Guest Stamper...my DD LV!

So since I don't have anything of mine to share yet...I'm featuring LV...lol. Also miss THANG doesn't have time right now to update her blog...so why not show off what she's made. So here goes! I love how she's trying to be like mommy on her photographing the card and markers...lol.

She made this ADORABLE card for my Twilight swap I hosted over on SCS. She did this while watching TV!!! WHAT??? I can't do it...I get distracted very easily! Sometimes I think I may have adult ADD! Anywho...how cute is this? I love how her coloring has improved and taught ME along the way. I have a little secret to share...thankfully she doesn't have computer class in school anymore...so I don't have to worry about her peeking...but her dad and I are gonna spring and get her the complete Copic collection along with the airbrush machine. She's been trying to do the "glow" on her "shadowing" but get's frustrated that she can't get it quite right...she's been hinting about it (the machine) but we pretend not to listen...lol. We're only getting it for her because she's in art class and she wants to show her teacher her Manga work and what better marker to use than Copic. Of course me being a mean mom...I tell her to work with my Prismas...lol! Ok...so here are the deets to her card. I sat next to her while she crafted and know EXACTLY what she used!
Before I go on though...I HAVE to tell a cute little story about her. So...she's sitting with the stamp in hand and she's thinking really hard...almost to the point where I think I heard her brain sprain...lol. Well...a few minutes later she jumps off my chair and says "MOM...I got it! It's GENIOUS"! WHAT??? LMAO...the way she said "genious" was like the funniest thing ever! She raised her little finger and smiled. It's one of those 'you have to be there' moments. Anywho...I had just gotten my Top Note die and CRINGED when she picked THAT to use. I was amazed she knew how to use and sandwhich it! Thanks to YouTube she's been learning some cool things and not just watching idiotic vids like most teen kids do. Of course she watches them because her friends send her links...but she doesn't search for them...lol. Anywho...the look on her face when she thought of the sentiment and LO and what not was something to photograph (but didn't :( ). It's cute to see the things that excite her and feel SO proud of those moments because I know I'm leaving her with something to share with her kids...the art of stamping and creating. Hopefully it's something she keeps up...although I don't mind her music...lol.
Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, BGray, RHRed, Bright White, & MAMBI Black & White Butterfly DP
Ink: BBlack, RHRed, & Prismas
Stamps: Dress Me Ian, Dress Me clothing, & Always
Embellishments: Diamond Stickles
Others: Top Note die & CB Heart die
Gabby & LV


Cindy Haffner said...

Super cute, i love the black on this, superb work.

Sonya said...

Beautiful card and gosh I want a mommy like you! lol she is going to love the copics and airbrush machine

Kathi said...


She's obviously inherited your talent.

She's one lucky girl to have parents who "get it" and got it for her.

So, will you be able to share her Copics?