Remember from Saturday...

...about the owl card in the mini mag holder? Well...now that I am letting my brain breathe...I'm posting it plus the others! Sorry about the late post...my brain is just waking up! LOL! Ok...so a while back on Joani's Yuku group there was a swap where everyone who signed up would send in something different to the hostess enough for those who joined to create kits and you would make as many cards as possible using ONLY what was in the kit. Well...let me tell you...it sure was a challenge as some of the stuff was stuff I don't normally use...but MAN was it fun to come out of my element and still try to create something AND LIKING IT! LOL! Here is what came in the kit: (I borrowed Kristen's pic...she was the hostess)

So here are the cards I made in the ORDER they were made. I didn't use everything pictured...but I did use what was in the package! Some stuff I just flipped to make it work! I have to say though that the owl one...it's just my all time fave! I don't know why...but I just love it! Oh...and I'll tell you beforehand...the leaf was actually a DP...I just flipped it and airbrushed it so I can make it work...lol. I don't know if that's cheating...but we'll see! Oh...did I mention Kristen has a box of goodies for the winning card! Everyone did a great job and I think some are still working on them etc...so I can't wait to see who wins. Everyone is a winner though because we SO rocked the challenge! If you wanna join Joani's Yuku group...check it out! There's also a tag over on the sidebar! *wink* Let Joani know I sent ya! Ok...with further A DO (however you say that!)




All images were colored with both Prismas and Copics!


Melissa Craig said...

These are sooo cool Gabby! I think my favorite is your first one - I love that image. They are all so wonderful though.

Gael said...

These are great, Gabby! Number 1 is my fave - love that expression on her face!! :)