Ok...now I'm just in the slacking department!

But I'm on the elevator to the top...lol! Hope ya'll weren't worried wondering what in the world happened to me! That would be bad! I haven't offed myself...lol...or my parents...or kids at that...LMBO...I've just been lazy this time around. With my biological mom helping me 100% more...I have been free to wander. Hey...I even got to read (FINALLY) the Twilight book! Yeah...I know some are already done with all 4 books...but hey...I'm late! What can I say! So far this book was AMAZING and am now starting New Moon! If you've read it...DON'T GIVE IT AWAY TO ME! K?

While on the subject of the Twilight book...I have been making Scrabble tile pendants thanks to my Sis Ela who has a swap going on to make these. Boy are they ADDICTING!!! It's like heroin for jewelry crafters!!! Or maybe just for me...who knows! Anywho......:S

Whatcha think?
This one is of Edward with UGLY Bella (sorry...I don't like this clumzoid) LOL! I just don't know...for some reason I don't really like the chick! Go Team Vampires! But then again I am a Vampire freak! XD
Now this one is well DUH...the apple from the book cover! I've made more...but just not all Twilight related. I'll show more as I go along.

OMG you should SEE the bracelet one my Sis Ela made...it makes me drool!!! I'm gonna ask for her permission to show it off here because OH MY GOSHHHH it's GORGEOUS!!! So...that's it for now! Catch ya'll tomorrow when I post something STAMPING related. *blush* LOVES YA!!!

Oh...and please feel free to snap me with a wet noodle for slacking. I'm not usually a slacks girl...I'm more a relax fit jeans! :P


Stephenie said...

I too was late with the Twilight books but finished all in less than a week, since then I have re read like 6 times each=0) If you don't like Bella now, you poor thing. Let me know how you like the rest. They are all wonderful. Keep me posted, I too love Twilight and stamping=0)
Take care.

Carolyn said...

I was late reading the series, too. I just ran down to Walmart last night to pick up book 4. I have a hectic weekend so I won't get to start it until next week, when I will try to eek out a few pages here and there, even with my schedule, I have read three of them in two weeks. They are great. I think Bella is a little selfish, and odd, but I am enjoying the books, can't wait to see how the movie turns out. Enjoy, we forgive you. I need to do some of those scrabble tile charms. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

Lorraine said...

I read all 4, and won't be a spoiler for you. Such fantastic reading! My two daughters have also read the books. They would love these charms to add to a bracelet!
Keep reading. You're going to be amazed!

Joani said...

Your back! I've missed you so much!!
Ahhhh ~ the twilight books. I had my nose in them and read them all in a couple of weeks. They are addicting! I can't wait for the movie! I hope they make them all into movies. You'll be shocked!
Glad your back dear friend!

Stampin' Meg said...

I think that I need to read these books- everyone is talking about them.

daiseyfreak said...

gabby, if you have any extra of these, you know my addy, hee hee! love them!!!!