Bugger of an infection! :(

Hey readers...I wont be around for maybe a couple of days more. I went in to the doctor because I was having really bad earache and turns out I have swimmers ear...a nasty little infection...UGH! I have this nasty bugging pain and it's really getting to me just sitting here trying to catch up...so I'll be the princess of the house while I get better. So ya'll behave ok! I'll see you guys when I get back! Trust me...it will be filled with posts! ;)



True Friend Magnolia

Here is yet another Magnolia stamp...they are too cute to resist. This card I made for a friend who is just that...a TRUE FRIEND! When I need a pick me up...she's there! I'm so lucky to have a friend like her! Who's this friend? JOANI!!! She is the sweetest friend ever. I met her some years ago thru an MSN cardmaking group and I'm so happy for that day. Joani...you rock home skillet! I'm so happy you walked into my life! In my bouquet of friends...you're my rose! BIG HUGS HUN! Love ya!

BTW...I need to order one of your Hillbilly Hangers! Maybe by the end of next week...so if you don't have one now...get one ready! I am BACK on my financial trail! Ok...if you guys are wondering WHAT THE BUCK is a Hillbilly Hanger...run on over...the link is above! Who doesn't need one of these?

Light Peach
Cold Stone
Mediterreanean Blue
Sky Blue Light
Canary Yellow
Crimson Red
Jet Black

CS/DP: BBreeze, RHRed, Creme scraps, White non SU, & Prints Pack DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor Markers
Stamps: Tilda
Embellishments: Glitter brads, rub-on, & blingie stickies
Others: circle punches & distressing tool


Here comes Halloween!

Ok...I know it's just the end of August...BUT I AM SO READY FOR HALLOWEEN!!! For those of you who know me well know I'm a Halloween NUT so I'll be working on Halloween stuff from now on. YIPPEE!!!! Are you ready? ;) This card here is a series of 6 made for a Halloween swap. I had made one similar to this for last year...but this time I changed it up a bit on the colors and added some ribbon. This is the one from last year!

CS/DP: PPie, EEggplant, BBlack, & White non SU
Ink: BGrey, OOpulence, LLace, EEggplant, PPie, OOlive, HHunter, & BBlack
Stamps: Roses In Winter, Cheesecloth BG, Watercolor Minis, Best Fiends, & Just Between Fiends
Embellishments: wiggle eyes & BBlack ribbon
Others: N/A


College Girl Misses U!

So a dear friend of mine has a daughter in college and she emailed me this weekend to please make her a card to send to her boyfriend. I thought it was funny because I was expecting her to say for her mom...so I said "sure"! She got into details with me about their on going 4 year relationship and about how much she missed him being away across the country and her here on the West coast and haven't seen each other in a year already...so told me more but it's only for my ears...lol...so with what she told me...I made this for her to send to him! Isn't it cute? It was something that just popped me on the back of the head with so much BBlossom CS I have still left over. I used Mel's idea about the pajama pants and took it one step further and made a body!!! YES...I made a body from the TEE!!! Basically I stamped the blank tee 4 times...once on PirPink, on Prints Pack DP twice, and on BBlossom. FUN FUN set I tell ya!!!

Now that the kids are in school...you'll see me around more! YAY!!! Thank HEAVEN for school! LOL!

CS/DP: PirPink, PPom, & Prints Pack DP
Ink: BBlack, RRose, & BBlossom (marker)
Stamps: Little Tee's
Embellishments: Pink bling, ribbon, & Prima flower with center bling
Others: Cool Grey 20% Prisma marker for shadowing



Oh my word! I got my very first Magnolia stamps and they are so dern cute! What's not to love about a chubby cheek kid with no mouth or nose??? It's insane I know! LOL! So I sold some Prismas I had duplicates of to a dear friend on SCS and made this card for her as a thank you for picking them up! Lisa...if you're looking...TURN AWAY NOW!!! Oops...too late huh?! Anywho...I don't always do this...so this card BETTER be special! LOL! I always ink up my stamps to make a card for me first or for LV or for the family...but not always for those outside my family. So...Lisa now owns a "virgin" stamp card! Now I need to make one for someone super special and dear to my heart! Mums the word to who it's going to...but you may find out soon! Ok...so enough blah blah and let me get to the deets! This is a 4 X 4 sized card.

Prismacolor markers used:
Leaf Green (design on pants)
Blush Pink (shirt and shoes)
Jasmine (hair)
Ballet Pink (hair bands, shirt and shoes)
Light Peach (skin)
Cold Stone (wings)
Magenta (flower on pants)
Canary Yellow (flower center on pants)
Sky Blue Light (jeans)
Cool Grey 20% (shadow)
CS/DP: RRose, PPom, & White non SU
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: Tilda by Magnolia stamps
Embellishments: double stitched GGuava ribbon & Prima flowers with center bling
Others: scalloped edge punch & piercer


Redneck Love

Ok...this will be the last of the "redneck" series for now! I need to work on others...lol! Ok...so this is a romance made in a trailer park...(or Bell Gardens)! I call them Aunt Pearl & Uncle Earl (a little borrowed from Hannah Montana...lol)! They are a match made in heaven...she's fabulous...he's SO NOT! Makes me think of a couple...hmmmm...Oscar & Gabby maybe!? LOL! Yes...I'm fab, he's flab! OOOHHHH...no...I wont go there...but you get the point! LOL! I'm thinking I may save this one for next year anniversary...lol. Whatcha think?

Prismacolor markers used:
Crimson Red (pants, lips, earrings, bangles, sunglasses, & nails)
Jet Black (shirt & shoes)
Sand (skin)
Spanish Orange (hair)
Buff (Earl's shirt, slippers, & LouAnn's Diet Coke)
Cool Grey 20% (outline shadow and pop aluminum)
Warm Grey 20% (beer top aluminum)
Cool Grey 60% (beer top aluminum)
Pale Peach (Earl's skin)
Deco Peach (Earl's "sunburn" skin)
Dark Brown (hair)
Indigo Blue (pants & Blue Ribbon beer)
Ultramarine (pant cuffs)
Tulip Yellow (spilled beer)

CS/DP: Riding Hood Red, BGrey, White non SU, BBlack, & BBlue
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: all from
Embellishments: dual color ribbon & hardware
Others: scalloped edge punch


Award...for me? TY!

WOW WOW WOW!!! I was given this awesome award by AngelRenee who BTW...love her work!!! TYSM AngelRenee!!! HUGS!!!

The rules are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated
I'd like to nominate the following people:
1. LauraJean AKA BuckyGirl
2. Jackie AKA Stampin' Sister
3. Niki E. AKA My Paper Creations
4. Candice AKA Rubbah Soul
5. Patti AKA Design U
6. Cindy AKA Cindy Haffner's Corner
7. Melanie Muenchinger AKA Hands, Head & Heart
Ladies...I TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY, LOVE your blogs!

In continuance with the "redneck" humor...

Here is LouAnn...she is FABULOUS and ready to go WalMart shopping! LMBO! You have to dress up for Wally World!!! Ok...only if you're a "redneck"! I swear...sometimes I think I was born into the wrong race or something...because I would make a great "redneck"...but maybe that has nothing to do with race once you think about it! It's just a way of life! For us Latino/as it would be called "Ghetto Fab" or something like that...but either way...if I could have flamingoes in my yard or live in a trailer with a wading pool outside...I would be OK with it...LOL! Of course I wouldn't cross breed with my relatives! YIKES! Anywho...if you're offended...hmmmmm.....

Prismacolor markers used:
Pink (shirt, shoes, headband, & belt)
Black (shorts & sunglasses)
Magenta (shirt trim)
Sienna Brown (hair)
Pale Peach (skin)
Crimson Red (lips)
Warm Grey 20% (floor shadow)
Cool Grey 20% (outline shadow)

CS/DP: PPom, PirPink, White non SU, & SU DP
Ink: BBlack, CChip, & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: all stamps from
Embellishments: Rhinestones & CChip satin ribbon
Others: sponge & piercing tool


Potty Redneck Humor

Ok...don't kill me if this offends you...but OMG I thought this was HILARIOUS! So...over at SCS I belong to a group of CRAZY gals called the Swap Ho's and what not...so there's is one new comer, Jessica AKA Knutsen (LOVE HER SCS AVIE!!!) who may just become an instant Ho because of her humor. Well...she's starting out her new line of stamps *BRAVO GIRL* and she's been thinking of a "redneck" line. Now...how funny would that be??? So I read about flowers planted in a toilet (something I would do...SHUT UP! LOL) and I came up with this! I'm sure Gina K. would be proud...LMBO!!! What do you think? Too at risk for critisizm? SO WHAT??? If you like it...YAY! If you don't! *shrug shoulders*

Prismacolor Markers Used:
Mahogany Red & Crimson Red (roses)
Green Tea (stems, leaves, & other "flowers")
Sienna Brown (dirt)
Buff (potty "dirt")
Cool Grey 20% (shadow)

CS/DP: BGrey, Riding Hood Red, DP (unknown vendor)
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: Way To Go, Hip-Hop Acces., & Vases In Vogue
Embellishments: burgundy satin ribbon
Others: Giga scalloped rectangle, Mega rectangle, scalloped side punch, & Crop-A-Dile

POST EDIT: I have added Jessica's link to her blog that features her new line of stamps! THEY ARE CUUUUUUTE!!! Now to sell my kids I go to pick up all her sets! Ok...I can't sell the children because they're used and defective. Back to the can collecting! LOL! SO GO NOW AND CHECK HER OUT! Here is the link in case you missed it above: http://jessica-thereshegoes.blogspot.com/


Joani...YOU MY DEAR...are AWESOME!!!

Look at who was the recipient of Joani's card!!! ME!!! Joani...you don't even know how much I appreciate your kindness and most of all...your friendship! You are a true friend and your card came at a super time with all I'm going thru with my dad right now! GOD BLESS you girlfriend and may our friendship last a lifetime!!! LOVE YA JOANI!!! TYSM!!! HUGE cyber hugs!!! Now run on over and check out her blog! Her work is beautiful and I'm proud to say that this gal is a true inspiration to me! If only I can be 1/4 of who Joani was! YOU GO GIRL!!!

On another word...I have been UBBER busy making 150 baby shower invites for a friend of my mom so that's why I haven't been here for the past 4 days or so. I'm almost done so you'll be seeing from me again soon...OK? So don't leave me just yet...lol. HUGS to all my readers! Oh...and I'll be having a BLOG CANDY soon! So be on the look out for that! I want to celebrate with you that my kids will be off to school!!!!!!!! YEAH YA! More me time and some nummy candy for you...lol.


O.T. My ALL TIME favorite comedian passed away Saturday morning

Ok...so after I got done stamping some and felt a bit bored...I sat down to watch some stuff on YouTube and came across MANY Bernie Mac tributes. So as I watched and teared up, I thought I would post a bit about me and what it was like to be a fan of Bernie Mac. Yes...his comedy was "foul" but that made Bernie Mac. I loved the rawness of his comedy acts...he reminded me so much of Richard Pryor. I am a comedian lover...comedy is my life next to stamping. So waking up Saturday to the news of my favorite comedian passing well...left me sad and speechless. Not many agreed with his way of cracking jokes...oh well! I loved it! Gobbled it up! So that's why I thought I would share as I already share a lot about me...this is just a bit of an extra fact about me...just so you can get to know me more in whole...lol. So...here is a YouTube tribute that made me cry with the song it played...because it also reminded me of a great rapper, Biggie Smalls, The Notrious B.I.G., Big Poppa...whatever you knew him as if you knew him...that was murdered here in L.A. and this song was made for him. This clip contains cursing words and some other bad stuff you may not enjoy...so watch it with discretion if you like.


Bernie Mac: Dead at the age of 50

By Robert Bianco, USA TODAY
We've been cheated out of Bernie Mac's second act.
Dead from pneumonia at a mere 50, Mac leaves behind a legacy of great success and unfulfilled promise. We can be grateful for the hits, most notably, his influential, insufficiently appreciated sitcom The Bernie Mac Show. But as with any performer who dies while at the height of his career, you can't help thinking there would have been more to come.
Born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough in 1957 in Chicago — but known to the rest of us as Bernie Mac — he was, in show-biz circles, a late bloomer. He didn't come to national attention until he was already well into adulthood, and his comedy came from a decidedly adult perspective. It could be raw and blustery, but the anger and insights both came from experience, and were often softened by a warmth he could turn on and off at will.
Though he worked in TV and films though the '90s, most notably, perhaps, in the 1995 hit Friday, Mac's career didn't take off until 2000 with the Spike Lee concert film The Original Kings of Comedy. His costars at the time were probably better known: Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley and Steve Harvey. But it was Mac who broke out, challenging Hollywood to give him a sitcom — a challenge met by Fox the next year with The Bernie Mac Show.
Loosely based on his own life, Mac cast him as a happily married man who becomes a not-so-happy father when he's forced to take in his sister's three young children. Addressing "America" directly through the camera, Mac let us know precisely what he thought of this and every other turn of event, while his children and his wife let us see they knew how to get around him.
FIND MORE STORIES IN: Hollywood Barack Obama Fox Chicago Emmy Spike Lee Coming Transformers Entertainer Cedric Dinner Bernie Mac Show Guess Who Oceans Steve Harvey Original Kings of Comedy
The show ran four years and earned Mac two Emmy nominations. But as ratings fell and network support vanished, Mac moved on to movies: Oceans 11 and its sequels, the Guess Who's Coming to Dinner revamp, and Transformers among them. He also battled health problems brought on by the inflammatory disease sarcoidosis that were clearly more serious than he let on in public.
For all his talents, Mac was not always his best ally. His complaints during the run of his Fox show, while sometimes justified, did not do much to endear him to the network, and may have hastened the end of the series. Most recently, his off-color remarks while introducing Barack Obama at a fundraiser in July got him into trouble with both the audience and the campaign.
Still, it was that fearlessness — that often-rash willingness to offend — that made Mac stand out in a world of pandering comics. It was why many of us hoped he would return to the medium that made him a star and help revive the now-disappearing sitcom.
It's not to be. And yes, that's a cheat.

Finally...my first TEE!

Hi all! Sorry I've been away again. Never-ending drama that's taken me away from stampy time. No but seriously...my dad had a little accident and well...all I have to say is THANK GOD he's doing great!

So...moving on! I finally was able to stamp something last night. I was feeling cranky and took a Valium and well...came up with this card! When I first saw Melanie's Little Tee set...all these ideas came rushing thru my head! This one was the very first one I thought of! I love olives and my momma...so what better way to combine both! ;) Plus...I have so much of this DP in my scraps pile that I hadn't used so I knew I had to use it for this card! I love how versatile this set is!!! Hope to make a couple more today! The background was created using the large olive from the Rubbernecker cocktails collection...cool huh! The shadow for the "body" was created by first using my pencil then I colored it in using Warm Grey. I saw that on Melanie's blog and had to do that to give it a realistic look! Ok...now that I have another fun idea in my head...I better go work on it now before I forget! See ya'll later with another Tee card!

Prismacolor markers used:
Light Olive (olive)
Crimson Red (pit)
Cool Grey 20% (shadow highlight)
Warm Grey 10% ("body" shadow)

CS/DP: GGuava, RRock, White non SU, & Bungalow by Marcella K. DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor Markers
Stamps: Little Tee's & Cocktails from Rubbernecker
Embellishments: Jeweled brads
Others: oval punch


What I've been waiting for!!!

What is it you ask? My Little Tee's set from Gina K. by Melanie Muenchinger!!! WHICH BTW IS IN MY LITTLE TEE'S SWAP @ SCS!!! Can you believe that??? I'm super stoked! Does that mean I'm moving up? LOL! Oh no...it's just my head filling up with JOY! Anywho...I got it yesterday but was feeling sick with a migrane coming on so I just trimmed it and gave the stamps a permanent home in a DVD case! LV was happy to give up her Cinderella Story DVD for me to store them....lol...she is SO not into that movie anymore! *rolls eyes* With her starting her band and what not...she thinks she's "all grown up"! Ok...I'm going off subject a bit here! Let me U Turn! Ok...so as I was saying...I felt a migrane coming on so I couldn't create anything without crying! I did however try it out and stamped a T for LV with the JoBros on it. As soon as I make the card...I'll share! In the meanwhile...here is MOI with my lovely set! I am super stoked about this set!!! Go buy it now!!! It is super cute and super versatile! You can use it for men or women!!! Or tweens...teens...kids...even preggers!!! The possibilite are ENDLESS!!! Just look at Melanie's tip sheet!!! *GASP* So...did I do a great job trimming? *wink* :P

Hors d'oeuvres anyone?

At least I hope I spelled that right! LOL! Either way...you get the idea! :P So I made 6 of these for a recipe swap! I'm not much of a recipe person...don't get me wrong...I cook like a QUEEN...but I don't keep recipes with me! I have tons of recipe books and all are just dusty...lol...so this was a challenge for me! I made a recipe once before but I wasn't too happy with it...but guess what? I am with this one!!! Maybe because it's one of my favorite "finger foods"! These dipped in ranch dressing!!! OMG I'm drooling! Whatcha think? Does the fun flock look convincing of "breading"? LOL!

Prismacolor markers used:
Brick Beige (skin)
Cinammom Toast (chef uniform)
Buff (chef uniform "trim" and highlights)
Warm Grey 30% (platter)
Metallic Silver (platter trim)
Dark Olive (pepper)
Light Olive (pepper stem)

CS/DP: MMustard, GGreen, C2Cocoa, & WWhite
Ink: BBlack, Prismacolor Markers
Stamps: Voila & Pepper from I Break For Stamps
Embellishments: CChip ribbon, green grosgrain ribbon
Others: Giga scalloped punch, Mega circle punch, diamond glaze, & tan fun flock


Playing with the Bombshell

Remember this card I posted a few days back? Well...I decided to stamp this bombshell again to play with her clothing and came up with 2 more options for her clothing (for now). I was able to come up with a couple more styles for her. For one...on this card...I hand drew a "corset"...did you catch that one (if you've seen another project I made with this same stamp)? Then I thought...hmmm...if I can do that...I can do this! So I grabbed my Pitt artist pens and made these 2 different styles to dress her up. I used my friend "O" as inspiration since I've seen her dress like this when she goes to car shows with her boyfriend. Next time I'm gonna try "piecing" by stamping the bombshell once in black and once in another color I wanna try her clothing in. Fun huh? Like this image? Pick her up at http://www.bombshellstamps.com/!


Support a fellow blogger!

I just did! I found Jen Young thru Maria of Stampin' Inspirations and shopped a bit at her new online store...a new venture she jumped in to! Check out her store! Little C's Stamps n' Things! SHE HAS TILDA'S by Magnolia Stamps!!! Oh...and check out her blog too!!!

What's Up Cupcake?

I know I'm probably late on the cupcake train...but I couldn't resist making this card (a series of 6) for a swap. This image is just to darn cute to NOT use! It took me 2 hours + to make these 6 cards...but I wanted to make sure the images weren't colored ugly with streaks...so I used a different white CS for this (I get more "streaks" when I use SU's WWhite). This paper is more absorbent than SU's WWhite. I may have to get more of the CS! Hmmm...Target here I come! ;) I used one of my own card maps to make this card. Not quite how I had it in mind...but still happy with the end result. OH...and I used PirPink...the new SU pink for the In Colors! Also something new I'll be starting to post...since a lot of my friends have liked how I color my images...they've picked up some Prismacolor markers...so in case they see a color they like and want to use...I'll have the colors I used...so here goes!

Prismacolor markers used:
Crimson Red (cherries)
Blush Pink (cupcake frosting)
Leaf Green (cherry stems)
Dark Brown (cupcake "chips")
Walnut (cupcake)
Cinammom Toast (cupcake wrapper)
Cool Grey 60% (mice ear, tummy, & hand "shading")
Cool Grey 20% (mice)

CS/DP: PirPink, Au Chocolat DP, CChip, C2Cocoa, & White
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: Cupcake Mice from RubberNecker Little Lovin's Collection & MFT What's Up Cupcake
Embellishments: Ribbon & blingOthers: Colluzel, scalloped punch, circle punches (1 13/8 & 1 1/4), & glitter glue (like Stickles)

Image coming to life!

How cool is it to stamp an image and see it come to life? Well...I love it so much...I took pictures of a CUTE image I used for some swap cards! This was my first time using this stamp and I had so much fun coloring it in! I love these cutesie stamps and don't use them enough! This stamp is from the Rubbernecker. I told my kids it's them...LV in the middle, Oscar Jr. on the right, and Lizzie on the left...lol. Here you go...hope you enjoy!


Riley Coasters

Hey!!! I made these coasters for KelliJo's Fall/Winter swap and beat LV to it! The little turd wanted to use my Riley...HA...now she has to come up with something else! :P Hmmm...trying to take over my stuff! No...I'm kidding...we always share and play nice...but she came up with something else for her coasters she'll be working on either today or tomorrow...depends on her mood when she wakes up. With tweens you never know what mood they'll be in. Anywho...last time around KJ had a coaster swap I used tiles...so this time around using actul coaster was sure a challenge to me because I like adding "stuff" that's "bumpy" to my creations...so these flat layers were actually pretty cool! Now that I have them done I'll need to seal them...so out I break the UTEE to start that process. Whatcha think?

CS/DP: Wintergreen DP, SSky, & WWhite
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor Markers
Stamps: Riley w/Tree & It's Snow Time
Embellishments: NONE
Others: Giga scalloped punch & Mega circle punch