Saturday Challenge~Emotional Baggage!

No...it's not me whining about my family...lol...it's actually what Joni called her challenge this Saturday! LOL! Her challenge is to use ANY bag as inspiration for a card. Check out what Joni & Melissa made! Then make a card and head on over to SCS and upload your card with the keywords BLOGC4 so can check 'em out!

Here is my card...and mind you I'm in a funk so who I am and my style didn't really come off in this card. I'm so stuck on LV's tweeny stuff right now it's SICK! I'll snap out of it soon...but in the meanwhile...check out my entry! I used my "CAN NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT" Kathy Van Zeeland purse. I LOVE this purse SO much! It's all old and slumpy now...but it carries ALL I really need in there! I stamped NOTHING on this card! I used only rub-ons and stickers. Of course I embellished it with some ribbon and charms...but that's it...pretty plain and basic I guess. Hope you like!

CS/DP: CChip, C2Cocoa, & Vanilla Bling (?) Bazzil Bling
Stamps: NONE
Embellishments: tiara charm, sheer silver ribbon, & flat back bling
Others: rub ons Forever In Time Vintage Classics & stickers MAMBI



Blast from the past

Ok...since I don't have anything to post for today since I'm getting ready for LV's 13th birthday making her stuff for her party and what not...I want to show you some blast from the past cards. I'm also making some other stuff for her and her friends for the premiere of the Jonas Brothers 3D Movie Experience on 2/27. So I want to show you these cards I made AGES ago! It's funny to see the transitions from when I first started. So check 'em out and have a great hump day! Hopefully I can get something created tomorrow to post and autopilot if possible.



LV's 13th birthday card!!! OMJ!!!

LMBO...what's OMJ you ask? Well...it's a term LV uses with her friends. Instead of our OMG...she says OMJ for OH MY JONAS! Yeah...I know! *rolls eyes* Well...since her 13th birthday is coming up on March 1st...I thought I'd make her a card featuring her boys...The Jonas Brothers! She has been a long time fan...when they were first coming out on the scene...about 2006 I think...well it's been since 2007 that she's shown MUCH more interest in them. I guess she had to grow into herself to finally give in to the "hearthrod-ish" fanatisicm. She loves these boys to no end...so what better thing to incorporate into her birthday card than no other than the Jo Bros!? LOL! I had to make Hello Ian and Dress Me Ian into curly heads because there's no curly hair Ian (or buddy...hint for Marie *wink*). It's funny because I think I got them to the T!!! Including their own unique "style". Cute huh? I hope she likes it! She better because I worked really hard on them! LOL! Oh...and I also used colors from her other favorite thing right now...Twilight. Here are her boys...the Jonas Brothers. BTW...her favorite is Joe...the straight hair one in the middle! AND I HAVE TO CONFESS...I don't care how much I get ridiculed...LMBO...but I have a tiny crush on the older JB...Kevin ( on the left). *blush* He's the one with the best fashion sence...IMHO! :P

Prismacolor Markers used:
CS/DP: BBlack, RHRed, Bright White, & B&W Butterfly DP from MAMBI
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Hello Ian, Dress Me Ian, Clothing Access., Chef Ian, & Things Hanna Would Say
Embellishments: Prima flowers, flatback bling, & glitter stickers
Others: scalloped punch, circle punches, & ticket notch corner punch



I'm on a roll...

...after some nice sleep after my caffeine binge...lol...I am on a roll and I managed to make some stamping time for 3 cards! These cards featured today are for Stamps & Smiles first sketch promoting their new line of stamps. Head on over to S&S blog to enter to win some stamps! Check out my entries for the sketch!

First is this card I not only made for the sketch challenge...but I also made it for my soon to be 10 year old DS who LOVES cupcakes especially with sugar crystals...lol. Check out how I freehanded some arms in...LOL! Oh...and one even took their hand off the top cupcake to hold a banner!!! Thanks cuppy cake! LOL! Could you believe I am being good using my scraps? Yup...this DP was in my scraps! I also JUST REALIZED today that I had that blue/aqua textured CS in my CS/DP cart! I bough this CS about 2 years ago on eBay!!! Dang do I know how to hoard...or forget to use the good stuff...lol! Now...would you eat such cute cuppy cakes? YUM! LOL!

Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: WWasabi, , DP vendor unknown (from my scraps), Textured CS from unknown vedor (from hoarded pile), & Bright White
Ink: BBlack, BGray, & Prismas
Stamps: Stamp A Sweet Impression by Taylored Expressions (link on my sidebar)
Embellishments: Diamond Stickles & flatback bling
Others: oval Coluzzle

Next is this OH SO SWEET Miss Anya! She was inspired by LV in her "before she became a rocker chick" stage. I use to dress her in pinks with ribbons in her hair and what not. Man I miss those days. BUT...I still got Lizzie to play "pinky dress up" with. Can you believe my LV is gonna be 13 on Sunday??? Yup...I'll officially have a teen! Let the gray hairs start flowing! No...she's a good girl...just not my girly anymore. Another thing I was hoarding were these cute rub-ons! What was I thinking? I've spent too much money to heard! That DP...yup...also in my scraps pile! *rolls eyes* Anywho...whatcha think? I'm actually proud of myself and patted my back...lol. Check out the cute pearl frame! Ok...this is so sweet I shall say myself that I am getting a tooth ache! Sorry to toot my own horn...I'm just very proud of these cards being that I'm not feeling 100% well.
Tomorrow I'll show ya card #3!!! It's a DOOZY!!! It's LV's 13th birthday card made with stuff she just LOVES...you'll see what I mean! *wink*

Prismacolor Markers used:
CS/DP: C2Cocoa, PPirrouette, DP from scraps, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Miss Anya
Embellishments: flatback pearls, satin ribbon, stitch rub-ons, & Diamond Stickles
Others: oval Coluzzle & corner rounder punch for scallops



St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner!

YEAH! The only day I can get away with celebrating with green beer!!! I'm not Irish...but I wish I was...really...I do! Or at least a % of me was. BUT SINCE I'M NEITHER...lol...I made a card and will be making more! :P

So I don't have too much blah blah today...I'm on the clock...tick tock tick tock! Sorry...it's the Coke/Redbull combo! I am super wired because I also drank coffee in the morning and then went shopping and had a caramel macchiato! So this post will have to count for Monday...lol. I don't know what time I'll end up going to bed! It's already nearing 11 pm and I still have energy! Ok anyways...lol...here's the card! See...Bombshell Stamps can be versatile! I didn't use ANY Bombshell chicas or anything looking "pin-upish" or "tattooish"! Cool huh? Woooo what a rush!

Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: OOlive, GGreen, Bright White, & DP from scraps
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Holiday Accessory & Mermaid Treasure BSS
Embellishments: flat back bling in peridot & gold glitter glue
Others: Giga scalloped punch & Mega circle punch


"He Was A Sk8ter Boi...

...she said see you later boi! He wasn't good enough for her!" If you're singing along with this that means you know Avril Lavigne's Sk8ter Boi song! YEAH! LOL! Just look at what I got myself into! This card was made for Marie's sketch challenge over at The Greeting Farm blog for some candy! Awesome sketch Marie...it took me out of my "box" when it comes to LO's! I've NEVER done anything slanted...lol. Well...not that I can remember! Hmmm... Anywho...isn't he just the cutest? Who wouldn't want this sk8ter boi? LOL! Ok...funny story about the "city" behind Ian. Well...I was thinking...'should I or should I not?'...well I drew it in with pencil first to see how it looked and then showed my DS! He is just an AWESOME artist and is my drawing critic...so when he said it was "OK" and to go for it...I made it permanent! LOL! I listened to a soon to be 10 year old and I LOVE the outcome! Yes...TOOT TOOT...I am tooting my own horn! :P WHAT? LOL! It sure was a challenge for me to say the least! OH...I even drew an awesome "pavement" but realized it was too late when I layered on the "grass"! *sigh* A waste of "art" gone behind CS! Oh well...leasson learned! LOL...ALWAYS LOOK BEFORE YOU PASTE!!! What do you think?


Prismacolor Markers used:
OK GUYS...I really screwed this one up! I took a picture of the tops of the markers because I wnated to try something different...well HA HA to me...I forgot to write down the COLORS!!! *slaps forehead* What a DORK! If I remember the colors...I'll update JUST IN CASE ya'll want to use those colors. *sigh* I need a screwdriver to tighten up these loose screws!

CS/DP: KKiss, C2Cocoa, TTurquoise, Bright White, & Rockstar DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Skater Ian & ...And Then I Said
Embellishments: pistachio mini safety pin (vendor unknown)
Others: white gel pen, silver gel pen, Pilot Pen (for scene), & Rockies deco scissors by Kraft Edgers



We have a winner!

I must admit...you all did FABULOUS! So this is really hard for me to do...it's a dirty job...but someone's gotta do it! So the winner of the SSC is..................

Anita...contact Marie at The Greeting Farm with your choice of 2 (two) digital stamps OR 1 (one) single stamp!

Thanks for playing!

You can also check out the other entries here!

Thanks for playing ladies! Hope to see you guys participate when it's Joni's turn on 2/28! OMG she has a GOOD challenge coming up!!! See you next time!


Happy Saturday!

Hi ya'll! Happy Saturday! I am super exhausted from so much going on here in Gabby Land! I have so much to finish and so little time...BUT I'm getting there! Out of 20 things I had to get done...I'm down to only needing to finish 8!!!

Here I wanted to show you this card (in a set of 6) I made for a swap hosted by a fellow Ho...Mcfadden on SCS! Her swap calls to use 2 or more Gina K. stamp sets (images) on your cards. Well...after having DOZENS of ideas out of 22 sets I own from Gina K...I came up with this one! I absolutely LOVE IT and I'm glad I decided to do this one instead of the one I had officially chosen. It took me some time to color...but in the end...I was super happy! What do you think?

Stay tuned later on tonight when I announce the winner of the Saturday Challenge! I wish more of you would have joined...but it's ok...maybe next time?

Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: OOlive, C2Cocoa, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Autumn Leaves & Take Flight
Embellishments: N/A
Others: Top Note die & edge distresses from SU



Inspired By Joani!

After seeing Joani's card organizer...I knew I had to make one! I am SO bad at sending out cards for X occasions and now thanks to Joani...I think I'm on my way to a better road. I so want to be as good as Joani to be on track of birthdays etc...and now I hope this pushes me to get better. So here it is...my birthday card organizer! Check out Joani's blog post on how to make these! They are super easy to make and even MORE fun to decorate! All you need is 6 sheets of 12 X 12 CS!!! I used lightweight chipboard to make the covers. This is SOOOO me AND I finally was able to play with digi Rachel from TGF! What do you think? Wanna make one...check Joani out! Oh...before I forget...I heard a sigh of relief from my Bind-It-All! It was happy I used it...lol.

Ok now...have a great Friday!
Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, Bright White, & B&W Butterfly DP by MAMBI
Ink: Prismas
Stamps: Digi Rachel TGF
Embellishments: ribbon & flat back bling
Others: lightweight chipboard & Bind-It-All



Elegant Wedding

Ok...so first off I'm freaking out because I can no longer find the card I CASE'd on SCS! The only difference about my card is I used black and white as opposed to her purples and greens! Oh well...as soon as I find it...I will post the link to credit.

POST EDIT: I found the card...LOL! Here it is!

So...I made this set of cards for a swap I'm in. I really don't have much to blah blah about today as I'm working hard on finishing up swaps so I don't join anymore in a while to focus on ME and making cards for fun and to work on newer stuff. LOL! Hope you like! I apologize if I'm in a rush today! I wish there were more hours in the day to do ALL I have to do. I put myself in these positions though...so I need to weed my way out little by little and without going nuts.

CS/DP: BBlack, Bright White, & B&W Butterfly MAMBI DP
Ink: Archival Brilliance Black
Stamps: Wedding Inkadinkado
Embellishments: flowers & flat back pearls from Pretties kit
Others: CB Swiss Dots folder, corner rounder punch, Giga scalloped punch, Mega circle punch, SU scalloped punch, & circle punch



11 years and still going strong!

Yes...the DH and I have had our ups and downs...but what relationship doesn't? So...this Saturday...2/21 is our 11 year anniversary! WOW! It seems like just yesterday we got married! Now we're in 11 years married with 3 beautiful children and still holding on!

So I made this card for him as my anniversary card for him. He always comes home with something cute he doodled on a napkin and a picked flower from outside his job...lol...but hey...I know he does it from his heart. He doesn't have to bring me anything...so that small gesture is as big as King Kong...or even bigger! I always tend to make him super duper romantic mushy cards...but that was for 10 years...now my new tradition will be naughty racy cards...lol. Hey...that's what keeps us interested in each other...lol...my Rocky Road! Ok...before I give TOO much away...LMAO... Whatcha think? He's all I really want!

Prismacolor Markers used:
CS/DP: RHRed, Bright White, & MAMBI Black & White Butterfly DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Girl's Ruin
Embellishments: flowers, brad, ribbon, & flat back pearls
Others: heart punch

A new cool friend I found on SCS is having BLOG CANDY!

Rush on over to Kelly's blog for some yummy candy! All you have to do is guess how many jelly beans are in her jar! Simple huh? Well...what are you waiting for...run on over! Check out her work also while you're there!


Guest Stamper...my DD LV!

So since I don't have anything of mine to share yet...I'm featuring LV...lol. Also miss THANG doesn't have time right now to update her blog...so why not show off what she's made. So here goes! I love how she's trying to be like mommy on her photographing the card and markers...lol.

She made this ADORABLE card for my Twilight swap I hosted over on SCS. She did this while watching TV!!! WHAT??? I can't do it...I get distracted very easily! Sometimes I think I may have adult ADD! Anywho...how cute is this? I love how her coloring has improved and taught ME along the way. I have a little secret to share...thankfully she doesn't have computer class in school anymore...so I don't have to worry about her peeking...but her dad and I are gonna spring and get her the complete Copic collection along with the airbrush machine. She's been trying to do the "glow" on her "shadowing" but get's frustrated that she can't get it quite right...she's been hinting about it (the machine) but we pretend not to listen...lol. We're only getting it for her because she's in art class and she wants to show her teacher her Manga work and what better marker to use than Copic. Of course me being a mean mom...I tell her to work with my Prismas...lol! Ok...so here are the deets to her card. I sat next to her while she crafted and know EXACTLY what she used!
Before I go on though...I HAVE to tell a cute little story about her. So...she's sitting with the stamp in hand and she's thinking really hard...almost to the point where I think I heard her brain sprain...lol. Well...a few minutes later she jumps off my chair and says "MOM...I got it! It's GENIOUS"! WHAT??? LMAO...the way she said "genious" was like the funniest thing ever! She raised her little finger and smiled. It's one of those 'you have to be there' moments. Anywho...I had just gotten my Top Note die and CRINGED when she picked THAT to use. I was amazed she knew how to use and sandwhich it! Thanks to YouTube she's been learning some cool things and not just watching idiotic vids like most teen kids do. Of course she watches them because her friends send her links...but she doesn't search for them...lol. Anywho...the look on her face when she thought of the sentiment and LO and what not was something to photograph (but didn't :( ). It's cute to see the things that excite her and feel SO proud of those moments because I know I'm leaving her with something to share with her kids...the art of stamping and creating. Hopefully it's something she keeps up...although I don't mind her music...lol.
Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, BGray, RHRed, Bright White, & MAMBI Black & White Butterfly DP
Ink: BBlack, RHRed, & Prismas
Stamps: Dress Me Ian, Dress Me clothing, & Always
Embellishments: Diamond Stickles
Others: Top Note die & CB Heart die
Gabby & LV


It's here again...your Saturday Challenge!!!

Yup...it's that time again to put on that thinking cap and join Joni, Melissa, and myself on this challenge! All you have to do is follow the guidelines to the rule and HAVE FUN!!! Of course we want to see what you've created...soooo you can do THAT by uploading your cards to Splitcoast Stampers under BLOGC3. If you're not an SCS member...you can post it on your blog or online gallery and just drop me a not letting me know so I can go fetch it! K? K! Ok...this is your challenge!!!
Use the template provided! (click on image for larger scale)
POST EDIT...it appears you CAN'T click it for a larger view...dangit. Let me see if I can fix that VERY soon.
OK...it's clickable now! YAY! If by any chance you still have problems viewing it...please email me so I can email you the template. Thanks guys for your patience!

You can save it to your computer by right clicking and save to your files OR right click to print! It should fit on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet!


Using the template...make a bouquet using flowers!

Here are my samples~

It can be Primas, silk flowers, punched flowers...or get creative and use REAL FLOWERS!!!


Upload the picture of your project to SCS (or personal blog or online gallery) and use keyword BLOGC3!

Leave me a comment letting me know you've done so...so Joni, Mel, and I can check it out!

Simple huh? NOW GET CREATIVE!!!
You have until February 21st to upload those babies! I will post the winner of the challenge on Saturday the 21st at 11:59 P.M. Winner will recieve some goodies! That shall remain a secret until the winner reveal!

Don't forget to go check out what Joni and Melissa made!



Happy PMS Friday!

Uh...no...not PMS as in thee PMS...lol...but PMS as in Paper Makeup Stamps! YAY! LOL! Soooo last night I created another project...this time a card I'm gonna be giving to my youngest DD along with her Valentine tomorrow. This time I used Lauren in Love...the cute fairy with the hearts! For this card I broke out my reliable sketches I've had filed and haven't used. She was so much fun to color!!! I'm not typically in love with Valentines Day per say...I just don't see it as a necesary holiday because we should give love everyday...but the reds and pinks and all that frou frou stuff can be cute once in a while. PLUS...there's more rain and I need some bright happy colors so I don't feel down. I finally got rid of my fever after 3 hours of "naptime" yesterday while hubby watched basketball...YAY! I'm still achin'...but some stamping can fix that! My wonderful DH will be helping me clean because LV is having her BFF's over for a girly night. Oh man...I'm in trouble with the millions of questions they ask when they see me stamping...lol. Maybe I'll make them some kits and release my Zig markers for them to color? I'd really be crazy if I let them use my Prismas! PSH! Anywho...I hope you like the card! Oh...and look at the cute sparkle on her wings! Now that's cheery! And the girl is sporting a pearl necklace! Lucky fairy! LOL!

Prismacolor Markers used:
CS/DP: CChip, PPink, PPirrouette, & Metropolitan Rooftop Garden DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas (Cool Grey 20% not shown)
Stamps: Lauren in Love PMStamps
Embellishments: flat back pearls, flowers, & Stickles in Diamond
Others: white gel pen


DON'T FORGET...TOMORROW IS THE SATURDAY CHALLENGE SPECIAL and it's hosted this time around by me!!! SO STAY TUNED AND COME BACK TOMORROW TO SEE WHAT I HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU!!! I really do hope you can join us (Joni, Melissa, and myself) this week! I'll have a yummy goodie bag for the winner that'll be chosen on Saturday, Feb. 21st! Hope to see you here!


Caliope the Cutie

OMG...when I saw this little guy at Paper Makeup Stamps...I just had to have him/her?! LOL! That look on it's face is just too darn cute! So LV made up her mind for like the 5th time on her Valentines for her BFF's! *rolls eyes* After she saw Caliope...it was instant love...lol. Check out the baggies I made for her BFF's! The treats are some YUMMY jelly hearts drizzled in sugar.
To make the baggie top...I cut my CS to 5 1/2 X 4 1/4 in both Riding Hood Red and Pink Pirrouette...ran it thru the CB using the Top Note die and just trimmed off the notched edge off the PPirrouette then ran the PPirrouette thru the Cuttlebug using the Swiss Dots folder and then adhered it to the Riding Hood Red using the Glue Glider and then scored it in half using my Scor-Pal. Caliope was attached to the cello bag using small Zots.

I also popped open this cute adhesive runner I treated myself to for my b-day... it's like a mini ATG gun...it's super cute in pink and green and the best for my hands which I have in the past suffered from carpal tunnel and that ATG gun looks HUGE! All That Scraps has them on the waitlist right now...but you can check them out at Scrapbook Store at your Door.
Check out my new rubbah as well...just don't tell the hubby! SHHHH! The little monster guys I got for my DS...but I just adore them as well. AND OMG...Katie told me there are MORE little monsters/aliens coming out as well as ANOTHER Caliope but holding a star...I LOVE STARS!!! Not to mention more fairies too!!! SO I'm super stoked for that...can't wait for March to buy some! Hopefully by then my tax return has arrived. ;)

Prismacolor Markers used:
CS/DP: PPirrouette, RHRed, VVanilla, & Bright White
Ink: RHRed, Prismas, & white milky gel pen
Stamps: Caliope from PMS & February series from Studio G
Embellishments: pink satin ribbon
Others: CB Swiss Dots folder, scalloped punch, circle punches, & Crop-A-Dile


There She Goes ATC's!

So I said a while back I was in a ATC swap on SCS right? And I showed you the ATC for my first spot...Starbucks obsessed? Remember? Well...I FINALLY came up with my second spot. Since I had lost my stamping bug...I couldn't think of ANYTHING to create...and it hit me like a Mack truck...that's when I KNEW my stamping bug came back (I gave my muse a vaca)! I had been sitting just looking at my TSG sets I have and I saw it!!! My vision was like a choir of angels...lol...no kidding!!! I was even amazed after I got done coloring that even after a lost bug mode...I came back with a vengance. NOW...I'm not saying that this is my best coloring...BUT DAYUM I love how the coloring came out! Look at the wood post...it looks like the mailbox is giving off a shadow! I even love the color combo I used! Anywho...I'll let the air out of my head and bring it back down to size...lol. But what do you think? Oh duh...all the tooting of the horn and I didn't mention the one thing that made me burst at the seams with pride...you know the hearts that come with this set? Well...I turned them into CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!!! I even used Chocolate Bliss scented embossing powder by gelatins!!! I know...it's no big deal right? But to me it was a genious idea! LOL!

POST EDIT: Still 101 fever mark this morning...but I am NOT gonna let it distract me. I have so much to do with so little time to do it...so I'll be off and on and will have a late post to showcase an LV project I'm working on made with an AWESOME little stamp! TOO FREAKIN' CUTE FOR WORDS I must add...so come back later on to check it out and where you can get it (and more ;) ) Back to my tea and cool towel presses.

Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: CChip, C2Cocoa, RHRed, & VVanilla
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: There She Goes Special Delivery
Embellishments: chocolate satin ribbon
Others: scented embossing powder, dimensionals & circle punches


Caught a bug and LOST a bug!

My word...when it rains it pours...and I mean that litteraly! This past weekend was nothing but rain and MAN did it come down! Just the past week we had nice sunny and kind of warm weather and then BOOM...all the sudden came the rain. SO...I caught a bug! It's rare for me to get a cold or flu...but when I get it...watch out cause I am a MESS!!! Right now I'm fighting a cold/flu that was in the making since Thursday. I already have a hearing dissability...so now it's even worst because I'm all clogged up and hear a ringing in my ear. THEN...last night...actually 2 nights ago...I got a fever! As fast as it came it went...but now it's back. I just took my temp and it's 101. To top it off...I lost my stamping bug! WTH??? Mother Nature sure sent me a nice belated birthday gift. In all the fuss though (and with family who finally left) managed to get a couple things done. Today I'll show you what I made Friday night. Oh...and just FYI...there's MORE rain in the forecast! *sigh*

Hubby bought me a heart shaped chocolate box as an early Valentine...but couldn't wait and had to have some chocolate...and so did my mom, LV, DS, DD, dad...I could go on...and well...the chocolates were gone! Well...I didn't really like the box so I decided to make it pretty...lol. SOOO...I took out my DP...some ribbon...and an old dusty stamp set and went to work. I hadn't used Roses In Winter in a good minute...so I broke it out and made some 3D roses and took it from there. I've also been hoarding LOTS of the Bella Rose DP from SU so I broke that out too...to keep tru to my reso. Anywho...I hope you like what came from this sick sick puppy.

Worst of all I have to add...I didn't get to meet my friend Joy who was in town. First Oscar and my belated birthday party...then me getting ill...and then we had family over. If it's not one thing with me...it's another... I feel horrible for Joy though because she got robbed of the warm sunny California weather and arrived to the wet stuff. Sorry Joy...but I have a MUCH better feeling about the HPC.

Ok...I'm off to get loaded up on NyQuil and put a cold damp rag on my forehead. I'll post a late post tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it.


I've been tagged!!!

So...I was tagged while I was away from my blog by one of my AWESOME Ho's...Scrappy!!! I was tagged to go into my picture files...open the 6th folder...and post the 6th picture and say something about it...then to tag 6 more of my fellow bloggers. So...here I go!

LMAO!!! Here is my 6th picture in my 6th folder...it's Bubba our meow meow! Bubba is a 5 month old Turkish Tabby Angora. He was given to my youngest...Lizzie...by my MIL. This "little" fluff ball is SO an Arriaza! He fits us well! So...one morning I was about to vaccum and Bubba was sleeping...well...I didn't want to wake him up so I walked to him because I was gonna pick him up to take him to my bed to keep napping and noticed how FUNNY he looked sleeping like that! So instead of waking him...I snapped some pics...lol. Can you believe he was SNORING??? His mouth was open and his tongue sticking out. Here is the next picture that followed...you can see his tongue on this one...LOL!

Here are the many other poses of Bubba sleeping. He is such a HOOT!!!