What I've been waiting for!!!

What is it you ask? My Little Tee's set from Gina K. by Melanie Muenchinger!!! WHICH BTW IS IN MY LITTLE TEE'S SWAP @ SCS!!! Can you believe that??? I'm super stoked! Does that mean I'm moving up? LOL! Oh no...it's just my head filling up with JOY! Anywho...I got it yesterday but was feeling sick with a migrane coming on so I just trimmed it and gave the stamps a permanent home in a DVD case! LV was happy to give up her Cinderella Story DVD for me to store them....lol...she is SO not into that movie anymore! *rolls eyes* With her starting her band and what not...she thinks she's "all grown up"! Ok...I'm going off subject a bit here! Let me U Turn! Ok...so as I was saying...I felt a migrane coming on so I couldn't create anything without crying! I did however try it out and stamped a T for LV with the JoBros on it. As soon as I make the card...I'll share! In the meanwhile...here is MOI with my lovely set! I am super stoked about this set!!! Go buy it now!!! It is super cute and super versatile! You can use it for men or women!!! Or tweens...teens...kids...even preggers!!! The possibilite are ENDLESS!!! Just look at Melanie's tip sheet!!! *GASP* So...did I do a great job trimming? *wink* :P


Joani said...

I keep looking at this set.... Show us what you made Gabby!! I'm glad your back. I missed you!

Sonya said...

Looks like alot of fun! I bet u will make some fun cards with all those stamps.

Melanie said...

that's so funny you're recycling your old DVD boxes, where does the movie go lol?!

Maria said...

Wow, you are an awesome rubber trimmer! LOL! Sheesh, I'm a serious messy trimmer. . .you put me to shame!! Can't wait to see what you make with those awesome stamps!!