My little girl is graduating.....

...from being a "toddler" to being a "child" OMG!!! I'm gonna cry! I can't believe that tomorrow she will be turning 5!!! No wonder I feel old! LOL! One more year and my DS will be starting middle school and LV will be headed to HIGH SCHOOL! Holy moley! LOL! So with my daughter graduating to the next stage...I thought I'd post Graduate Anya! She is too darn cute in her cap and gown! For some reason I still can't graduate myself from using red & black...lol. HELP!

Anywho...I'll be keeping this one short because later on I will be posting another Anya/Ian card to be a stop on Club Anya's BLOG HOP! I'm not a DT...but how cool is it that Club Anya is allowing Anya fans to participate??? I love these little Ian's and Anya's so much I HAD to sign up! :D So check you out later on tonight...the hop statrs at 7 PM CST...5 my time! See you hopping along! Then don't forget to shop...this release so far from the sneeks I've seen...you'll want to get your hands on these new Anya's and Ian's! ;) It'll be a circus...but good thing if something burns up...there will be someone to put out that fire! *wink*
Prismas used: once again...I forgot to picture the markers! *slaps forehead*
CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Digi Grad Anya & Hanna Stamps sentiments (I think? :S)
Embellishments: flat back bling
Others: Scalloped punch, circle punches, & notch corner punch

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~*Joni said...

Gabby! She's adorable! And I'm not even talking about your Anya yet. haha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you munchkin-adult! LOL! They do grow up so fast. OMWord, it's unbelievable. I cannot believe how close in ages our 3 (out of my 6) kiddos are! I have one starting HS next year, Jay will be in 6th grade, and Maali turns 5 in July. I wish we lived closer, they could all hang out. Okay, that's just my excuse for wanting to come over to your house all the time. haha! LOVE your Anya! See you at the hop hunny bunny!