Potty Redneck Humor

Ok...don't kill me if this offends you...but OMG I thought this was HILARIOUS! So...over at SCS I belong to a group of CRAZY gals called the Swap Ho's and what not...so there's is one new comer, Jessica AKA Knutsen (LOVE HER SCS AVIE!!!) who may just become an instant Ho because of her humor. Well...she's starting out her new line of stamps *BRAVO GIRL* and she's been thinking of a "redneck" line. Now...how funny would that be??? So I read about flowers planted in a toilet (something I would do...SHUT UP! LOL) and I came up with this! I'm sure Gina K. would be proud...LMBO!!! What do you think? Too at risk for critisizm? SO WHAT??? If you like it...YAY! If you don't! *shrug shoulders*

Prismacolor Markers Used:
Mahogany Red & Crimson Red (roses)
Green Tea (stems, leaves, & other "flowers")
Sienna Brown (dirt)
Buff (potty "dirt")
Cool Grey 20% (shadow)

CS/DP: BGrey, Riding Hood Red, DP (unknown vendor)
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: Way To Go, Hip-Hop Acces., & Vases In Vogue
Embellishments: burgundy satin ribbon
Others: Giga scalloped rectangle, Mega rectangle, scalloped side punch, & Crop-A-Dile

POST EDIT: I have added Jessica's link to her blog that features her new line of stamps! THEY ARE CUUUUUUTE!!! Now to sell my kids I go to pick up all her sets! Ok...I can't sell the children because they're used and defective. Back to the can collecting! LOL! SO GO NOW AND CHECK HER OUT! Here is the link in case you missed it above: http://jessica-thereshegoes.blogspot.com/


Robin said...

Haha! That is hilarious! Gotta love redneck potty humour!

Sarah - sarhod99 said...

I think this is hysterical Gabby! And I love the layout too!

AngelRenee said...

I love this card. I just have to get that stamp now. You could have so much fun with this. Get well card... New home ect...
Too cute..

Gabby said...

LOL AngelRenee...that's a good one! "Congrats on your new trailer"? LOL!

Jessica said...

Girl, you have made me proud! Love it!

Melanie said...

ha ha, you should send Gina the link!!!

Laura Jean said...

Love this gabby! :)