PAPER MAKEUP STAMPS IS HAVING A HUGE SALE!!! & a hello from my check in...lol...

First off...HELLO ALL!!! Let me tell you it's been rough not being able to come online...lol...I can now see how dependent I am of being in the world wide web! Dios Mio! I have been keeping busy though to take my mind off not just what I've been through and I'm digging my way out of...but also the whole offline issue. I have been crocheting more..lol...so you'll see a bit more updates on my crochet blog once I'm fully back. Which BTW I may be online sooner than expected. If not by the end of this month...by mid April at the latest! Anywho...I'm just checking in...and while checking out my HOLY MOLY FULL INBOX...I read through the PMS DT group that Katie is having a sale! Check it out! I've done some cut and past from the Paper Makeup blog.

The tax man is coming! Everyone run and hide!

Ok, so we cant really do that, but don't we wish that we could?!

Since all companies get to pay taxes... I decided it's time to make like a car salesman and have an inventory reduction sale! Since the PMS headquarters will soon be um, changing offices... it's a win win situation! Inventory reductions, funds for the tax man, INSANE discounts for YOU!
So I guess it's a win, win, win situation!

Here's the deal...

Products and Tools
some products are being clearanced off of the website. This means they will not be restocked. Some of the products leaving are the Shimmerz line of paints.
Also being clearanced to low low prices are all spellbinders products. We may pick up this line again after summer CHA to bring you some of the new dies, but for now you can stock up on the ones you wanted before and just never got!

Some stamps are being marked down by as much as 75%! Buy yourself another! Buy one for a friend! Buy them for people you don't know! Our loss on overstock is your gain!
Lots of stamps are marked between 40-50% off but have a very limited quantity at the sale price. This is simply because we don't plan to discontinue these stamps, we're just simply reducing inventory. Once the set inventory on the sale price is gone, the product will return to it's regular price.

Bare rubber only
Since we custom mount each stamp as it is ordered and since we are heavily reducing the cost, only bare rubber will be sold at the clearance level. We have stocked up the site on EZ mount if you would like to purchase the mount and mount them at home. EZ mounted stamps are still available on the site.

Also due to the volume of sales we hope to have (teehee), we will not be custom trimming each stamp. We would prefer to move fast and efficiently and get the rubber into the eager hands of the stampers! We appreciate your understanding.

So where can you find all these fun sales? Check them out HERE!

Well there you have it folks! Make sure you go do some shopping to not only help Katie and Co. reduce...but to pick up some awesome rubbah for you to play with! Now you know you want to...so head on over there and shop to your hearts content! :)

K...that's it for now! I'll be checking in on Sunday again with hopefully something to show. I plan on using tomorrow and Saturday to stamp stamp stamp!!! So I'll be seeing you then! MISS YA!!! :(


Madeleine Bouquet said...

Great to hear from you, Gabby! And great news that you'll be back online that soon!:)


Angie said...

OH! I miss you too Gabby! I hope things just keep getting better and better for you and the family. See you soon I hope!

Sarah said...

Good to see you online Gabby! Hang in there!