ANYWHO...let me show you something I made last week for my SIL who had a baby girl. She had her baby shower but I couldn't attend...but still thought I'd make her something handmade and go all out...lol. I call it "all out" because this was my very first time making one of these...a diaper cake AND a blankie baby!!! It has NOTHING to do with stamping...but I thought I'd still show! Thanks for looking and I'll post something stamped OR colored tomorrow! Ciao!



Happy Saturday!

OMG I woke up late today and forgot to auto post last night...lol. That's telling you I need more sleep! Anywho...those of you who know me more personally know that lately my brain hasn't been clicking with creations for Bombshell Stamps...especially with the challenge recently posted. The challenge was to make a Peek-A-Boo card. I don't think I've made one before...so thie was a definate challenge brought on...lol. Finally I came up with this card. For some reason I'm stuck on using black, red, and white! I do have more colors but when using Bombshell...I always read for the colors mentioned! : O Anywho...this post is another shorty...tons to do!

Don't forget to check out the Saturday Challenge winner on Joni's blog! Enjoy your weekend!

Prismacolor Markers used:
Supplies: CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, Bright White, & Rockabilly DP
Ink: BBlack, Prismas, & Sharpies
Stamps: A Pirates Life & Holiday Accessory
Embellishments: flat back bling, brads, & floss
Others: Scalloped punch, 1/2 circle punch and 1 3/8 punch



So now that my DD has turned 5...

What now? I have no more "babies" LOL! I'm so bummed! We took her shopping to pick out her stuff for her party on Sunday and she chose Tinkerbell! She even picked out a costume to wear...lol. So we're home and tired and tomorrow I'll be working on the treat bags. NO...I AM NOT MAKING THEM...but I am filling them and then I'm taking Miss LV to the beauty salon to get her hair done and eyebrows plucked on Saturday. I'll try to post a picture! ;)

Here I want to show a card I made for my little girl. I'm saving it for Sunday. She actually picked everything she wanted on the card...so in other words...she gave me a challenge...lol! Boy did she make me work! It came out cute I have to say...even with all the stuff she picked!

I'll keep this one short...again...I'm feeling a bit out of sorts and need to get things done! I slacked yesterday from the hopping...lol! So time to catch up! See you guys soon!
POST EDIT: In all my BLAH BLAH BLAH...I forgot to say that I used a sketch by Tiets from the Sugar Bowl challenge...only I used it as inspiration to make my DD's card since she chose so much different DP...lol. I'll try it again only this time using a Sugar Nellie stamp.


Blog Candy Winner & a Gorjuss Girl!

Well...a gorjuss girl she be...our winner!!! She has been a friend and blog buddy for what seem are AGES now! Friends even before the blog came along...lol...so I was happy to see the random generator pop up with lucky #7! Congrats to Julie Temple!!! YAY GF!

Thanks to ALL my followers/readers! All of you make my day a happier one...especially when I see your pretty faces pop up in my comment box! :D

I'll be having another Blog Candy soon...so keep a look out for that!

Now on to my Gorjuss Girl...no not Julie again...lol...this card I made for my girl Cori! She didn't have any Gorjuss Girl stamps so I stamped her a couple of images for her to play with. I think I've enabled her with them! ;) I hadn't used my favorite color of all time on ANY recent card...so I had to break out the purples! Yes...Copics...I know...you see a pattern forming...but what I like about having LV share her Copics with me just like share my Prismas with her...THEY GET ALONG WELL!!! They don't fight (maybe because they're separated from each other)...I haven't heard them yelling at each other...now LV and Chava...and yes...Lizzie...that's another story! LOL! Anywho...I made major faux-paus <---is that how you spell that? So...I was so anxious to color this girlie that I didn't wait for the image to just rest it out over night and GASP...THE COLORS BLED!!! It was an icky mess...but I think I was able to slavage it! I don't know if Cori liked it...but I know she liked the images...lol. *blush*

Copics used: 100, N8, BV08, BV02, BV00, E00, E02, E35, E37, R20, C3, C5, & 0

CS/DP: PPlum, DP unknown vendor (scrap), & Bright White
Ink: BBlack, PPlum, & Copics
Stamps: Sent With Love Gorjuss Girl
Embellishments: sheer lilac ribbon, button, & flat back bling
Others: Mega Curved Rectangle Nestabilities



Club Anya Blog Hop!!!

Hey...what's up? Here from the Club Anya blog hop? No? Then head on over to Club Anya and check out who's hopping!!! Check out the list of hoppers!!! That alone is worth the jaw drop!!! How cool is this...that us...the fans of the club can hop along with the awesome DT!? Thanks for the opportunity!

Here is a card I made for the hop...it's out of this world! LOL! My DS helped me put it together...well...I did the putting together and he told me what I should use. I had initially just wanted to make a card depicting Space Ian who hadn't seen ink yet...but when my son painted the idea of using a spaceship and alien...I HAD to go for it to make it WOW! Then my little one...Lizzie...chimed in and said I should add a springy star...lol. Then I had the "genious" idea, I say genious and I'm sticking with my story :P, because I used glow in the dark fabric paint for a few stars and the aliens spots. WHAT??? Yeah...glow in the dark paint! I tried taking a picture of it in the dark...but I couldn't fix a setting on my camera to capture a good picture. :(

Anywho...now that you're done reading my blah blah...jump on back to Club Anya to check out more creations! Don't forget to shop once the hop is done...10 PM to be exact (CST)...you are bound to fall in love with at least one (if not all) of the Ian's and Anya's being released! I know I love them already!!! Also...don't forget to join the Anya chatter over on the Club Anya Paper Crafts Planet group! Join the chatter this afternoon once you're done hopping! There will be door prizes and just fun company!

Copics used:
Ian~C5, C3, B26, B23, R46, R29, R20, E50, E37, E35, E02, E00, & 0
Spaceship~N8, N5, N3, & N1
Dreck~G99, G24, YG01, E57, E37, & E,34

CS/DP: BBlack, BGrey, Bright White, Bazzil Bling Snow*, & Rockstar DP DCWV
Ink: BBlack & Copics
Stamps: Space Ian, Dreck (PMS), & Rocketship (Vintage Pop Pink Paislee)
Others: Coluzzle, wireworks, lg. star punch, sm. star punch, white gel pen, CB Circle & Dots CB folder, & G-I-D fabric paint


BLOG CANDY! Want some?

I will be closing this post and wont be accepting anymore comments! Thanks to those of you who left me a comment. I swear...a BUNCH of you made me LMAO! I'm glad I can bring smiles to faces with my CRAZY BLAH BLAH OMG NO SHE DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT posts! LOL! Hugs to one and all and GOOD LUCK! I will announce the winner at 6 in the A.M. MY time!
Good luck!
I hit my 40,000 post a while back and forgot to post the candy then...so I'll do that now! What I'm offering up is Hanna Stamps Pin Up Hanna, a 6 X 6 sampler of Rockabilly DP from SU and Red on Red May Arts reversible satin ribbon! All you have to do is post a comment here letting me know how long you've been my blog reader and what you think of my sometimes weird/crazy/HUH? BLAH BLAH...LOL...and I will pick a winner at random using RANDOM.ORG! I will post the winner on my DD's 5th birthday...April 16!
Good luck!

My little girl is graduating.....

...from being a "toddler" to being a "child" OMG!!! I'm gonna cry! I can't believe that tomorrow she will be turning 5!!! No wonder I feel old! LOL! One more year and my DS will be starting middle school and LV will be headed to HIGH SCHOOL! Holy moley! LOL! So with my daughter graduating to the next stage...I thought I'd post Graduate Anya! She is too darn cute in her cap and gown! For some reason I still can't graduate myself from using red & black...lol. HELP!

Anywho...I'll be keeping this one short because later on I will be posting another Anya/Ian card to be a stop on Club Anya's BLOG HOP! I'm not a DT...but how cool is it that Club Anya is allowing Anya fans to participate??? I love these little Ian's and Anya's so much I HAD to sign up! :D So check you out later on tonight...the hop statrs at 7 PM CST...5 my time! See you hopping along! Then don't forget to shop...this release so far from the sneeks I've seen...you'll want to get your hands on these new Anya's and Ian's! ;) It'll be a circus...but good thing if something burns up...there will be someone to put out that fire! *wink*
Prismas used: once again...I forgot to picture the markers! *slaps forehead*
CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Digi Grad Anya & Hanna Stamps sentiments (I think? :S)
Embellishments: flat back bling
Others: Scalloped punch, circle punches, & notch corner punch


It's There She Goes Tuesday once again!

And here is another card made with There She Goes April release stamp set Tweeterpated! This time I chose to go with a CAS card. It was hard for me not to add more stuff to it...but I have to bring myself to making these cards...not only are the simpler to make...but it makes a card more elegant looking and not so cluttered and busy like I'm used to...lol. This set is too cute because it's so versatile... Whatcha think?

I know...another short post. I'm just so brain cluttered that I really can't think! Let me do some brain Spring cleaning and you'll once again have my crazy posts...lol!

CS/DP: WWhite, Bazzil Bling Hot Pink & Summer Yellow (I name my own colors when I don't know the actual colors...lol!
Ink: RRose & SSaffron
Stamps: Tweeterpated
Embellishments: SU ribbon
Others: Spica Glitter pen clear



Happy Easter Sunday!

I am off to go to my in-laws so I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Easter and remember to celebrate it for it's real reason...the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!


WOO HOO...a very special Saturday Blog Challenge! Are you up for it?

Ok...so what's so special about THIS Saturday? WELL...we have Maria Bell (shreeks) as one of the guest judges!!! WHAT??? How cool of Maria to accept being guest judge...she is not just a great friend...but OMG her talent is AMAZING!!! I'm lucky enough to own a few pieces of her work too! Well...again...how cool of her to accept?

Joni is hosting this Saturday challenge and it's a good one...a sketch by none other than Maria! I hope I did it justice! It's a bit busy...but I don't know...I like somewhat busy cards! I know I know...not everyone likes to fry their brain on elements overload...but it's nice to fry your brain once in a while...NO? Maybe it's just me...lol. Anywho...since I LOVE monkeys...I had to use this ADORABLE digi stamp created by the awesome artist Dustin Pike! If you haven't seen his digi stamps...OMG you're missing out on a treat! He's so fabulous...he has offered up some of his images...FOR FREE!!! Get out of here...who does that with awesome images? So go ahead and create a card using the sketch provided and then upload your card to SCS with the keyword BLOGC7! Then Joni will announce the winner next Saturday, April 18th!

Now go and check out what Joni and Melissa made! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome!

The image background came to be by accident...and I'm glad I messed up and made that little accident! What I wanted to do was just outline the image and "shadow" it like CandiceL from SCS does...well...it didn't turn out exactly like how I had envisioned it...so I ended up just coloring in the background! When I was done I did a 'hand to forehead' slap because I could have used the Air Brush can! I sometimes wonder if these things only happen to me...lol. So then when I was putting the card together...I thought it was too blue around the monkey and decided I would go in with a dauber and add some green under him to make it look like there's some grass below him. Whatcha think?

Copics used: BG 05, BG01, G99, G24, E50, E37, E35, E31, E29, RV11, & 0

CS/DP: C2Cocoa, CCaribbean, OOlive, KKiss, Bright White, & Basic Grey Blush DP
Ink: BBlack, C2Cocoa, CCaribbean, OOlive, KKiss, & Copics
Stamps: Monkey Digi Stamp by Dustin Pike & It's A Jungle Out There from MFT
Embellishments: SSaffron grosgrain ribbon, Vine ribbon, & spiral paper clip
Others: D'Vine Swirl CB folder, Scalloped edge punch, corner rounder punch, scalloped punch, circle punces (1 3/8 & 1 1/4), piercing tool, oval Coluzzle, dimensionals, & white gel pen



Nothing to post today! ~auto-pilot post~

Except this short post...LMBO! I'm sorry if I've confused you! LOL! I just got back from the movies with the kids and hubby and I am tired and just can't bring myself to leave my lazy butt outside the door and actually post something! Remember...if you're a reader...comment above at a chance to win some blog candy! HUGS and have a great Friday! Stay tuned tomorrow for anothe r Saturday challenge hosted by Joni! It's a good one! :D


Short post!

Today my post will be short. I have so much to catch up on and I'm gonna spend some time with the hubby and kids. We're going once again to watch Monsters VS Aliens. Turns out our theater NOW features 3D in IMAX! Super cool!

Here is another card I made (of 4) that are also for the pet swap. This one is a 3X3 though! I really like making these mini cards. I used The Greeting Farms Wild Things set. I have birdies...so I had to get one spot for them! They are wittle birdies...so I think the size matches the pets...lol. I once again used LV's Copics. I lost that list of colors used too! I tell you...if my head wasn't attached to my shoulders...I would loose that too!



Happy Gorjuss Wednesday!

OMG the weather here is TO DIE FOR! It's nice and breezy and sunny...PERFECT! This is how I like my weather...not too hot and not too cold! I'm the Goldilocks of weather...lol.

Anywho...I want to show you this card which is a series of 4 for a swap. I'm super excited about this card because the very first time I saw these images on Splitcoast...I was IN LOVE! These Gorjuss girls are soooo my type! I love working with these kinds of stamps...plus it doesn't hurt they look like my girlies! Wonder if the desinger will even come up with some Gorjuss boys! Right now the only stamps that resemble my boy are the new boy fairies from Paper Makeup and the Ians from The Greeting Farm...lol! Anywho...off track! These cards were made for my girl...Lisa's (wildbasket) swap that calls for your favorite pet! Wow...for some weird reason...I feel like I'm having a case of Dejavu'! It's like I feel I've posted this before! WEIRD! LOL! Anywho...I once again used LV's Copics but can't believe I lost the list of the colors I used! AAAAHHH. Anywho...these girls can be found at Sugar Nellie! You still have time to pre-order kit #2 of the Gorjuss Girls...pre-sale ends on the 11th! Ok...so back to catching up on swaps I go! I've got a long way! YIKES! Whatcha think?

CS/DP: PPirrouette, CChip, Bright White, & Bella Rose DP
Ink: BBlack, CChip, & Copics
Stamps: Sitting & Purrfect Friend Gorjuss Girls
Embellishments: Prima flowers, silk flower, leaves die, flat back bling, & ribbon (unknown vendor)
Others: Nestabilities Labels 1, white gel pen, & eyelet border punch



There She Goes Tastes Like Chicken!

And according to my DH...it does! EWWWWW!!! He's actually had possum! *GAG* We have one that passes by in our yard on our brick wall and OMG he's sooooo creepy looking! His beady little eyes...*shivers*! Still I could use this possum to stamp! When I saw this set I initially wanted to use the possum for the sneak peek...but HAD to use the couch for piecing practice. I'm getting a bit rusty there! Anywho...I was googling possum pictures and came across one I had to use! It was of a possum in the middle of the road and apparently the ones who paint the street line dividers didn't bother moving it...or just thought they'd paint over it for kicks and giggles! I hope this card gives you the giggles! Please...no hate comments! From looking at some posts on SCS about this set...not everyone likes or even gets the humor to this! I'm the kind who loves humor...so this is so me and I so get it! LOL! This card is yet another try at my hand with Copics. Practice is needed...so be gentle with your comments! LOL! Notice how I made the LO to look like the road? LOL! Thanks to sketch challenge #220.

Copics used: E00, E02, N8, N5, N3, W4, W1, Y17, Y15, & 0

CS/DP: BBlack, BGrey, Bazzil Bling Yellow, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Copics
Stamps: Tastes Like Chicken by There She Goes
Embellishments: none
Others: CB Distressed Striped folder & white gel pen



A start to a new week!

Happy Monday everyone! First off I want to thank each and everyone of you who have been sending my mom well wishes. She's doing good and has been resting and has been treated like a Queen! She doesn't like it as she'd rather be up and cooking...lol...but she has to deal with it! My sister came from Arizona to check up on her and she tells me she's so thankful for me taking care of her. That made my day and I hope it's a sign of good things to come this week.
Finally I had some time to chill yesterday and just STAMP! My DH helped me out around the house and even cooked so I can get some me time. Hopefully I can catch up with my sleep now...lol. I slept 4 hours last night...so I'm just hoping to catch up because I NEED my 8 hours! Anywho...here is a card ( a series of 4) I made for a friends swap that calls for using digi stamps. I took 2 spots and for this spot chose to use Jena Baking from Little Paper Shop. I've been playing with LV's Copics to test drive them and have them make friends with my babies...my Prismas! They're getting along famously! I also ran across and old challenge to use faux stitching and so I went with it! I need to start trying new things AND getting back to the old. The old in this card is using smaller dies such as the greenery. I also finally used Lables 4...I have now used all 4...lol! Come on Spellbinders...bring on some more lables! ALSO...something else that's new is a shading technique I read up on SCS by the FABBO CandiceL! Jesus I love her coloring!!! Candice...if you happen to drop by and read this...YOU INSPIRE ME to improve my coloring! Thanks for the shading technique! Whatcha think?

Check in tomorrow for There She Goes Tuesday! I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it!

Copics used: E00, E02, 100, E35, E34, R43, R20, R29, Y08, Y13, N5, N3, N1, & 0

CS/DP: PPirrouette, Bright White, Yellow Bazzil Bling, & DP by unknown vendor
Ink: BBlack & Copics
Stamps: Sweet Celebrations by Taylored Expressions & digi stamp Jena Baking by Little Paper Shop
Embellishments: leaves die/punch
Others: white gel pen, scalloped punch, circle punches, Lables 4, & piercing tool



My mommy is home & Blog Challenge WINNER!

She and I want to thank you very much for your prayers. She's feeling much better but of course still sore. Poor thing is all bruised up from her back and left arm...but it's better than her to have had something way more serious. Turns out the anesthesia interacted with some Vicodin she took for her pain...that's what made her so dizzy to cause her to fall. This means now I can sleep...lol. She does have to go back to get another X-ray...but from the looks of it...she's feeling a bit more strong because she's walking around. Limited...but walking. SOOOO...thank you VERY much for your prayers. Look at this trooper! LOL! She even decided to "strike a pose" for her pic! How cute is my mommy? LOL! My daddy is one happy camper now that she's home. It's cute how they both missed each other! She told us she had a dream about him and was talking in her sleep and that the attending nurse had to laugh because she said "honey...let me sleep" in spanish...honey refering to my dad...lol. Here is just a random pic I took from her room while we waited for the guy with the wheelchair to take her down...or her taxi as she said...lol.


So we had a nice show of cards for the Saturday challenge and I want to take this time out to thank each one of you who participated. You all did pretty awesome with the sketch...but only one winner can be chosen. SO the winner for the Saturday challenge is.....

Sheri...AKA PaperCrafty on Splitcoast! Check out her entry!
Sheri...go check out Paper Makeup Stamps and let me know which stamp you would like and as soon as I get it...I will mail it out to you! Congrats Sheri!
See you all next Saturday when Joni hosts the next blog challenge! Hope to see a larger turn out!
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Sorry I've been MIA!

Hey friends! I apoloize for not being around once again. It's just one thing after another. Today I was gonna post another TSG new release card but yesterday my mom was in the hospital and she had a procedure done that she had to be put under anesthesia and well she was groggy so I just sat to watch her. Then this morning at about 3 in the morning...Oscar and I heard a thud right outside our bedroom door and we got up super quick to find out my mom had fallen. She hit her head on our door frame and she was dizzy. So not taking any chances...not only because of what happened to Natasha Richardson...but also because she's 72 and her sugar was over 300...I had Oscar call 911. So as I sat her up and brought her to the living room...Oscar called the paramedics. I haven't slept since then and feel SUPER sleepy to even think of creating anything. I did however finish off a swap yesterday that my mom was in the hospital. I'll post that tomorrow...right now I just want to concentrate on my mom and dad. My dad keeps asking me where my mom is...so everytime I tell him...it's like I'm telling him all over again for the first time. I'm feeling exhausted and I've been trying to stay away by stopping by blogs and the SCS gallery. I'm calling her later on tonight to see how she's doing. I worry so much about her because it seems this year she's been more tired and frail. Can I ask you for a tiny favor? Can you please send a little prayer tonight for my mom? Her name is Gabriela Loza. Thank you so much in advance. HUGS! Hope to see you tomorrow!