Tuesday Morning Sketches with Bugaboo

Hello all! I'm actually updating from my iTouch on my neighbors WiFi...lol! She let me use her password so I can do what I have to do while I'm offline from home. Hopefully by next week I'll be back online. It's good her room is right next to my room so she must have OK antenna for it to reach my room! LOL! So my Tweets and posts are from my iTouch! Technology amazes me...lol.

Anywho...today is Tuesday and since I couldn't participate last week because I just learned how to upload pics, I said why not play this week? I don't know how to add links though so you'll have to use my sidebar for links! So this week Tuesday Morning Sketches is being sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps. You know I adore those images from Bugaboo...lol! I decided to use sock monkey girl since I'm curently crocheting a sock monkey. Plus this sketch helped me wet my whistle and keep on trying to bring back my coloring. I think I got my groove back!

K...it's hard to type on this thing...so I'll let you go now! Check out the rest of the team and what they've done!

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Catch you next time! Love you guys!


Makeup 4 The Weekend on Sunday

Hello you guys! How are you? Me...in much better spirits. So far the light at the end of that once long dark tunnel is looking much brighter! Thank God! Let me tell you...it's been hard with these changes that have taken place in my life...but I'm growing acustomed to the fact that we can't always have things we want but learn to deal with what we have and need! This turn in life has made me grow in many ways needed. I'm still the same crazy Gabby...lol...just more mentally mature!

Anywho...I'm posting this card because I hate missing on my DT assignments. I feel bad and like maybe I shouldn't be in these positions. I know Katie and team understand and what not...but that's just that same old worrisome Gabby! The challenge for this past M4TW was to be inspired by the sun. Well...I love sunsets and the beach...then I just got Dude Fairy and felt the urge to ink him up since I saw an awesome silhouette of a surfer while searching for some inspiration in bed on my iTouch! :D lol I also hadn't used my airbrush can so I said...it's a sign it must be brought to life...lol! So here is my card and inspiration piece! Hope you like!

I don't know how to add hyperlinks through this thing so for links you'll have to look at my sidebars...lol...sorry! On THAT note...about the iPod Touch...IT IS AMAZING!!! I honestly didn't know I can do so much on such small apparatus! LOL! I thought my iPhone was the shiznit...it's no difference really...just that I can use it to place calls and take pictures...big whoop! I hope the person I sold it to is having fun with it though. This thing has allowed me to be online...but limited to some points of course. Still I've been Tweeting and on Facebook more than I've been on there before...there is other life outside blogging! :O

K...I'll let you go! It's kinda hard typing on this thing...my chubby fingers need a keyboard...hahahahaha! I have another post going up on Tuesday...so watch for that! I'm just ubber excited about my new found knowledge of the iTouch! Tee hee! Miss ya...love ya!


Michele's Digi Swap card

Hey chicas! I have something to show...YAY! LOL! I worked on these cards (set of 4) for one of my dear Ho's and most of all...my friend...Michele from Enchanted Stamper. She has this swap to make cards with digi images on SCS. So to break out of my slump I decided to go with an easy to color image. Michele...if you happen to read this...these are going out Priority! I totally procrastinated and I KNOW these are due on the 25th! YIKES!

I've been seriously drained of my coloring! *GASP* It's horrible...that can't happen and I wont let it! I actually had another image in mind...but OMG when I colored her hair...I knew I had lost my touch. It was horrible...something NOT worth even showing. So I had purchased these digi's from Heather Ellis Digi Stamps a while back and when I saw them...I knew these would be easier for me to start with and break out of my coloring slump. I'm still not 100% OK with them...but this is MUCH better than my last attempt...lol...yeah, that bad! Sentiment is from Paper Makeup Stamps and designer paper from The Greeting Farm. :D BTW...I suggest if you want some pretty awesome stamps from paper Makeup Stamps at a great discount...you go check out the sale going on. Some stamps are limited so rush on over there!

Anywho...part of the swap requirements for what I signed up for was to make a "fancy folds". I don't know if this is fancy...but it's a different fold...a gate fold! Can you believe I JUST discovered that the Scor-Pal has the gate fold markings? Talk about slow! *rolls eyes*

Alright chicas...this is it for now...I don't want to hog up my BIL's computer while I'm visiting...lol. Just wanted to come in and make sure I don't lose you guys! I already see I lost a couple of readers...but oh well...I can't please everyone right? ;) See you guys soon! I have another card in the making...well a couple of cards to hopefully show very soon. I found a place at the park my DS goes to for afterschool activities...but they only open bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays...so I'll be signing up to use their computers. I now have WiFi from my friend from next door. Her room is like right next to mine so I can reach her WiFi. She let me borrow her password so whenever I want to use my iTouch from my room...lol. Oh well...que sera sera! ;) Later chicks! Once I'm back online I have MANY thank yous that are overdue and I need to contact personally rather than post them here...that's so generic! :P



PAPER MAKEUP STAMPS IS HAVING A HUGE SALE!!! & a hello from my check in...lol...

First off...HELLO ALL!!! Let me tell you it's been rough not being able to come online...lol...I can now see how dependent I am of being in the world wide web! Dios Mio! I have been keeping busy though to take my mind off not just what I've been through and I'm digging my way out of...but also the whole offline issue. I have been crocheting more..lol...so you'll see a bit more updates on my crochet blog once I'm fully back. Which BTW I may be online sooner than expected. If not by the end of this month...by mid April at the latest! Anywho...I'm just checking in...and while checking out my HOLY MOLY FULL INBOX...I read through the PMS DT group that Katie is having a sale! Check it out! I've done some cut and past from the Paper Makeup blog.

The tax man is coming! Everyone run and hide!

Ok, so we cant really do that, but don't we wish that we could?!

Since all companies get to pay taxes... I decided it's time to make like a car salesman and have an inventory reduction sale! Since the PMS headquarters will soon be um, changing offices... it's a win win situation! Inventory reductions, funds for the tax man, INSANE discounts for YOU!
So I guess it's a win, win, win situation!

Here's the deal...

Products and Tools
some products are being clearanced off of the website. This means they will not be restocked. Some of the products leaving are the Shimmerz line of paints.
Also being clearanced to low low prices are all spellbinders products. We may pick up this line again after summer CHA to bring you some of the new dies, but for now you can stock up on the ones you wanted before and just never got!

Some stamps are being marked down by as much as 75%! Buy yourself another! Buy one for a friend! Buy them for people you don't know! Our loss on overstock is your gain!
Lots of stamps are marked between 40-50% off but have a very limited quantity at the sale price. This is simply because we don't plan to discontinue these stamps, we're just simply reducing inventory. Once the set inventory on the sale price is gone, the product will return to it's regular price.

Bare rubber only
Since we custom mount each stamp as it is ordered and since we are heavily reducing the cost, only bare rubber will be sold at the clearance level. We have stocked up the site on EZ mount if you would like to purchase the mount and mount them at home. EZ mounted stamps are still available on the site.

Also due to the volume of sales we hope to have (teehee), we will not be custom trimming each stamp. We would prefer to move fast and efficiently and get the rubber into the eager hands of the stampers! We appreciate your understanding.

So where can you find all these fun sales? Check them out HERE!

Well there you have it folks! Make sure you go do some shopping to not only help Katie and Co. reduce...but to pick up some awesome rubbah for you to play with! Now you know you want to...so head on over there and shop to your hearts content! :)

K...that's it for now! I'll be checking in on Sunday again with hopefully something to show. I plan on using tomorrow and Saturday to stamp stamp stamp!!! So I'll be seeing you then! MISS YA!!! :(


BYE ALL and together again...RIP dear mom and dad!

If you're here for Tuesday Morning Sketches...please scroll to the post below. Thanks!

Ok...as many of you have already known for a while now...I will have no internet services come Wednesday morning. I will only be able to check in when I find some ways to get online. One for sure though is when I visit with my MIL on Sundays...well...every other Sunday. We just went this past Sunday...so... I will miss being online with my friends inside my computer...but in a way it's a blessing in disguise. I will not only be caring for myself in trying to control my anxiety/panic attacks...but I will also find time to find peace with all that's going on in my life. From this absence I plan on becoming a much better person...mentally. I do hope I can come back strong and hold my head up high because as of right now...I feel as if I'm being kicked and stomped on while I'm on the floor. Thank you so much for being there and for your amazing support throughout my tough times! God Bless you all for being there.

If you don't want to hear my rant...stop reading here. Once again my dad's daughter is at it opening her snake mouth talking trash about me with my own sister. The F'd up part is that my sister knows who this snake is and "kinda" believes her. No one but me knows the things this 'woman' has put me though since a bit before my mom passed and more after. Not only did she just up and take my dad away from me...but she's accused me of things that just made me wanna hurl. She even tried swindling money from us. Now she's lying saying that she told me my dad passed away and I didn't care to call her to find out information...is she serious? She called me on my birthday letting me know my dad was dying and didn't give me ANY information at all. I even called to ask for info and nothing...nothing at all. Up 'til today I thought my dad was still alive...I thought he had pulled through. He was a fighter so I thought he'd pull through like he has many times before. Now she calls me today to tell me my dad's services are on Saturday??? WHAT??? Turns out my dad passed away on my birthday!!! While I was outside with my neighbor who made me a cake and I was blowing out candles...my dad had passed... She called the next day (Feb. 3rd) asking for her own brothers number and didn't mention a word about my dad passing. She's telling my sister I need to grow up and face the truth and stop my lying...WHAT???... You all don't know...I am at the point where I just wish I could magically disappear from all this BS. All these attacks on me now that my mom is gone and I feel alone! Even my "family" is lying to my sister about me saying they call me but that I don't return their call? I haven't heard from my family (more so my aunt) since we last saw each other at the cemetery on Dia De Los Muertos...and she's the one saying she's called??? I'm not mentally right to be dealing with all of this. I wish I was that once strong girl who didn't give a crap about what others said about me. I wish I was that me again. I miss that girl...but I'm not her anymore. Once I became a parent...I left all of that behind...I decided to be a soft, warm, nice, God fearing woman... I may need to revert though and still keep my faith and be that hard ass and still fear the Lord. I hope I can deal with losing both my parents in less than a year. I do feel some peace though...knowing they are together again.

Well...here is a slideshow of my mom and dad etc... That's how I'm picturing them right now...celebrating they are once again reunited. As much as it hurts me not to have them...this alone makes me smile and know I'll have both of them looking over us. *smile*

Rest In Peace dear Mother and Father
(click on their names for their memorials)
MOM *10/12/36 - 6/19/2009* DAD *3/24/22 - 2/02/2010*

My God I am so sorry for spilling like this! The ONLY thing that does make me happy is knowing that my mom and dad are both together once again...just like it's meant to be. I can already see the 2 of them dancing in heaven and just being in love again even though they had some rough patches in between! Alright...I think I've said enough... Not to mention that's not even the tip of the drama... *rolls eyes*

Once again sorry for spilling like this and I wanna thank EVERYONE who's been there since the beginning. I will miss you guys but I'll try to stay in touch as much as possible. SMOOCHERS and see you guys in a bit! Hope I don't lose you when I come back! I'll come looking for you if you leave! ;)

Tuesday Morning Sketches #36

Hello all! Here is my hybrid card actually more like digi to be exact for today's sketch. You can see my all didn't go into it because I'm just going through so much right now it's completely overwhelming to even think. More on the next post above. My mind is rushing at a million miles per hour. Still...life must go on!

Today's sponsor for Tuesday Morning Sketches is Pez-a-Doodle Designs. Check out Tuesday Morning Sketches for more info.

Thanks for stopping by! Much love! Sorry if there wasn't as much blah blah as before...I promise to clear myself of all sadness and negativity in my life upon my return and be the happy go luck Gabby you all know and love? ;)


Paper Makeup Stamps "Monster of a BLOG HOP"!

Hey all and welcome to yet another Paper Makeup Stamps blog hop! This is literally a "Monster of a Hop"! Why do I say literal...because we'll be featuring little monsters...lol! These are my second favorites from PMS! First are the fairies that reeled me in...then the monsters...lol! They are just the freakiest looking things...and I like freaky! LOL! If it wasn't for this leave I'm gonna have to take...I would update LV and mine blog we were suppose to kick off with all things creepy and freaky! I know...we're just the perfect mother daughter mix! We're both a little "out there".

Anywho...here is my card for the hop with Chomp! I have a cute little story to tell you...and it is cute! So I was coloring up the image to make my card and Lizzie came for me to hug her and give her some love...well she turns over to my desk and see's the image and with a worried look asks me "MOM...why is he eating the flower?!"...LMBO! The expression alone made me crack up. I wish I would have had a video camera on her so you could see the expression...lol! Still...I'll remember when I was making this card because of that...lol!

Anywho...I hope you enjoy your hop! If you came to me from Amber's blog...then you are on the right track, but if you just joined in...then head on over to the very beginning at the Paper Makeup Stamps blog to commence your Makeup Goodness trip! :D When you are done here...head on over to Tina's blog! BTW...I'm jealous of Tina's last name! :P Those who know me and know Tina's last name know what I'm talkin' 'bout...LOL!

In case you get lost...here is the complete lineup!

PMS blog
Dawn B
Dawn K
Lisa K
Christi T
Gabby <----YOU ARE HERE!
Lisa M
Christi S

Also...don't forget that every stop has a letter that spells out the 15% off discount code for you! My letter for this stop is:

Ok...now on you go hoppin'!

Don't forget that our release party kicks off at 8pm CST in the PMS forum!
We will be partying, playing games, giving out prizes. It's so much fun!
We would love to see you there!


Another day of Paper Makeup Stamps SNEAK PEEKS!

If you're here for the winner from the Bugaboo "Go Green" blog hop...scroll down to the next post.

Hey all and Happy Saturday! Today is another day of sneak peeks from Paper Makeup Stamps! Well...actually another day for ME as the other girls AKA the Paper Artists have been sneaking peeks since Wednesday. Today we are featuring the Moody Girls!

Here is my card featuring Moody for Showers! Isn't she gorgeous!? Goes perfectly with our crazy Southern Cali. weather I might add! I'm getting all kinds of moody but from the temperature change...lol...and not for the good! One day it's all nice and sunny and warm...yes...warm...then the next day is overcast and gloomy and wet! UGH! Make up your mind Mother Nature! Anywho...here is my card for today! Hope you like! Oh...have you noticed I've been using plenty of blingage on my recent creations? LOL! That's all thanks to the awesome Katie Cotton who was my Secret Valentine! Us girls over at Paper Makeup Stamps had a little swap between us and Katie got stuck with me...lol. This girl knows me like crazy...she sent me a BOATLOAD of blingage! Check out that ADORABLE mailbox where they came in! OH MY WORD it was like hitting the bling jackpot...lol! Check out the other goodies she sent me. Oh...and not just the goodies...but she also sent me CS from her stash to share...with me!!!??? Katie...you rock! Sorry I'm all late posting this...lol! You know I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs!

Make sure to check out all the girls sneaking peeks for you! Start off at the Paper Makeup Stamps blog to see who's sneaking peeks!

K...gotta go! I'm getting a much needed help from a therapist for my anxiety/panic attacks. So far I've been able to control them before they get out of hand. I've been getting these MORE frequent since about 2 weeks now and trust me...they've drained me to the max. To the point where I was actually afraid to come to the computer thinking it was one of the things that triggered it. Good thing I'll be taking a small break soon. As much as I'll miss my friends inside my computer...I think it'll be a great thing to help control this horrible feeling. Only those who have had panic attacks/anxiety attacks can truly understand how horrible this is! So if you suffer from this...I'm there for you and hope you can overcome it. HUGE HUGS!

Don't forget that our release party is march 7th at 8pm CST in the PMS forum!
We will be partying, playing games, giving out prizes. It's so much fun!
We would love to see you there!

This month we are going to give away the entire release to not 1 but 2 lucky lucky winners!
How do you enter? Comment away! Comment Comment Comment! We want to know what you like! We will be gathering the comments from all the design team members blogs everyday and will give away the entire release (which is valued at over $70!) The more you comment, the more your chances to win! Please note though, only 1 comment per design team members blog per day counts. So you can't leave 10 comments on each blog for over 100 entries a day! haha!

We will also give away the release from collecting comments from the PMS company blog. Each day leave a comment on what your favorite stamp shown that day is! Easy Peasy!

Bugaboo "Go Green" blog hop winner!

Quick post...just wanted to announce the winner of the single digi from Bugaboo Stamps from the blog hop! Wasn't it a fun hop? I bet you found some new cuties or funnies you wanna own? Yeah...I know! LOL! K...so here is the winner!

Congrats Jeri!
~Jeri~ said...

Very cute card!!! Loving your blog background theme also!!

You've won one digi just for landing on my spot for the hop...lol! Enjoy! Contact me ASAP because come March 10th...I will no longer have internet for a couple of months...so let me know which single digi you would like so I can contact the DT coordinator to have arrangement to have your digi to you! If you haven't checked out the cute and funny digi's from Bugaboo...go here! Thanks for visiting my blog everyone! Hope to see you back soon!


Paper Makeup Stamps SNEAK PEEK..."Word Art"

Hello all and welcome to another month of Paper Makeup Stamps release! Today is day 1 of peeks! Here I have for you "If I Had A Flower"word art. I love this word art because it pretty much says how I feel about my friends...I swear I would walk in a garden of fresh smelling roses and beautiful daisies and a plethora of other amazing flowers for everytime you my friends...made me smile. So of course for my card I HAD to use a bunch of flowers to bring the word art to life. :D

This and the other stamps being featured today, tomorrow, up until the 7th will become available to purchase at Paper Makeup Stamps. Trust me...after you see the complete lineup of peeks...you're gonna want them! I'm not just saying this because I'm part of the design team...I'm saying it because I know I would want them all after I saw them...lol!

Can't wait to show you another peek...but my next peek will be until Saturday! But in the meantime...enjoy the rest of the teams peeks! Blog Hop will happen on Sunday the 7th...so make sure to mark the day! ;)

Go check out the rest of the girls showing you more peeks today! Visit Paper Makeup Stamps blog for the list!

Don't forget that our release party is march 7th at 8pm CST in the PMS forum!
We will be partying, playing games, giving out prizes. It's so much fun!
We would love to see you there!

This month we are going to give away the entire release to not 1 but 2 lucky lucky winners!
How do you enter? Comment away! Comment Comment Comment! We want to know what you like! We will be gathering the comments from all the design team members blogs everyday and will give away the entire release (which is valued at over $70!) The more you comment, the more your chances to win! Please note though, only 1 comment per design team members blog per day counts. So you can't leave 10 comments on each blog for over 100 entries a day! haha!

We will also give away the release from collecting comments from the PMS company blog. Each day leave a comment on what your favorite stamp shown that day is! Easy Peasy!


Tuesday Morning Sketches #35

Hello and here we go again on another Tuesday at Tuesday Morning Sketches. This will be yet another quickie post as my poor LV developed tonsillitis and an infection (thank God it's not Strep) and I'll be babying her. Poor thing ended up in the hospital on her 14th birthday. :(

Ok...so here is this week's sketch and my card! I had so much fun playing with the image provided to us by Joni of Inktegrity...this weeks sponsor! OMG could this Leprechaun be any cuter? I don't know why but he makes me think of Joni's youngest little man...Isiah! Just check out this picture she posted of her inspiration...it's all Isiah! Now head on over to Tuesday Morning Sketches and hope to see you play with us!

Alright guys...off to baby my baby!

Come back tomorrow as Paper Makeup Stamps will have some sneak peeks of the new upcoming release!


Elvira's 14th birthday TODAY and she was in the hospital!

My poor baby girl turned 14 today and we were in the hospital with her almost all day because she developed tonsillitis and a nasty infection which thankfully didn't turn into Strep. She was given antibiotics and now she's resting on the couch. I just finished this card for her since I was feeling all gross yesterday from my tonsils and didn't have it in me to create anything. I did manage to make one card...but later on felt worst and just napped.

Anywho...this is a card I made for my LV who turned 14 today...March 1st. She loves the poison cupcakes I've crocheted for her. I've made all kinds of "creepy cupcakes" for her...but she was missing a "bio-hazard" cupcake...so I made her one and made the card to match! :) Yeah...she's creepy like that! *giggle* I also made her a "poison potion" which I'll be adding a necklace to. I know...I'm a weird momma huh? But that's her style and she's a good girl...so how can I not allow her to be HER!

I'm also entering this card for a few challenges. One is Farm Fresh Friday-to make a dessert inspired card and the others are for Copic Creations & The Pink Elephant-to use a wee bit o' green.

Well I'm off because I'm tired and sleepy...just wanted to make sure I posted this on my baby girls birthday! :)