Thank you so much!

Hey YOU...yes YOU! I want to thank each and everyone of you that sent me birthday cards and left me wonderful birthday wishes and greetings. My birthday was pretty nice...very low key. Low key as in just me and my kids watching some DVD's and eating pop corn...chocolate cake...and vanilla ice cream! YUM! LOL! This weekend...my MIL is giving us our real birthday party. We had a pre-party this past Sunday...but since no one could make it out (as in my SIL and DH's cousins) we're having the party Saturday at my SIL's. Then on Sunday my sister is coming from Arizona with my newphew who I haven't seen in a long time!

I'm happy they're coming up this way...but I'm also sad because from the looks of it...I think I'm gonna miss my chance at meeting Joy. Remember me mentioning that a while back? OMG...and then it's been raining!!! Just a couple days ago...it was nice and warm and sunny...now this??? And I mean it's POURING! I took a video...but you can't really hear the rain...the kids were too loud and excited since we hadn't had a down pur like this one in a while...lol. Yeah...the small things huh?

Anywho...I want to share with you the beautiful cards I recieved from some AWESOME friends. Since I hadn't (and still aint) feeling myself lately...these cards and of course your comments...put a smile on my face.
This one is from Michele...TY Michele! This rock chick is TOO CUTE! You know me well huh? ;)
This one is from Rae Anne...TY Rae Rae! YOU are the sweetest and I love ya!

This one is from Yoo Rah...TY Yoo Rah! You too are the sweetest! Ya'll are gonna make me go see a dentist now! :P

This one is from Gael...TY Gael! Amazing gal! So glad to know ya and have you on my HO team! :D
This one is from Cori...TY Cori! Cori...another HO I'm super happy to know.
This one is from Carrie...TY Carrie! Many years have passed and you remain a wonderful friend. Here's to many more years of friendship! {{HUGS}}

This one is from Nic...TY Nic! You too have been an AMAZING friend who has show that you really are a friend. You've been there for me in my ups and my downs and for that I am very thankful for having you as a friend. Love ya!
This one is from Rose (Joani's cute momma)...TY Rose...love ya! Rose...you are an AMAZING woman who gifted me with my twin seperated at birth and by years...lol. Love you little momma.

And last but not least...this one is from Joani...TY Joani! Joani...Joani...Joani...what can I say about you that I already haven't said! You are an AMAZING...WONDERFUL...GRAND...SUPER friend a girl like me can ask for. You too have seen me at my best and at my worst and still haven't given up on me...lol. Now that speaks LOUD to me. Thank you my dearest friend. I love you!

Thank you all...you sure made my day by sending me your heart on a card! SMOOCHERS!!!


Nicola said...

Yummy stuff and a movie sounds like a pretty good day to me ;-) Love Ya too girlfriend.


Joani said...

Gabby - You are very special to me girl! I only wish that I could of sent you a great big hug too! You are daBOMB baby! Many more best wishes to you, always!