For your wonderful prayers! My mom is on the mend and was taken out of ICU yesterday and just this morning I spoke to her and she's now in her own private room. She'll be there maybe one more week to keep up the physical therapy...but I am so happy she's doing so much better. She can now walk with the help of a walker. Once the physical therapist can judge that she can walk on her own without the walker...she'll be coming home. For her being diabetic...her wound has healed so well that even the surgeon and her doctor are amazed! Hey...that's the power of prayer. I swear...I am HUMBLED by your wonderful responses of well thoughts and prayers and you do NOT understand how greatful I am of that and feel I'm in such debt to you all. We couldn't go see my mom today because all 3 of my kiddies as well as myself have developed a cold. With that swine flu going arond though of course I'm super paranoid...so I'm thinking of going to get us all tested. I know I'm being too paranoid about it...but hey...you have to be safe than be sorry right? SOOOO...now I'm off to lay down and rest it up and take advantage that it's DH's day off. I need badly to catch up on my sleep or end up checking myself for narcolepsy...lol...seriously!

Now here is another showsy. I just want to make sure that my posts aren't just ramblings and whinnings and "attention getters" as I was called...*rolls eyes* You know who you are and I do have to say "shame on you"! Anywho...I have been creating but I think I've been so bummed I hadn't taken notes of what I've used. So as soon as I can figure it out...I'll edit post! Thanks for putting up with me and HUGE HUGS to you!!! I'll be putting up a tutorial soon on how I made this Peek-A-Boo slider card that I made for the Bombshell Peek-A-Boo Contest. But if you don't want to wait for me to put it up...you can find it here! If you're not a Paper Craft Planet member...you may not be able to see it...so why not sign up! It's FREE! LOL! And while you're at it...sign up for Bombshell Stamps! Those are some nifty stamps!


Melissa Craig said...

I am soooo happy to hear the great news about your Mom! Still sending lots of hugs and prayers though.

Your card is awesome!

~*Joni said...

WHO CALLED YOU AN ATTN' GETTER? I'm going to tell KelliJo...Oh Fabby, I am so happy that she's doing better. I think of you often and hope that your lapse in posting (which by the way, gives me Gabby Withdrawals) is only because you are super busy being a caregiver/mom/daughter/wife. I love your card, she's a hottie! I am going to peek at the tutorial on PCP, only because I need to upload my new pics there...HUGE hugs to you and your family -

WickedPixie said...

I am so glad your mother is doing better!

Very cool card!

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

Glad to hear you mom is doing good :) I love this card! so creative!

Sarah said...

Gabby, I am soooo glad that your mom is getting better! And the card rocks!

Nicola said...

So glad to hear your mom is on the mend. I will keep her in my prayers.

I just love the peek-a-boo card. Super cute.


Robin said...

Thanks for the update on your Mom. I am so glad to hear she is out of ICU. :-)

Be sure to keep on taking care of yourself and drink lots of water.


Julie Temple said...

YAY, I am so glad your Mom is doing better!! The power of prayer IS strong!! As far as the Swind Flu, NO you not being paramoid...check it out if you feel the need~better safe than sorry, kiddo!!
Love the mermaid...dang, that is a MAJOR COOL CARD!


Stampin' Meg said...

I am so happy to hear about your Mom, Gabby. This card with the spotlight on the mermaids rump is a hoot!!!

Anonymous said...

Wicket pretty card!