I've been tagged!!!

So...I was tagged while I was away from my blog by one of my AWESOME Ho's...Scrappy!!! I was tagged to go into my picture files...open the 6th folder...and post the 6th picture and say something about it...then to tag 6 more of my fellow bloggers. So...here I go!

LMAO!!! Here is my 6th picture in my 6th folder...it's Bubba our meow meow! Bubba is a 5 month old Turkish Tabby Angora. He was given to my youngest...Lizzie...by my MIL. This "little" fluff ball is SO an Arriaza! He fits us well! So...one morning I was about to vaccum and Bubba was sleeping...well...I didn't want to wake him up so I walked to him because I was gonna pick him up to take him to my bed to keep napping and noticed how FUNNY he looked sleeping like that! So instead of waking him...I snapped some pics...lol. Can you believe he was SNORING??? His mouth was open and his tongue sticking out. Here is the next picture that followed...you can see his tongue on this one...LOL!

Here are the many other poses of Bubba sleeping. He is such a HOOT!!!


Cyndi said...

Hey Gabby, I haven't been leaving messages these days. Sorry I missed you B-Day!! But glad you had a good time. What a cute kitty! Have a great day.

Velta said...

Hi Gabs ~ This is too darn funny!!! I needed a smile today and you put one on my face with Bubba! I really started Laughing Out Loud!!!

Stampin' Meg said...

ohhhhh me lubs Bubba! Good kitty!

Nicola said...

That is one cute cat. Our kitty is exactly the same. He is so funny.


Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

hehe, he looks lik emy cat. Too funny!