WOO HOO...GO ARIZONA CARDS!!! Ok...so I know Steelers are favorite...but I'd rather see the Cards win! Who knows...maybe? LOL! Anywho...we here at the Arriaza household are HUGE football fans...so Super Bowl is a big deal to us! It would be even bigger if it was our Oakland Raiders...but not since that KICK IN THE STOMACH LOSS have they come back! To think they were favorite to whoop Tampa Bay...which I give props to their defence...but loss VERY BAD. It's like the Raiders didn't even show up! Oh well...I wont say anymore because it's like pouring salt into a still open wound! SOOOOO moving on! :P

Like I was saying...we are huge football fans and so I made this card for my wonderful awesome man...Oscar! My honey until death does us part of 10 years now (11 on Feb 21.) turned 42 yesterday. It was his birthday and he had to work my poor tired thing. But today we are headed to my MIL's to not only watch the Super Bowl...but to also celebrate BOTH our birthdays! Mine is tomorrow! I will be turning 32 and I'm still not ashame of admiting it! Once I turn 35 though...I'm not guaranteeing ANYTHING! I'll probably be 35 until I die...LMBO!!!

It's crazy to even think that Oscar has been my lovey dovey honey buns for 14 years now (15 in November)!!! Holy carap...I was 17??? He sure did cradle nap me...he was 27! DANG OSCAR...WAS I THAT FINE LOOKING??? LOL! I need to dig thru pics to find a pic of me at 17 and wodner what he saw in me...lol. Hey...it's pretty awesome though to do all that math and realize that he aint going anywhere...and neither am I! For living in California...the state of the Barbie dolls with the tans and fake boobs...that says A LOT!!!

Anywho...I'm babbling! So...lol...back on track...I made this card for my hubby using our teams colors...and what better to acompany that silver and black jersey but frothy mugs of beer??? Oh...and check out that football!!! I kicked BUTT on that football! I had to toot my own horn on that...sorry! Some of you who visit Melanie's blog probably saw this card featured there right? Well...thanks to Mel and her KICK @$$ stamps...I was able to make this special card for my honey. Along with that...using another fabby set by Gina K.! Along with that...I made him a CUTE keychain using Just So Sporty by Mel using shrinky dinks! Check it out!

CS/DP: BBlack, BGray, mirror by vendor unknown, RRust, VVanilla, & Bright White, & Rockstar DP (Shrinky Dinks for keychain)
Ink: BBlack, Prismas, Vintage Photo, & Old Paper
Stamps: Just So Sporty, Tee Talk, & My Tailgate Or Yours
Embellishments: laces ribbon
Others: Dots(?) CB folder, Rectangle Curved Nesties, Ticket corner punch



Joy said...

gabby this is fabbbbo!

did you see the new ian and anya released today....eeeeek! and the mystery one will be released at 5 pm!

Melyssa said...

What an awesome card!! Super cool!

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

very fun! Great job!

~*Joni said...

FABBY GABBY! You rock that football girl! I have to go peek at Melanie's blog, but this is some serious eye candy for me. :D Love the matching keychain and hey - I bet you were hot at 17, but even hotter now! *Psssss (put that pointer finger on your behind)

Scrappy said...

Gabby! Love the card and everything! The keychain is really cute too! I think maybe we will *need to* CASE that! ;) Great ideas as always!

oh yeah...one more thing.... TAG...you're it! Check out my blog for the deets! ;)


Love ya! Scrappy

Julie Temple said...

SO cool, Gabby! I know Oscar will love them!! Happy Birthday Oscar and Gabby!!


Ann said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Hope it was great!

Melyssa said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Hope it was a blast chickie!!
Happy Birthday to yoooooooou!


kadie said...

This card is AWESOME. Rah Rah! Actually I think all your cards are pretty stellar. :) Hope you had a FAB birthday!!

Stampin' Meg said...

oops sorry about your cardinals- but it was a good game!