What's Up Cupcake?

I know I'm probably late on the cupcake train...but I couldn't resist making this card (a series of 6) for a swap. This image is just to darn cute to NOT use! It took me 2 hours + to make these 6 cards...but I wanted to make sure the images weren't colored ugly with streaks...so I used a different white CS for this (I get more "streaks" when I use SU's WWhite). This paper is more absorbent than SU's WWhite. I may have to get more of the CS! Hmmm...Target here I come! ;) I used one of my own card maps to make this card. Not quite how I had it in mind...but still happy with the end result. OH...and I used PirPink...the new SU pink for the In Colors! Also something new I'll be starting to post...since a lot of my friends have liked how I color my images...they've picked up some Prismacolor markers...so in case they see a color they like and want to use...I'll have the colors I used...so here goes!

Prismacolor markers used:
Crimson Red (cherries)
Blush Pink (cupcake frosting)
Leaf Green (cherry stems)
Dark Brown (cupcake "chips")
Walnut (cupcake)
Cinammom Toast (cupcake wrapper)
Cool Grey 60% (mice ear, tummy, & hand "shading")
Cool Grey 20% (mice)

CS/DP: PirPink, Au Chocolat DP, CChip, C2Cocoa, & White
Ink: BBlack & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: Cupcake Mice from RubberNecker Little Lovin's Collection & MFT What's Up Cupcake
Embellishments: Ribbon & blingOthers: Colluzel, scalloped punch, circle punches (1 13/8 & 1 1/4), & glitter glue (like Stickles)


Joani said...

Like always, awesome! I'm glad that your posting again! I've missed you!

Roberta said...

Very cute card, Miss Gabby!

About the SU WW.. I agree. I don't buy it. I found a Geoprgia Pacific white CS that i like better AND it's only $6 for a package of 250 sheets at Wal Mart, which makes it even beter IMO. :-)