Thanks Nic! ***and why I've been MIA***

Look at this ADORABLE card! I received it in today's mail from Nic! Oh Nic...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this ADORABLE card I received from you today! You have no idea what a HUGE smile it put on my face. It came right when I needed it a little lift! And my dear...YOU are the awsome one!

On a side note to all...It seems like I'm always stressing huh? Well...lately it has been VERY stressful with my dad. I knew what I was getting into when I decided I'd take care of him being that I appreciate him and my mom for adopting me when my biological mother didn't "want" me. If you know or care for someone with Alzheimer...you know how heartbreaking that is and therefor understand where I'm coming from.
I actually got an email once from a reader who asked why I complained so much about my dad and why not just stick him in a nursing home. Well...that email broke my heart and I just deleted it. But if that reader is still reading...I take care of my dad because it's in MY nature to do that. He was there for me since before birth taking care of my when my mom wasn't able to because of a little something she went thru...so I say to myself...who am I now to turn my back on him after all he did for me that he really didn't need to. He could have easily told my mom..."you know...I don't want to adopt"...but he didn't...and that's why I stick with him.
I know this is a blog for stamping projects and what have you...but I'm also an open book. I don't try to keep anything in. I'm not looking for people to feel "bad" for me...I just want to share myself. If anyone doesn't want to read about me...it's as easy as flipping a page. Anywho...for those who have been there for me...I am more greatful than you will EVER know...even with simple words and virtual hugs. You are my angles that bring a smile to my face.
So...this is why I've been MIA. Recently my dad has been crying off and on about his daughters who live in Mexico and are aging and have become ill. He's also been seeing his late wives come to his side. Us being superstitious...we don't see that as a great omen. So when my mom told me what my dad's been "seeing" I nearly lost it. I too have been crying...but because my heart aches at his troubles. Even now I'm crying writing this.
SO...yes Nic...this card came at such a PERFECT time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And another thanks to those who are virtually there for me as well. LOVE YA!


Cyndi said...


Ohana means Family! And that's what's important in life. FAMILIA!!

Julie Temple said...

Gabby, you are such a trooper! I DO understand Alzheimers, and, Bless Your Heart, you are a phenominal daughter taking care of Dad! Even though you may feel like the sky is falling, hold your head up, sweetie, and know God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Sometimes we wanna smack him and ask what he is trying to prove, but just about then, he sends us something wonderful. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as is Dad! Take care of YOU, too, Hon...your beautiful babies love their Momma like she loves her daddy....


Bobbie said...

Gabby...so sorry to hear your Dad is having problems. I will keep you, your Dad and your family in prayer.
Angel Hugs...Chemo angel Bobbie

Kristie said...

Family is the most important thing in the world and I totally understand why you would choose to take care of your dad...many of us would (and do) make the same kinds of decisions.
The person who sent that email must not understand that what you are doing right now is what it means to be FAMILY.
AND...it's your blog, if you need to vent go right ahead and do it...there are plenty of people who will support you and *listen*.
Big hugs from the other side of the world, Kristie ♥

Nicola said...

When I went home this summer cause of my dad's heart attack. It made me realise just how important my parents are. They are the people who shaped the person I am today. I admire you so very much for taking care of your dad. You are the strongest person I know. I couldn't not tell you how awesome I think you are. You are in my thoughts and prayers most everyday. Love Ya.


Stampin' Meg said...

Gabby -I cannot believe the collossal thickness of that person that emailed you that!!! Big hugs to you. I know your struggle. At the end of the day -it's all because YOU know that you are doing the right thing.Love is a constant through the good times and the bad.

Rosella said...

Gabby, God bless you for being there for your Dad!! Sending you lots of cyber HUGS to keep you going when things are rough. Just remember you have friends praying for you!!