Blast from the past

Ok...since I don't have anything to post for today since I'm getting ready for LV's 13th birthday making her stuff for her party and what not...I want to show you some blast from the past cards. I'm also making some other stuff for her and her friends for the premiere of the Jonas Brothers 3D Movie Experience on 2/27. So I want to show you these cards I made AGES ago! It's funny to see the transitions from when I first started. So check 'em out and have a great hump day! Hopefully I can get something created tomorrow to post and autopilot if possible.



~*Joni said...

Haha! Your cards back then were still fabby Gabby! :D
I don't EVEN want to pull any of mine out of hiding. teehee! Hope all is going well with the planning of LV's bday party. Have fun with all the girls!!! Pssst - I emailed Marie the direct link to your JB card. She loved it! ;)

Velta said...

LOL...LOL...Your cards are great...You SHOULD see what I started out making...hey, that would be a "blast from the past" if we all pulled out some of our first cards...Good idea Gabs!!

Rosella said...

It's nice to see your work from before. They are great! You have changed your style along the way!! I don't want you to see how I started!! But then I don't think I have advanced very much yet LOL!

Nicola said...

I love all your stuff old and new.


MiamiKel said...

Hey don't sell yourself short - you were rockin' the cards back in da day! Those are super cute! And I think DJ would love that musical one, lol! You are truly an artist! :)