Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial

Ok...so I haven't posted in a few days because I've just been extra busy with the kids Halloween stuff...so I'm posting this very quick post just to let ya'll know I'm still around...just less time of myself to do a full post. So here's a video on how to make these cute small pieces of jewelry and I hope I've helped you find a new hobby...lol. ;)


Melinda blows kisses!

Ok...after coloring this girlie...I am officially in love with Whiff of Joy stamps! They are so cute and fun to color (although I do need more practice on these). What could you not like about these? I soooo need to pick up some more once my spending freeze thaws...lol.

YES, I'm on a spending freeze! Recently...we have been looking at hard times. It's hard to say but...we're not the only ones feeling it I know. Now is really the time to conserve what we have and BOY is it hurting not to be buying new stamps...and trust...I have many in wish lists for when I can spend just a bit.

Right now I'm focusing on using what I already have...so hence came this card (with 5 sisters). Joy, one of my Ho's...is having a swap to use up your DP and STOP HOARDING!!! Oh yeah...I'm a DP hoarder! So...I was glad to join that swap because then that meant I can still create with stuff I haven't used or hoarded because it was "too pretty" and looking at it as if they were recent purchases. Trust me...it was hard for me to tear into those new packages of DP...but in the end...I did feel "satisfied"...lol. Whatcha think?

Prismacolor markers used: (click on picture for larger image)

CS/DP: PPirrouette, RRHood, White non SU, & Bella Rose DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Melinda Blowing Kisses from Whiff of Joy
Embellishments: paper rose
Others: leave die & White Fun Flock


A little naughty...just a little! ;)

Well that's the story and I'm sticking to it! That's atleast what I'm claiming right now! :P If you know me better...you know that this card right here...is TAME compare to what I can really do...lol. Like the sentiment says...I only look innocent! This card once again is for my own swap...this is my "naughty" spot. So...who needs one of these? ;) LOL!

Like how I made the mole next to her lips? Marilyn Monroe? Madonna? I'd like to think Madonna because she's naughtier...lol. Whatcha think? I don't know why...but when I see the shirt like that on that background...makes me think of a shirt on the floor of some cheesy hotel with carpet in that design...lol. If you know what I mean? Remember...she is naughty!
Speaking of tee's...LV made a cute set using glow-in-the-dark paint!!! I'm gonna have to feature hers here if she doesn't get back in the game of updating her blog. It's for her spot in my swap.

CS/DP: BBlack, RRHood, & Red, Black, & Cream DP by Autumn Leaves
Ink: BBlack & RRHood
Stamps: Little Tee's, Sassy Silhouettes by Stampendous, Sugar and Spice by Little Paper Shop, & Sweet Celebrations Hanna
Embellishments: Bling stickers
Other: Rectangle scalloped giga punch & rectangle mega punch


Just deal with it! :P

I should tell myself that next time I feel I'm in a pickle huh? Hello! I got up a little late so I'm bloggin' in jammies with crusties still in my eyes...lol. I want to post something quick so I can do some blog hoppin' I've missed out on. Now with Oscar on vaca for 3 weeks...I'm gonna take full advantage of it to CHILL! I'll only do my thang in the morning and then bumb it. I'm done with all my swaps...just waiting on funds to ship stuff out and then I'm not signing up for more in a while. I've just got too much going on and don't want to push myself over the limit. Oh no...now that song is in my head...I don't know what it's called but Corbin Bleu sings it. LV use to play it and now it just slapped itself into my brain...UGH! Let me turn on my player QUICK! LOL!

Anywho...this card is for my swap I'm hosting...the tee swap...and this is my funny spot. I thought it would be funny to use that sentiment with that happy face...in a sarcastic way I guess. Think I need a shirt like that? HA HA HA! :P

CS/DP: BBlack, WWhite, & SSun
Ink: BBlack & SSun
Stamps: Little Tee's & Sent. from Missy B.
Embellishments: ribbon and Dew Drops
Others: paper snips


Cuppycake Tee

Now who doesn't want a tee like this!? Hey...this one is even scented! :O Yup...I used some chocolate scented EP from Gel-A-Tins! These smell delish! And hey...those cuppycakes sure look delish too...SO WHAT IF THEY HAVE A FACE! LOL! I made these for one of my spots for the Little Tee swap I'm hosting. This is my "nice" tee. The categories are Naughty, Nice, & Funny! OMG you wouldn't even imagine what my naughty one was! Unfortunately what was gonna go on the shirt design didn't fit. :( OMG it would have been PERFECT and sure would have made some blush! I'm sure it's a card Dirty Shank would be so proud of! LOL! ;) If you know me well...and I tell you the sentiment was "U Suck" you can imagine what the image was! LOL! Yes...I'm a dirty little girl like that! So? :P Anywho...whatcha think of THIS cutie?

Prismacolor Markers used:
Dark Brown
Cinnamon Toast
Crimson Red
Cool Grey 50, 30, & 20%

CS/DP: CChip, PPirouette, DP unknown vendor, & White non SU
Ink: BBlack, & Prismas
Stamps: Little Tee's from Gina K., MB Twin Cupcakes from Amuse, & How Sweet It Is from MFT
Embellishments: Chocolate Bliss EP covered baubles & clear EP
Other: SU Snips


Trick or Treat

Yes...I am back to showing some Halloween stuff! I had to take out this stamp and work it! While I was down and out I did mention I was able to make some stuff...so for today...here is a card I made with Stampotique's Moth Fab back when. I haven't used these in a while so I thought I'd bring her out of her dark place and color her up...lol. Still keeping in theme with Halloween though. She's pretty crazy looking but I love these goth/weird looking stamps. Whatcha think?

Sorry I'm not too chatty today. I feel a headache coming on from not sleeping well. I promise tomorrow I'll have more PEP! I just wanted to make sure I posted something today.

CS/DP: PPie, RRHood, BBlack, & WWhite
Ink: SU Markers~PPie, SSun, BBlossom, & BBlack writer (also Prisma Cool Grey 20% for shadowing)
Stamps: Moth Fab by Stampotique
Embellishments: brads
Other: CB D'Vine Swirls


Ok...now I'm just in the slacking department!

But I'm on the elevator to the top...lol! Hope ya'll weren't worried wondering what in the world happened to me! That would be bad! I haven't offed myself...lol...or my parents...or kids at that...LMBO...I've just been lazy this time around. With my biological mom helping me 100% more...I have been free to wander. Hey...I even got to read (FINALLY) the Twilight book! Yeah...I know some are already done with all 4 books...but hey...I'm late! What can I say! So far this book was AMAZING and am now starting New Moon! If you've read it...DON'T GIVE IT AWAY TO ME! K?

While on the subject of the Twilight book...I have been making Scrabble tile pendants thanks to my Sis Ela who has a swap going on to make these. Boy are they ADDICTING!!! It's like heroin for jewelry crafters!!! Or maybe just for me...who knows! Anywho......:S

Whatcha think?
This one is of Edward with UGLY Bella (sorry...I don't like this clumzoid) LOL! I just don't know...for some reason I don't really like the chick! Go Team Vampires! But then again I am a Vampire freak! XD
Now this one is well DUH...the apple from the book cover! I've made more...but just not all Twilight related. I'll show more as I go along.

OMG you should SEE the bracelet one my Sis Ela made...it makes me drool!!! I'm gonna ask for her permission to show it off here because OH MY GOSHHHH it's GORGEOUS!!! So...that's it for now! Catch ya'll tomorrow when I post something STAMPING related. *blush* LOVES YA!!!

Oh...and please feel free to snap me with a wet noodle for slacking. I'm not usually a slacks girl...I'm more a relax fit jeans! :P


Hello Hello

Hello! First off I want to thank you for your words during my absence...that really means a lot! Things are a bit better and with lots of patience I've been learning to cope and like one of my favorite stamps saying goes..."Put on your big girl panties, and deal with it!" So yeah...I've been dealing with it. It's not as bad now as I've even gotten some crafting time. Good news is that my biological mom is moving in again and I'll have her here to help. Sometimes my depression gets the best of me and I want to do nothing but in the past couple days or so it seems I got an energy kick! I even started a new hobby...Scrabble tile pendants. Yeah...more money investing...but it's a great project, plus I use to make jewelry...so now I'm combining both my passions in crafting. So...with your kind words I move forward with my chin a bit higher, a heavy heart, and a lighter soul. THANK YOU! :)
Big Hug


Thanks Nic! ***and why I've been MIA***

Look at this ADORABLE card! I received it in today's mail from Nic! Oh Nic...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this ADORABLE card I received from you today! You have no idea what a HUGE smile it put on my face. It came right when I needed it a little lift! And my dear...YOU are the awsome one!

On a side note to all...It seems like I'm always stressing huh? Well...lately it has been VERY stressful with my dad. I knew what I was getting into when I decided I'd take care of him being that I appreciate him and my mom for adopting me when my biological mother didn't "want" me. If you know or care for someone with Alzheimer...you know how heartbreaking that is and therefor understand where I'm coming from.
I actually got an email once from a reader who asked why I complained so much about my dad and why not just stick him in a nursing home. Well...that email broke my heart and I just deleted it. But if that reader is still reading...I take care of my dad because it's in MY nature to do that. He was there for me since before birth taking care of my when my mom wasn't able to because of a little something she went thru...so I say to myself...who am I now to turn my back on him after all he did for me that he really didn't need to. He could have easily told my mom..."you know...I don't want to adopt"...but he didn't...and that's why I stick with him.
I know this is a blog for stamping projects and what have you...but I'm also an open book. I don't try to keep anything in. I'm not looking for people to feel "bad" for me...I just want to share myself. If anyone doesn't want to read about me...it's as easy as flipping a page. Anywho...for those who have been there for me...I am more greatful than you will EVER know...even with simple words and virtual hugs. You are my angles that bring a smile to my face.
So...this is why I've been MIA. Recently my dad has been crying off and on about his daughters who live in Mexico and are aging and have become ill. He's also been seeing his late wives come to his side. Us being superstitious...we don't see that as a great omen. So when my mom told me what my dad's been "seeing" I nearly lost it. I too have been crying...but because my heart aches at his troubles. Even now I'm crying writing this.
SO...yes Nic...this card came at such a PERFECT time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And another thanks to those who are virtually there for me as well. LOVE YA!