In continuance with the "redneck" humor...

Here is LouAnn...she is FABULOUS and ready to go WalMart shopping! LMBO! You have to dress up for Wally World!!! Ok...only if you're a "redneck"! I swear...sometimes I think I was born into the wrong race or something...because I would make a great "redneck"...but maybe that has nothing to do with race once you think about it! It's just a way of life! For us Latino/as it would be called "Ghetto Fab" or something like that...but either way...if I could have flamingoes in my yard or live in a trailer with a wading pool outside...I would be OK with it...LOL! Of course I wouldn't cross breed with my relatives! YIKES! Anywho...if you're offended...hmmmmm.....

Prismacolor markers used:
Pink (shirt, shoes, headband, & belt)
Black (shorts & sunglasses)
Magenta (shirt trim)
Sienna Brown (hair)
Pale Peach (skin)
Crimson Red (lips)
Warm Grey 20% (floor shadow)
Cool Grey 20% (outline shadow)

CS/DP: PPom, PirPink, White non SU, & SU DP
Ink: BBlack, CChip, & Prismacolor markers
Stamps: all stamps from
Embellishments: Rhinestones & CChip satin ribbon
Others: sponge & piercing tool

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Kristie said...

I'm lovin' these *irreverent* cards Gabby...keep them coming I say...LOL!