Caught a bug and LOST a bug!

My word...when it rains it pours...and I mean that litteraly! This past weekend was nothing but rain and MAN did it come down! Just the past week we had nice sunny and kind of warm weather and then BOOM...all the sudden came the rain. SO...I caught a bug! It's rare for me to get a cold or flu...but when I get it...watch out cause I am a MESS!!! Right now I'm fighting a cold/flu that was in the making since Thursday. I already have a hearing dissability...so now it's even worst because I'm all clogged up and hear a ringing in my ear. THEN...last night...actually 2 nights ago...I got a fever! As fast as it came it went...but now it's back. I just took my temp and it's 101. To top it off...I lost my stamping bug! WTH??? Mother Nature sure sent me a nice belated birthday gift. In all the fuss though (and with family who finally left) managed to get a couple things done. Today I'll show you what I made Friday night. Oh...and just FYI...there's MORE rain in the forecast! *sigh*

Hubby bought me a heart shaped chocolate box as an early Valentine...but couldn't wait and had to have some chocolate...and so did my mom, LV, DS, DD, dad...I could go on...and well...the chocolates were gone! Well...I didn't really like the box so I decided to make it pretty...lol. SOOO...I took out my DP...some ribbon...and an old dusty stamp set and went to work. I hadn't used Roses In Winter in a good minute...so I broke it out and made some 3D roses and took it from there. I've also been hoarding LOTS of the Bella Rose DP from SU so I broke that out too...to keep tru to my reso. Anywho...I hope you like what came from this sick sick puppy.

Worst of all I have to add...I didn't get to meet my friend Joy who was in town. First Oscar and my belated birthday party...then me getting ill...and then we had family over. If it's not one thing with me...it's another... I feel horrible for Joy though because she got robbed of the warm sunny California weather and arrived to the wet stuff. Sorry Joy...but I have a MUCH better feeling about the HPC.

Ok...I'm off to get loaded up on NyQuil and put a cold damp rag on my forehead. I'll post a late post tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it.


Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

Oh i'm so sorry you feel so rotten!!! Get some rest and get your stamping bug back! (and happy belated too!)

~*Joni said...

Feel better Fabby Gabby! Nothing can slow you down, even with a 101 fever your work is just beautiful you stinker. ;)
hugs to you!!!

yoorah said...

Feel better soon gabby!

Melyssa said...

Feel better soon chica! Love your version of the heart box. Your flowers are fabulous!!

Melissa Craig said...

Awww Gabby - feel better girlfriend!! Hugs to you.

The box is gorgeous!!

Lorraine said...

feel better, Gabby! Your hear box is gorgeous. don't you just love roses in winter? i do!